Abolish all Commission Codes for CPS/DCF/ Guardianships from Legislation Law Books

06/22/2022 Letter
Dear U.S. Senate, U.S. House, President Joe Biden,
Distinguished members of the Senate and House or Represenatives of the United States of America and to the President of the United States Joe Biden.
Our names are Peggy Dupree, Betty Gosnell, Karen Federighi. We are victims and Advocates that are representing these victims on our exhibit list.
Peggy Dupree, Betty Gosnell, Karen Federighi Oppose A bIll to be entitled of this 117th Congress 1st Session H.R. 5600, we are requesting that President Joe Biden Veto this Senate Bill H.R. 5600 Guardianship Accountability Act of 2021.
United States Citizens and Foreign Residents from being owned, controlled, seizured, and forfeiture of their assets through the CPS/DCF/ Guardianship, Conservatorship & Supported Decision-Making Plan Programs. Request a Federal Legislative Investigation and Public Congressional Committee Investigation Article 1, Hearing/Testimony for victims regarding U.S. Constitution Legislation Laws, Federal and State Legislation Laws that were/are being violated in these CPS/DCF, Conservatorship Guardianship and Supported Decision-Making Plans in these cases on our victims exhibit lists. Victims are being denied and blocked from compensation for their injuries, business injuries, injuries from the United States Courts that are violating Federal and State Legislatation, causing tax fraud to the taxpayers that cannot have access to the Court System "as a matter of law". The Court System is not complying with all of the Constitutional or Statutory requirements of the particular government entity, thereby entirely and illegally perfecting it's inability to transact business it is in fact violating the De Facto Doctrine Clause due to violation of its own public policy which is causing De Jure Segregation of People as "false rulings". These People have orchestrated and forced these victims and families under these programs, Under Duress that committed Federal and State crimes against them. We are asking Federal
Investigation into these defendant's Federal and State crimes that were/are being committed under these CPS/DCF, Conservatorships Guardianships & Supported Making-Decision Plan Programs. We are requesting prosecution and indictments to the full extent possible. We are also requesting defendants pay Punitive damages, Exemplary damages, Compensatory damages, Monetary damages for victims under Tort Law. We are asking to have these Defendant's Licenses revoked permanently. Victims are exercising their First Amendment Freedom of Petition. An estimated 1,300,000 million adult/children and approximately $50,000,000,000 billion in assets are under the care of State Professional Conservatorship, Guardians/Health Proxy of CPS/DCF, Physicians, Attorneys in the United States. The Social Security Act that funds CPS/DCF, Conservatorship Guardianships already has oversight and data collection. This H.R. 5600 Guardianship Accountability Act of 2021 will only create another Federal Grant for CPS/DCF, Conservatorship Guardianship that will be exploited and defrauded. The title IV-E Guardianship Assistance Program (GAP) is authorized by title IV-E of the Social Security Act. IV-E Foster Care and Adoption Assistance, Title 1 The Child Abuse Prevention and Enforcement Act, Title II -Jennifer's Law authorized to provide awards to States to enable States to improve the reporting of unidentified and missing person. These incentives and Federal Funds Grants are just a few listed that these defendants are using to defraud the Federal Government and harm these wards and families. Besides fraud, there have been cases of murder, attempted murder, rape, human sex trafficking, human laboring trafficking, human organ harvesting, human trafficking, forgeries, estate embezzlements, physical abuse,trust fraud just to name a few in this legislative Complaint filed request the Petition be recorded in Congress. Please check Facebook Business Page: USA Citizens Guardianship Task Force LLC. To many pictures to show but here is just a few pictures of the CPS/DCF, Conservatorship, Guardianship victims and families. They are legislation being considered if a ward is killed or harmed in anyway in a guardianship the States will not be held accountable. Overturn of Roe vs Wade means a woman will not have her rights to keep her child under the control of the State under a guardianship, the State will take the baby and automatically go into foster care system. Please support and sign our petition to save lives, freedom and liberty in the United States.