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Whereas Islam and its apologists accuse Kuffar of inculcating hatred of Muslims and inciting violence against them; and

Whereas Islam is pursuing national and international legislation to impose their blasphemy laws[1] upon us[2] so as to prevent or punish exposure of their execrable doctrines which inculcate hatred [3], incite violence[4] and sanctify & mandate[5] genocidal[6], terroristic[7] {9:120}[8] conquest; the intent of which legislative campaign is to render us defenseless;

Now, therefore, the undersigned Kufar & Harbi do declare, swear and demonstrate proof from the ample testimony of Allah and his Messenger that Islam is and will always be in egregious violation of the recognized rights of free men and must therefore be condemned and proscribed.

Since Muslims are promised eternity in a celestial bordello[9] for participating in Jihad and threatened with eternal damnation if they refuse, it is impossible that free men can live in peace and security while Islam exists upon the face of the earth. We therefore pray for injunctive relief: proscription of the practice and propagation of Islam. Islam is not a religion protected by the umbra of the First Amendment's free exercise clause, it is a way of life: predation upon the human race; a continuing criminal enterprise: a war crime.

Exhibits of evidence including quotes from and links to applicable international human rights covenants and Islam's canonical texts is included in this 30kb pdf file which signers are exhorted to download, read, embed in their blogs and use as an email attachment: .

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Islam Does NOT Belong in America !!! It does not coincide with our U.S. Constitution, It / they will NOT assimilate into our way of life. The ONLY thing Islam will do is Destroy Our Country, Our Constitution,Our way of Life !!! It is an ILLEGAL entrant into our Country or any other Western Civilization as ISLAM IS HELL BENT on Becoming the ONLY "religion" on the face of this earth!!! BEWARE AMERICA, The Time Has Come to DEFEND What is OURS !!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA and OUR FOUNDERS !!!!!
Islam is not a religion of peace. It's a genocidal cult that should be stripped of religious status, a political ideology and everyone knows it. We will not stand by and watch while America and Europe are being destroyed.
Islam is a form of government with religious overtones. Sedition and treason are charges to be leveled at all who practice it. With comensuate penalties. Including: prison, execution and deportation.
The Koran is not the only important source of Islamic teachings. There are three main sources of Islamic doctrine: The Koran, the Hadith, and the Sira. This is sometimes referred to as "the Islamic Trilogy." It is vital for our Political Leaders that determine the direction of our country to understand the Meaning of Islam! No religious ideology and No Corporate Encroachment on our laws or way of life should influence your Vote on critical issues that affect US all. Take a second look at the documents found by the FBI in 1991 concerning the intentions of Muslims for America and look now at what is happening in America and ask yourselves how did Muslims gain such great power over our Politics in such a short time. I love my country! I Love America and I pray our current Leaders have their eye's wide open!! The only way to accomplish a healthy future for the generations to come is by our Leaders to focus on US more than the dictates of International Agencies or Foreign Influence.. Many Muslims are more than happy to share with You the real intent of Islamification in America. Speak to those like Brigitte Gabriel, Nonie Darwish, Dr. Mark Christian, Ayaan Hirsi Ali who stated, "Islam is not a religion of peace. It's a political theory of conquest that seeks domination by any means it can." The actions of our Leaders are giving Muslims the key to our country and it is sadly changing in a way that will not be able to be reversed if we continue on this path. Do the right thing...keep America FREE from Islam and the taqiyya and kitman that are clearly part of the Movement in America. Americans feel betrayed by YOU. Don't Let US down. Obamas vow that the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam and the attempt to make Blasphemy Laws is a clear sign Muslims are gaining power around the world. I ask each and everyone of you to stand up for America...we have an enemy in the camp...
Islam should be Outlawed in the U.S. A.....It does NOT fit nor coexist with our constitution or our way of life !!!It NEVER will...they want to control ALL....AMERICANS , WE NEED TO TAKE BACK AMERICA !!!
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