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Illegal Alien Invasion Allowed To Take Place For FEMA Camp Activation

State and Federal Laws Are Being Broken By The U.S. Government For 1 Reason Only

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Lower the Drinking Age to 18

If I can start my entire life at 18, why can't I drink then too?

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Mitococktail insurance coverage.

Asking congress to make coverage of non traditional medicines used to treat those with metabolic and mitochondrial disease.

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We urge you to support Kurdish national aspirations and to back an independent Kurdistan

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South Texas Border Patrol Ordered To RELEASE Pregnant Illegal Aliens

"Maria Anchor-Babeez" Gets A Free Pass On American Taxpayers

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Stand for the dignity and equality of wounded veterans and people with disabilities

We urge the U.S. Senate to maintain a longstand American tradition of bipartisan respect for disability and veteran rights by joining more than 150 other nations;

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Support HR 4216 - Maternal Health Accountability Act of 2014

High maternal mortality rates in the US are unacceptable!

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Let\'s make problem solvers, not soldiers!

Increase the Education budget; Education = True prosperity

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Stop Military Aid to Israel, Including of the Pending \"Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2015\"

Israeli Occupation is Committing Atrocities, Collective Punishment & Killing of Innocent Palestinians

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