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Did you know there is a vintage poster of a white Pitbull with the American flag tied around it's neck and in the poster it has a line of the Star Spangled Banner? The United States used the Pitbull in the military and as a bomb/narcotics dog and still do. Did you know the United States Customs and Border Protection trained a full Pitbull named Popsicle in Front Royal, VA about 60 miles from Washington DC? Popsicle done a lot of great work as a working dog and one particular he was on the news. He sniffed out a truck in Texas that had over $125 Million worth of drugs. He was famous nationally from being on the NBC Nightly News and more. The dog retired in 2002. There are major disadvantages nationally for Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes to get adopted due to stereotypes that pitbulls and pitbull mixes are dangerous dogs to people and other animals. It is breed discrimination because it labels the animal has a dangerous dog when compared to other dogs in the shelters. There are many landowners, airlines, towns, cities, and states that ban pitbulls. the owners of pitbulls and mixes are also negatively impacted due to restrictions and discrimination which is wrong! These dogs have less adoption and usually get euthanized in animal shelters around the nation such as New york city shelters, ohio, and more. The Proposals are the following: NO Pitbulls or Pitbull mixes should be labeled as dangerous dogs at shelters and NO owners should be required to have insurance. If rules are to be made than it should be applied to all dogs from labradors, huskies, poodles, and all other dog breeds instead just pitbulls and mixes regardless of age, size, breed, and gender.NO PitBulls or Pitbull mixes owners will be denied of apartment rentals, airlines, living in towns, cities, or states due to owning a pitbull dog. It is discrimination of the dog and the owners of the dogs and it is wrong! No pitbull and pitbull mixes should be denied of becoming a therapy, search and rescue, police, guide, or any type of service dog because pitbulls are no different than other dogs and can excel as a working or therapy dog. The US Customs dog Popsicle had proven that many years ago through his extraordinary service. Create programs that rehabilitate and train dogs into good homes or be used in services (Guide, Therapy, and service dogs to the disabled) such as using prisoners to train the animals. The government can train dogs from shelters and give them to services for free to support worthy programs to help the society. The dogs being trained will also be tremendous service to animal shelters to making them adoptable into good homes. The colorado prison program does have this type of program and it works. Actively educate people about pitbulls and pitbull mixes and showcase pitbulls that done service work from the united states military, Customs and Border Protection, and more. These dogs have served honorably to the United States.

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I just want to thank all the public officials who have worked to keep our streets safer, there is no way of knowing the number of children that have been saved by these BSL laws. Thank you for your insight and the courage to stand for what you believe.
These are wonderful dogs when properly trained. Just like any other dog
I am a Dog Trainer in Selmer,TN. Please, help to remove these Pit Bull Bans. It is NOT Right to make a Ban when it is the owners who need to learn how to take care of a Pit Bull. Dog need Leadership or they will become the Pack Leader. Thanks.
My pitbull is the sweetest big baby . He see's every dog and every human as a play mate. He licks and wags his tail uncontrollably. He is 1 un a half years old and has NEVER ever growled at anyone... My moms chihwahwah is more aggressive than my pitt.... This breed restriction needs to end!