We The People Demand Answers about Benghazi

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I am asking ALL Americans today to join in with one voice to DEMAND answers. Why were our boys left to die in Benghazi? Why is Obama campaigning and ignoring the Benghazi debacle? Thee American people, and the families of those who lost loved ones, deserve the truth. We the people are the last line of defense to hold our goverment accountable. If we don't do it WHO will? Please join in. Within this petition you can write what you wish to your reps. I hope every American takes the 2 minutes it takes to sign this petition and write in your own words what you wish. If our President has time to campaign and to do interviews with MTV he has time to answer to thee Ameican people

Report: Hillary Clinton Asked For More Security In Benghazi, Obama Said No


CIA Operators On Ground In Benghazi During Attack Were Denied Request For Immediate Help, Told To Stand Down


Obama Not Afraid To Answer The Tough Questions, Grants Interview To . . . MTV


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Criminals have to be brought to justice Hillary is guilty, Obama is guilty and they need to be held responsible. They are not exempt and need to be prosecuted.
Time to get this mess cleared up so we can move on. 4 Americans died, one of them an ambassador. Why was no help given? Why was the CinC reportedly in bed asleep? These questions and many others need answers.
As a veteran, serving 13 years, I never thought my country would desert me... As far I'm concern, the Obama administration has blood on their hands. God's Speed to those 4 Americans HEROES!!!#
I want to know the TRUTH about what happen and why did you tell our men to " Stand Down". You should have sent help ASAP by Air and ground. We lost Americans because Obama and his clowns have know clue how to protect Americans. Will we ever get the truth? Obama should be kicked out of the White House.
Respect the deceased
So so so very sad that people in positions of President and Secretary of State could allow this to happen to our 4 Americans...... Hope they lose sleep over this like the families of the VICTIMS