American Doctors left idle while their jobs are outsourced to J-1/ H-1B visa physicians.

Unmatched physicians who are American citizens comprise of at least 6570 doctors who are left jobless. There is a reported shortage of primary care providers and residency programs throughout the nation cannot meet this need due to a limited number of residency spots. Non-US citizens, International medical graduates are accepted to residency each year, but there is another untapped pool of potential that has not been considered and is dismissed yearly. This population is the unmatched American medical graduate and ECFMG certified American citizen, International medical graduates.

Instead of matching into a residency spot, our training and talents are being wasted by working low-paying jobs that include delivering pizza and driving for Uber, despite paying thousands of dollars in medical school tuition and loans. Thousands of certified medical graduates cannot find proper employment in healthcare because without residency training, our MD and DO degrees do not qualify us for anything but the most entry-level positions.

Our proposition is as follows: we propose that more residency programs and spots open to allow the unmatched to utilize their medical knowledge to enter the medical workforce as physicians to decrease the burdens of the medical system. This process can be mediated by the United States government and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. This pathway can consist of residency spots, which are paid minimum wage, in which unmatched American medical graduates can utilize their medical knowledge and training to become fully certified in areas of critical need (family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry). The majority of us have completed USMLE step 3/COMLEX level 3 and are already demonstrating continued working clinical knowledge.

We would appreciate it if the above proposal is considered. There is a group that has the talent, ability, and knowledge to assist during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet are being dismissed.

Above all, thousands of jobless American doctors would urge you to consider expanding the current ban to include J-1 and H-1B visas in the healthcare sector. As a result of J-1 and H-1B visas, many qualified American doctors are left jobless while foreign doctors are finding federal residency training positions. Your thoughts and consideration are much appreciated, President Trump.

PS: This data is the applicant pool for 2019. However, there are candidates who cannot afford to apply the following year for the Match because of the cost of applications each cycle- $4000.