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To Whom It May Concern:

Signatures of more than 6,000 Americans on a White House petition to ban the slaughter of equines for human consumption have been presented to the Obama Administration. The Obama Administration told us that if we gathered 5,000 signatures on a White House petition, the issue would receive consideration. We actually collected 5,000 signatures very quickly, at least 2 weeks before opponents were able to gather the same number of signatures for a petition started earlier to revive horse slaughter in the U.S. Of the 4 petitions created by mid-October regarding horses, the slaughter ban has collected the most signatures.

Thousands more Americans have sent letters directly to the White House over the past 3 years and still more have directed letters to their senators and representatives in Congress in an effort to end equine slaughter for human consumption.

We know from a 2006 Public Opinion Strategies poll that nearly 70% of Americans support a ban on equine slaughter. A CNN poll that same year showed a similar result. The support among Americans for a ban on equine slaughter for human consumption has grown: Currently, according to the Popvox poll, 77% of Americans support pending legislation, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, H.R. 2966/S.B. 1176, which would end the slaughter of American equines for human consumption.

I hope the Obama Administration will see this issue as paramount to human health and safety. It is also about saving communities from a predatory and environmentally and economically devastating practice. It is about stopping terrible cruelty and suffering of animals who are our companions and pets; they helped build this country and still work in the military and law enforcement and provide therapy as well as entertainment in horse racing, shows and other sports and exhibitions. They are not raised for food.

During the 2008 campaign you (President Obama) said, Federal policy towards animals should respect the dignity of animals and their rightful place as cohabitants of our environment. We should strive to protect animals and their habitats and prevent animal cruelty, exploitation and neglect. I have consistently been a champion of animal-friendly legislation and policy and would continue to be so once elected. You (President Obama) announced that you had co-sponsored legislation to stop the sale for slaughter of wild free-roaming horses and burros. During the 2008 campaign you (President Obama) signed on as co-sponsor to the bill to ban horse slaughter for human consumption. When asked specifically during the campaign, Will you support legislation to institute a permanent ban on horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption, you (President Obama) gave an unqualified Yes. (HSLF questionnaire)

Now is the time to keep that campaign promise, Mr. President. The supporters of this predatory, cruel and inhumane practice of slaughtering horses have wrapped their argume

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This must stop!
Please help the horses! Help ban horse slaughter and nd inhumane hauling!
I think old horses and lame horses should go to slaughter not young good ones.have rules and guidelines. Thanks
I am firmly against this practice, more so due to the horror of the suffering these horses endure through auction, placed on a feed lot most with inadequate water, food or shelter, transported inhumanely, and finally arriving to the end of their very life. Geldings, mares, foals, pregnant mares, burros, donkey's mules and draft horses, all being slaughtered mercilessly. There is also the factor of the medications not safe for human consumption. Most of these animals have these drugs in their system and it goes without regard to human safety. These animals mean the world to me and have been a constant form of therapy through anxiety, depression and PTSD. They are so much more than just a slab of meat like many would want us to think. I would welcome you to visit my rescue in Tecumseh Michigan with your family, where you would find horses that were thrown away for a bit of money. They are worth so much more than that to me. They came to me scared, emaciated, untrusting and we heal each other every day with the love, respect and dignity we all deserve. So I plead for you to make horse slaughter permanently illegal, make transport to slaughter permanently illegal and allow these majestic animals to live and be revered as they should be. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response to this petition.
I think old horses and lame horses should go to slaughter not young good ones.have rules and guidelines. Thanks
By sending horses to slaughter that are filled with steroids and other dangerous medications you are signing someone's death cert and it just may be a childs! How you can sleep at night is beyond me!
Not to forget the horrific way the kill horses, you do know stun guns don't work on them bc their skulls are so thick! So they go through excruciating agony before they actually die!
I hate to walk in your shoes!
I hope before you die you learn compassion for other living beings!
Sorry just telling you how it is!
Annemarie Fitzgerald
Barre MA.
The removal of young healthy mustangs from federal designated lands for the benefit of ranchers is wrong & must be stopped! The removal & holding of these mustangs is costing tax payers millions while wealthy ranchers use federal lands designated for wild horses for free grazing. As a taxpayer I object to my tax dollars being used in this way for the benefit of wealthy special interest groups.