Give Lifers With Possibility Of Parole Their Release Dates

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it is time for us to all take a stand for prison inmates with life sentences. we always talk about how the prison system is there to rehabilitate criminals. the department of corrections along with the parole board has decided that in order to be eligible for parole you have to complete certain requirements. the first requirement that the actual time that the prisoner received has been completed. during this time, the prisoner have to also be a model inmate. The inmate must also show remorse for his crimes. the inmate should also take self help classes for any substance abuse issues. The inmate also should take advantage of any educational courses offered to learn marketable job skills.

the question should now be asked, what else can they do to make themselves eligible for parole? after completing all the requirements said above, the inmate should be allowed to get a parole date. this is not taking place. something needs to be done. Lifers are not getting a second chance like they should.

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As the mother of a person who was given a life sentence at barely eighteen yrs. old, I strongly feel it is important to Lifers deserve a chance to be paroled. My son has served 33 yrs. He was one of three youths who were responsible for the death of a cab driver. What was supposed to be a prank to not pay the fair, cost a man his life. My son was not the person who shot the driver, but he was in the car with him. He has always accepted his responsibility for reckless behavior. He has served his time. He needs to have a chance to live as a free man.
After 33 years I would love to see my fiancee a free man...
Praying my husband gets a chance to redeem himself.
Praying for a difference and for those who have served their time and deserve an opportunity to be in society.
I think Lifers should be given a second chance they are humans and if you look at all the returns to prison the lifers learn there lesson and never return. I served a life sentence I have been out since Dec 2013 and have been productive and realized my mistakes and know I can't change my padt but csn learn from it snd move forward with the skills I learned inside the walls and have a bright productive future.
My husband been in there for 35 years...done everything they tell him to do..
I have someone going up for another parole heaing who has been down 30 years. He has had no write ups, has a clean record for 30 yrs. Lets hope the parole board grants him freedom this time around.The last times they claim he did not show remorse.