Remove John Boehner as speaker and replace him with Trey Gowdy

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We the people would like to respectfully request that you remove John Boehner R-OH 8th District from the office of Speaker of the House due to His inability perform the Duties required of him by his constituents. We understand that Mr. Boehner is a very nice person and that is exactly why we make this request. We need a Leader, not a Friend. We would like to request that the Honorable Trey Gowdy R-SC 4th District be sworn in as speaker of the House of representatives

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enough is enough, it's time our ELECTED officials STOP acting like they are entitled, and start working for WE the people!! Time for Boehner to go, he's just as much of the problem !
You haven't done your job, John. You were not elected to make nice with Obama. You are supposed to protect and defend the US Constitution. Go away.
The only thing big about this man is his ego - he HAS to go. He IS NOT doing his job, and his total disrespect for The Office of The President of The United States is inexcuseable.
The old boys club does not work we need a shark not guppys. We need people in power that care about whats right instead of who gets mad. Do the job for the people that put you there. We didn't just put you there we voted agianst what obama is doing agianst us and the constitution.