Give Lifers With Possibility Of Parole Their Release Dates

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it is time for us to all take a stand for prison inmates with life sentences. we always talk about how the prison system is there to rehabilitate criminals. the department of corrections along with the parole board has decided that in order to be eligible for parole you have to complete certain requirements. the first requirement that the actual time that the prisoner received has been completed. during this time, the prisoner have to also be a model inmate. The inmate must also show remorse for his crimes. the inmate should also take self help classes for any substance abuse issues. The inmate also should take advantage of any educational courses offered to learn marketable job skills.

the question should now be asked, what else can they do to make themselves eligible for parole? after completing all the requirements said above, the inmate should be allowed to get a parole date. this is not taking place. something needs to be done. Lifers are not getting a second chance like they should.

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I know several inmates in hominy Oklahoma that have the life with the possibility of parole they are model citizens they have remorse they are taking advantage of the educational courses but yet the government holds them, why? Because they make them money, they lose them they lose the money income. Some of you may not understand that those inmates bring in a lot of money working for them, so why would they want to kick out an inmate that has life with the possibility of parole even though they show remorse, takes advantage of the education system + works for the state. Refusing to let them out for a second chance at life is not acceptable behavior on the government's part. Prison is for rehabilitating, to help them become a pillar of the community. I know a prisoner that was recommended for parole by the parole board, he signed his papers but then once it got to Governor Fallon's desk it was rejected. Now isn't that what the parole board is supposed to be for, to get prisoners out of the system. Hominy Oklahoma's warden, their system and the Governor need to be rehabilitated. Set them free.
These people should be given a release date instead of passing them over time and time again. Get rid of the crooked system.
The situating is heart breaking, glad to be a part of this important petition.
I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance at life if all the requirements are meet and also classes given to bring them up to date with today's society. Because we all makes mistakes in which we must pay for, but once a person has payed for his/her sin then the system should then turn them loose,"with supervision" for a small amount of time.
My brother is a lifer and was only there when the crime was committed, he has served 17 years, he has come up for parole twice and was offset 2 yrs each time, he is coming back up for parole in June 2016. He has been in prison since he was 18. First time committing a crime, nothing else on his record
Everyone deserves a second chance to get it right.
Two words
So unfair " Lord have mercy

Let my people go
Two words
So unfair " Lord have mercy

Let my people go