Remove John Boehner as speaker and replace him with Trey Gowdy

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We the people would like to respectfully request that you remove John Boehner R-OH 8th District from the office of Speaker of the House due to His inability perform the Duties required of him by his constituents. We understand that Mr. Boehner is a very nice person and that is exactly why we make this request. We need a Leader, not a Friend. We would like to request that the Honorable Trey Gowdy R-SC 4th District be sworn in as speaker of the House of representatives

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Boehner is as much a Dem as Rep! He has no spine and doesn't represent the conservative or Christian in our country.
I we the people had someone in Washington with some balls! They all seem to bow down to Obama as a majority the should be actively trying their best to undo what Obama has done to us, our country, Israel, our constitution and so much more but instead they cower to the Obama regime and the idiotic democrats all trying to turn or country into a state!
Actually, I wish that Trey Gowdy would run for President....he would be excellent !!!!!
The current emails that have been discovered regarding Mr Boehners true intents are clearly revealing! He should be removed and the position given to Trey Gowdy! We need politicians who don't have politics in mind, but rather the people of America!!!
Boehner has everything he needs having the majority of GOP constituents, but still "talks the talk" and eventually kowtows to king Obama. TIMES UP! Get him out before he and Mitch McConnell do more damage.
We would like to see Mr. Boehner, along with his weak counterpart in the senate Mitch McConnell, not only be removed from their leadership positions but be removed from office! They betrayed us too many times. As a result of their RINO leadership, many of us have left the Republican Party. We call ourselves independent conservatives and no longer are wiling to hold our nose to vote for republican candidates as the lessor of two evils. We are resolved to vigorously appose them in the primaries but will sit out the main election vote for the positions in question if a non conservative candidate is up against the democrat. The days of them taking our votes for granted are over. We will rather see them lose and a democrat win rather than reward them with our votes. They need to be removed from power at all cost. God bless representatives like Ted Cruz and Trey Gowdy! We need more patriots like them representing us!