Impeach Harry Reid

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Several commentators have suggested that Congress alone may decide for itself what constitutes a "high crime or misdemeanor" especially since Nixon v. United States stated that the Supreme Court did not have the authority to determine whether the Senate properly "tried" a defendant. Gerald Ford stated: "An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history." The House of Representatives did impeach a senator once: Senator William Blount, in 1798, I believe its time to do it again after 215 years. Jefferson's Manual, which is integral to the Rules of the House of Representatives states that impeachment is set in motion by charges made on the floor...It further states that a proposition to impeach is a question of high privilege in the House and at once supersedes business otherwise in order under the rules governing the order of business. Reids record of obstructionism, and his failure to even produce a budget in accordance with the duties of the Senate, are certainly reasons to bring an impeachment motion to the floor. But when he took his weird effort to slander presidential candidate Mitt Romney onto the Senate floor, his incompetence reached a new level, and questions about his mental competence should be seriously considered. The Senate Majority Leader is either mentally unfit to continue in office, or hes a disgusting liar who has employed his office to engage in the lowest form of political slander all in the service of offering distractions so the public will forget about a collapsing economy and horrific unemployment.

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Get that murdering scumbag out of office! I am SICK of the Government overreach! Term limits NOW!
Corrupt and EVIL. Get Harry Reid out of office.
Harry Reid is a discrace to the United States of America. We are sick and tired of his lies and corruption. It's time for him to leave and let an honest person take his place.
This obstructionism has to be stopped. These last few years, Harry Reid has blocked several bills and proposals, and his colleagues have had enough of him refusing to cooperate with them and, quite frankly, do the job he was elected to do. He is not only wasting the time and the money of the American people by heading down this path, but his actions are directly harming the judicial process. Action has to be taken, and it would not do well on yourself, or the United States of America, to allow this to continue.
Thank you for reviewing my comment.
Its incredible that no one has said this. These republicans always talk about following the constitution, why don't they follow it now?
He has an obligation for a fair hearing for Supreme Court Justice nominations. If he doesn't want to do his job, resign. Other presidents have nominated during a election year.
He is too old and senile. Smart people don't make the dumb statements and decisions he does. Get him out of here, I'm sick of paying for him and the rest of his cronys.