Bring back Military R&R

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Bring back Military R&R
We've been at war and deploying soldiers back to back for 11 years now and the military family is suffering. There is more PTSD, more broken marriages, more military teenagers into substance abuse and juvenile delinquency because their dad, and now increasingly mom as well, is never home. Cutting soldiers' two weeks R&R mid-deployment and making military families spend even more time apart is not right.

Please support our military and give our troops who are putting their lives on the line for our country the two weeks mid-deployment R&R with their families that they so richly deserve.

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My husband is currently deployed and he missed the birth of our son. It would be such a blessing to have him come home for a bit to see and hold his son for the first time.
God Bless our men and women who serve in the military to protect our Freedom.
I think the rest of the government should give up their vacations.
If the president and Congress can take vacations with budget and other fiscal crisis hanging over our heads, at least let the people who are actually risking their LIVES for our freedom (and the "right" for the pres. & congress to take weeks and weeks of paid vacations, in addition to their very high salaries, all the while spending their time with their families and mistresses) have a couple of weeks off in the middle of their deployment to rest, relax and maybe even see their family for a few days!
Everyone occasionally needs a break from work for R&R
Our military men and women need R & R. Without it you will see dramatic increases in emotional problems which, in the long run, could affect the quality of our armed services. Besides that its just the right thing to do!
It is really tough to swallow seeing the rampant fiscal malpractice at work in our government on very frivolous things while we are getting our leave taken away. We were told in the first month here we would have it and great pains were taken to schedule accordingly. Family members were coordinated with, plans were made, people had something to look forward to which in itself makes the time go by easier for service AND family members. To be told 1/3 of the way into the tour with some people less than 2 weeks from leaving that it is being revoked because of fiscal matters (which is not addressed as a qualifying factor in ANY of the regulations I have researched) is a slap in the face. We will be paid for the leave on the tail end of the trip and that actually may cost the tax-payers more because it is tacked on as terminal leave, vs. being paid during the tour. So the argument about fiscal adherence is completely invalid anyway. I can't begin to tell you how demoralized this unit has become over this issue as it festered over the previous weeks and then reached this disappointing conclusion. Many of the Indiana signatures you see here are related to the same event.