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For over 40 years the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has worked to earn the trust of the American people by providing foundational funding to local public broadcasting outlets and supporting the creation of the highest quality programming found anywhere. Because of this unique public/private partnership between the Federal government, and private, local public broadcasting stations, public broadcasting stays relevant, stays free, and stays trustworthy.

Public broadcasting provides Americans with the kind of content they cannot find in the commercial marketplace, programming that helps them to grow, learn, and achieve their dreams. It helps people in all walks of life to realize their ability to improve their own lives and contribute to the betterment of their communities. Furthermore, funding for CPB helps to support more than 21,000 American jobs, which contribute more than $1 billion to the national economy.

The American people need such an extraordinary public media system. Our democracy depends on it. I urge you to pledge your support for funding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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Mr Rodgers, Sesame Street, and Square One taught me to be curious compassionate and excited about learning. Public broadcasting is an investment public education and children.
I believe in the continued support of public broadcasting because we are only as good as the media we produce.