Give Lifers With Possibility Of Parole Their Release Dates

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it is time for us to all take a stand for prison inmates with life sentences. we always talk about how the prison system is there to rehabilitate criminals. the department of corrections along with the parole board has decided that in order to be eligible for parole you have to complete certain requirements. the first requirement that the actual time that the prisoner received has been completed. during this time, the prisoner have to also be a model inmate. The inmate must also show remorse for his crimes. the inmate should also take self help classes for any substance abuse issues. The inmate also should take advantage of any educational courses offered to learn marketable job skills.

the question should now be asked, what else can they do to make themselves eligible for parole? after completing all the requirements said above, the inmate should be allowed to get a parole date. this is not taking place. something needs to be done. Lifers are not getting a second chance like they should.

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I believe everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves. There are people serving life that has only committed 1 major offense.
There is no love behind prison walls. Releasing inmates to their loved ones in a structured environment is the grounds for true rehabilitation.
Are we humans or animals? Is it justice to lock a person in a cage for life?
After over 30 year incarcerated it's time my husband came home. The prison system is know more than a plantation an owned by the rich, that is the private prisons