Remove John Boehner as speaker and replace him with Trey Gowdy

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Remove John Boehner as speaker and replace him with Trey Gowdy
We the people would like to respectfully request that you remove John Boehner R-OH 8th District from the office of Speaker of the House due to His inability perform the Duties required of him by his constituents. We understand that Mr. Boehner is a very nice person and that is exactly why we make this request. We need a Leader, not a Friend. We would like to request that the Honorable Trey Gowdy R-SC 4th District be sworn in as speaker of the House of representatives

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Our Country is dissolving before us, we need to have leaders who stand up and fight for her. John Boehner is a man without a backbone....he has to go...........
It's obvious just watching the two of them speak. Boehner has to be told by his colleagues where to go and how to lead. While Trey is clearly a man who's genuinely led by the courage of his convictions....
I, an American, am absolutely sick of the crap. Under the table deals, constant lies, never ending scandals. Pathetic in the highest degree. Thought that we were doing better when Pelosi handed over the gavel, I was sorely wrong. I do not believe the present speaker has the American interest at heart in any way! Get out of the way and make way for an honorable individual!
This man has do NOTHING for the Republican voters. We need leadership NOW.
This man has do e NOTHING for the Republican voters. We need leadership NOW.
This speaker is the poorest excuse for a leader I have ever seen. Please remove him and replace him with a strong conservative who can stand up to this Marxist regime we are dealing with. Everyone knows Obama is illegal, a Muslim, and has stole the presidency by manipulating votes. This may seem okay to Communists, but is extremely scary to know that no one is really sure who this so called Obama character is and he is leading our nation without his true identity proven. Swear someone into office that will solve this problem once and for all. Americans should not have to be subjected to a fraud running their country who has committed treasonous acts.
Enforce the laws of this Nation. Obama is making a mockery of the constitution.
Enough is enough!! We need someone who will work with both sides. For the good of everyone not just for themselves. He is worse than the proverbial brick wall.
Misuse of tax dollars holding up government get him out