Give Lifers With Possibility Of Parole Their Release Dates

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it is time for us to all take a stand for prison inmates with life sentences. we always talk about how the prison system is there to rehabilitate criminals. the department of corrections along with the parole board has decided that in order to be eligible for parole you have to complete certain requirements. the first requirement that the actual time that the prisoner received has been completed. during this time, the prisoner have to also be a model inmate. The inmate must also show remorse for his crimes. the inmate should also take self help classes for any substance abuse issues. The inmate also should take advantage of any educational courses offered to learn marketable job skills.

the question should now be asked, what else can they do to make themselves eligible for parole? after completing all the requirements said above, the inmate should be allowed to get a parole date. this is not taking place. something needs to be done. Lifers are not getting a second chance like they should.

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The family and friends of Derrick Durunta Pitts, EF 340339, is advocating for his release. He is serving one Life sentence for murder, and has been incarcerated snce he was sixteen under SB 440. Over the last 21 years, he has acquired several vocational skills evidencing positive behavioral changes toward rehabilitation and a strong desire for a second chance to become a positive and productive member of society.
However, like so many other Lifers, he continues to be denied parole solely due to the nature of his crime even though it is an improper consideration after he has served the time required by law for a "serious violent felony". The nature of a "serious violent felony" will never change, which is why parole is supposed to be based upon what the offender has done while incarcerated, not the original crime 20 years ago. For while the crime will never change, the offender, like Derrick Pitts' flles reflect, certainly can change. So, the question becomes, how much time is enough for the offender who has unquestionably demonstrated remorse and deep regret for his actions as a misguided sixteen year old? And if he is to be released at some point, why not set him a definitive release date upon which he and his family can focus on re-entry plans?
The most important component of rehabilitation is a reasonable expectation for release. Wherein exceptional behavior, educational accomplishments, and the efficient performance of duties are rewarded. Unfortuunately, it doesn't work that way with Georgia's Lifers. The decision to parole after the Lifer has served the numerous years required by law is arbitrarily and capriciously decided by a parole board that answers to no one.
Rehabilitation have a time. And if this in fact is what the prison system is base on. Then Why don't lifer have a release date.You are givine lifer immate No reason to be rehabilitate!! If you what them to change! CHANGE the system. Please let my love ones come home!!
I really strongly believe in second chances.isn't that the reason rehabilitation is for.
My husbands been in prison for 15years now hes facing life with the possibility of parole. Please!!!! Give are love ones a date to come home!!!