Remove John Boehner as speaker and replace him with Trey Gowdy

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We the people would like to respectfully request that you remove John Boehner R-OH 8th District from the office of Speaker of the House due to His inability perform the Duties required of him by his constituents. We understand that Mr. Boehner is a very nice person and that is exactly why we make this request. We need a Leader, not a Friend. We would like to request that the Honorable Trey Gowdy R-SC 4th District be sworn in as speaker of the House of representatives

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Boehner is a rino and i pray that Gowdy could become speaker . The rinos are playing kissie face with a corrupt administration.
Boehner is weak and a brought little HO........time to go........his has brought disgrace and poor leadership to this position.....
Rid us of this obama brownnoser.
Bohner is a RINO. He has proven he does not have the ability nor the will to fight for what was promised to the voters in the last 2 congressional elections. With his effort to "punish" those that have the integrety to do what they were elected to do, he has officially established himself as an "old guard" roadblock that must be removed in order for us to to move forward with the conservative agenda.
Trey is honest and is for the American People.
This man is dangerous. He needs to go!
Go Speaker Trey!