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Whereas Islam and its apologists accuse Kuffar of inculcating hatred of Muslims and inciting violence against them; and

Whereas Islam is pursuing national and international legislation to impose their blasphemy laws[1] upon us[2] so as to prevent or punish exposure of their execrable doctrines which inculcate hatred [3], incite violence[4] and sanctify & mandate[5] genocidal[6], terroristic[7] {9:120}[8] conquest; the intent of which legislative campaign is to render us defenseless;

Now, therefore, the undersigned Kufar & Harbi do declare, swear and demonstrate proof from the ample testimony of Allah and his Messenger that Islam is and will always be in egregious violation of the recognized rights of free men and must therefore be condemned and proscribed.

Since Muslims are promised eternity in a celestial bordello[9] for participating in Jihad and threatened with eternal damnation if they refuse, it is impossible that free men can live in peace and security while Islam exists upon the face of the earth. We therefore pray for injunctive relief: proscription of the practice and propagation of Islam. Islam is not a religion protected by the umbra of the First Amendment's free exercise clause, it is a way of life: predation upon the human race; a continuing criminal enterprise: a war crime.

Exhibits of evidence including quotes from and links to applicable international human rights covenants and Islam's canonical texts is included in this 30kb pdf file which signers are exhorted to download, read, embed in their blogs and use as an email attachment: .

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If not now when, if not us, then who, your children, your grandchildren?

We will either rid our nations of the scourge Islam is or our children will doubtlessly serve it or die resisting it.
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#BanIslam #DeportMuslims #StopMuslimImmigration
I'm not sorry to say, Islam does not co-operate with the views of our free American ways. In fact it is so opposed that it is a mortal danger to our citizens. Those that bind themselves to following Islamic writings, do not believe in tolerance of others. They continue to use hate-speech. They believe that it is fine to strip certain individuals of their Constitutional and Civil Rights by whipping or murdering them. They are obstinate and insist on following Islam even though they know Islam's laws are opposed to our federal and state laws in many many cases.
Our national history has proof of many years of prosperity in the land as well as peace among us.
Islam must either be altered dramatically (which is not an option for an Islamist), or outlawed altogether in this nation. The truth is, there is no reconciling Islam to other faiths in any way. Islam does not permit it. It has to be banned here for the mental, emotional, and physical health of you and I in the USA.
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Why are our politicians bowing down
to the Islamist devils, and catering to
the demands of these blood thirsty
savages? Muslims have declared war
on the USA, and if we are not willing
to totally proclaim all out war on this
vile group of murderers, then we as a
country will no longer exist.
Stop the scurge