We The People Demand Answers about Benghazi

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I am asking ALL Americans today to join in with one voice to DEMAND answers. Why were our boys left to die in Benghazi? Why is Obama campaigning and ignoring the Benghazi debacle? Thee American people, and the families of those who lost loved ones, deserve the truth. We the people are the last line of defense to hold our goverment accountable. If we don't do it WHO will? Please join in. Within this petition you can write what you wish to your reps. I hope every American takes the 2 minutes it takes to sign this petition and write in your own words what you wish. If our President has time to campaign and to do interviews with MTV he has time to answer to thee Ameican people

Report: Hillary Clinton Asked For More Security In Benghazi, Obama Said No


CIA Operators On Ground In Benghazi During Attack Were Denied Request For Immediate Help, Told To Stand Down


Obama Not Afraid To Answer The Tough Questions, Grants Interview To . . . MTV


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Respect the deceased
So so so very sad that people in positions of President and Secretary of State could allow this to happen to our 4 Americans...... Hope they lose sleep over this like the families of the VICTIMS
I want to know the answers. The public deserves the truth, as do the families of those slain.
Obama needs to spend the rest of hi natural life behind bars. Obama is a gangster, a thug that think that because he is president that he can not be held accountable. Well As one of his bosses I want to fire him and then prosecute him.
Time to hear the truth no matter what party you stand behind. At minimum the families of lost love ones deserve to know what happened. We can release 5 terrorists but can not tell the truth about how we lost 5 loyal and honorable individuals at Benghazi!!
I'm tired of the lies and cover - ups .. why haven't anybody in congress impeached him ??? he exercises the executive order when he damn well feels like it and don't care what the house and congress says why do we have a congress when he does what he wants and you allow him!?!?!?! I voted for him and wish I didn't I regret it if I had known about him I would have never ever.. I'm so sorry to my fellow americans for voting for him he is a traitor and committee treason and I demand for him to be removed NOW !! he should had been a sales repersentive instead of a president because he lies everything that falls out of his mouth is a damn lie.. President Obama !! was it your intenchen to destroy our country and kill our people from day one ?!?!? and violate us and our constitution .. you can stick your NWO where the sun don't shine is all I can say !! the only terrorist we have in our country are you and the ones you brought and allowed here.. we all know about your brother and family being in the muslim brotherhood .. tell us are your finanicaly supporting them an or giving them our weapons ?? I feel so betrayed and violated by you Mr.Obama you are trying to take our freedoms from us one by one and never going to happen we the people are a strong nation and united we will stand our country has been through a lot and we will never fall if you hate the United States of America so much you can leave nobody will stop you .. I love my country and people and what we stand for and our way of life and we are free we do not support killing innocent people we are a humanitarian country we love everybody and help all. I do not support war on anybody unless its the last option , violence doesn't solve anything. Its heart wrenching what you have done to our country and people and the lies that falls out of your mouth. All the congress needs to do is grow some balls and stand up to you and who ever your listening too. You maybe the commander and chief but if everyone would stand up to you and refuse to follow your orders you wouldn't have a leg to stand on the american people would give them the support to do so and have there backs. There is to much corruption in the white house and needs to stop and clean them all out and get a government that loves and cares about their country and people and are honest for once. We vote for you because we trusted and believed you all and your true colors show sooner or latter.. Money and power don't make you a good person it destroys lives if you allow it.. we are a nation that is believes strongly in God , God even says a rich man will have a hard time making it into heaven because money and power will take one over and they make it there god.. sad what anybody will do to have and sell them self out for it ... there is no amount of money or power I would sell my soul for .. sad to many do all I can do is pray for them