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Eliminate All Federal Support of the NRA

The NRA is a for-profit hate group that exists only to sell more guns, no matter what.

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Body cameras for all C.P.S. employees

Mandatory body cameras for all C.P.S. employees that work directly with the public

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Please stop CPS lies and corruption!

Child services needs to be held accountable for the lives they ruin.

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DNA with every Adoption

I believe DNA of the birth parents should be attached to every adoption record whether the child was placed for adoption or taken away.

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south carolina prison sentence reductions from 85% to 65%

South Carolina is handing out prison sentences that are way too long

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Protect our Nation and Marriage

Stop the Judicial Branch from destroying our Society

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S.M.P.L. (Social Media Privacy Law)

A law that protects citizens against employer action concerning social media postings.

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Dcfs and social workers are really corrupt Los Angeles

Dcfs and social workers need to be investigated ! Big scam

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Please Support the North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act of 2015

Support legislation that will impose tough financial sanctions to target the North Korea's regime's egregious human rights abuses, arms trade, weapons of mass destruction development, cyberattacks and more.

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Justice for Grace child was used as a pawn of threat by NJ goverment

New Jersey governments Utilized a Child as a Pawn of threat

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