Give Lifers With Possibility Of Parole Their Release Dates

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it is time for us to all take a stand for prison inmates with life sentences. we always talk about how the prison system is there to rehabilitate criminals. the department of corrections along with the parole board has decided that in order to be eligible for parole you have to complete certain requirements. the first requirement that the actual time that the prisoner received has been completed. during this time, the prisoner have to also be a model inmate. The inmate must also show remorse for his crimes. the inmate should also take self help classes for any substance abuse issues. The inmate also should take advantage of any educational courses offered to learn marketable job skills.

the question should now be asked, what else can they do to make themselves eligible for parole? after completing all the requirements said above, the inmate should be allowed to get a parole date. this is not taking place. something needs to be done. Lifers are not getting a second chance like they should.

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Some of them deserve a second chance at life
Give them a chance to become a better person. Give them a chance to come back home to their family. Theyre not the only ones who suffer, so do the families. Especially if it was their first offense. One grave mistake and they threw away the key. Give them a chance please.
Husband got date serving 33 years of a 25 yr sentence but governor took it still fighting in Federal court
My brother Raymone Kegler has served over 21 years for felony murder and armed robbery. He has completed all his classes and has been a model inmate. Yet, the parole board has denied him 3 different times. I know my brother did wrong but he has served his time and its time to let him come home. His prison number is #859342 and he's currently housed at Wilcox State Prison.
I've been trying to get help or anyone just to look at this case. I have been a long time friend and support for Steven j Yarbrough GDC # 773694 he has been in prison for 15 Years now on a drug charge the judge gave him a 30 serve 20 on trafficking meth under 199 grams. Something that now days is only a short time in prison. Nothing to what he has done. He was told no parole on the 20 years as a recidivism simple non violent offender. Four felonys 2nd time in the system once in a bootcamp. Where i see others have longer records and many times in the system. Without the 17-10-7-c being used. You can pull his record and see he is not violent at all. When his background is done state and federal the records don't show felony on some just blank, Some throwed out of court never tried. Some have no Ga. Code at all. But who looks at this unless you pay big money for the miss corrections that could free him or help. I'm only human making ends meet my self but if I could help I would. So the next best thing is speak out talk to someone in hopes that someone will just take a look into this changed man that I know deserves one more chance.
He has in his file in prison letters of recommendation for special release by wardens David McNeil, Cedric Taylor. He has the OJT barber certificate, He also got Barber supervisor certificate as a teacher of the inmate program. He later went on to a country camp Sumter country C.I americus, Ga. Where he showed his mechanic skills fixing emergency vehicles. Then he trained and tested to become a inmate firefighter home of the 39th president jimmy carter. He saved lives, as a first responder another life changing experience for him. He does maintenance to the camp and jail from inside to vehicle repairs. Anything he can get into to gain knowledge and better his self he does it. Even if the points program does him no good on getting out early. To my knowledge every employee even officers at that camp will speak up on his behalf. Even the county jail Colonel Bryant has watched him work and perform to the point he talks of him as outstanding. He is outstanding hard worker and truly deserve a chance in life. At age 25 he was young following no good people now he is 40 a very different man.
Could anyone reach out and help him. speak to him for your self see the pain and regret in his heart and eyes. His wish is to be given one more shot at life and be by his grandmothers side before it's to late. To meet his now 18 year old daughter an explain why he was never there.
His new goal in life is to give back to the community reach out tell his story to young adults. His dream is to come up with a program that teaches young people skills pulling them from the streets.
15 years and no help but willing to push on in life and better others. To me that says alot.
Thank you may this fall on someones eyes and heart to help. He may not mean anything to you but once around him you can see his true gift an that one man y
State board of Pardon and Parole state of Georgia.

Family & Friends of Anthony Pugh 413586
Requset for Clemency

Re:void indictment,Excesdive unconstituional Recidivist Sentence

We the Family of Anthony G.Pugh 413586 housed at Wicox state Prison .Respectfully moves this Board of Pardon & Parole in and under the standards of the Boards,Executive and Exclusive principal authority ,commanded in the constitution of the state of Georgia ...Article 1V &1 ,Paragraph 2 &(A)(E),Title 476-Chapter 3 , and rule (10)(2)(c) White vs state 274 game app 805,619SE2d 333(2005)


475-10(2)(C) Amend August 24,2009 provides: The Board will consider a commutation of sentence imposed other than death cases when substantial evidence is submitted to the board in writting that the sentence is either exciasive,illegal,unconstitutional,or void that the end of justice would best be served there by and that such requirement must be direct evidence and affirmatively stated.
On june 26,2015 the United States Supreme Court made a ruling of a new standard of law as set out in Johnson vs United states 576 U S 2015: that states the Government Violates the Due Process Clause when it fails to give ordinary people fair notice of the conduct it punishes,or is so standardless that it invites arbitrary enforcement Kolender vs Lawson U.S. 357-358
We the Family contends that O.C.G.A 17-10-7 AT the time of Anthony's indictment conviction,and sentencing was vague . it didn't give ordinary people fair notice of the conduct it punishes and its lacks standard;O.C.G.A 17-10-7 relied on any felony that could lead to confinement in penal institution.
The statue O.C.G.A 71-10-7 of 1992-93 leaves grave uncertainty about how to estimate the risk posed by crime,its ties a judicial assessment of a risk to a judicially imagined facts. Anthony was originally indicted under CR-92-0196(A) but when Anthony refused prosecutor Ann Elmore opened end plea she superseded the indictment to CR-93-096(B) raising the robbery in the first indictment to Arm Robbery ,also adding Aggravated Assault and other charges as set out in the indictment and arbitrarily attached the Repeat Offender statue O.C.G.A.17-10-7 and O.C.G.A 16-8-41 and set out the prior conviction in the indictment.(a) CR-089-1524 DISTRIBUTION of control substance ,Possession of control substance court date 11/15/89 (b) CR-0 90-2814,(4) counts of entering auto/possession of fire arm by a convicted felon court date 11/7/90
Anthony was convicted on arm robbery O.C.G.A. 16-8-41 CT1,CT2,CT3,CT12, on 6/24/93 and under the repeat offender statue O.C.G.A 17-10-7 was sentence on july 19,1993 to Life plus 10 yrs concurrent and 5 yrs consecutive and he was denied his first parole in May 1999.
How did Prosecutor Ann Elmore determine a ordinary case of a crime from and not a real world fact or st
My uncle has been incarcerated for 24 years with a life sentence wuth the possibly for parole he has taken every class there is but he is stll being deny parole this is unfair.
My friend has served 25+ years for attempted murder charge. It was the first time he ever got in trouble. Has done several self help courses. Has taken two vocational training. Has shown remorse for his crime. He was barely 19 at the time. I believe he deserves a chance at life. He is now 45 years old.
My friend has served 25+ years for attempted murder charge. It was the first time he ever got in trouble. Has done several self help courses. Has taken two vocational training. Has shown remorse for his crime. He was barely 19 at the time. I believe he deserves a chance at life. He is now 45 years old.
I need help my boyfriend has served eight years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. He has been in there since he was 16 years old. I need someone to help us get an early parole date asap he is in State of Alabama Prison and he have Life With Possibility but he can't take any classes or courses until he gets closer to his parole date and that's eight years from now. He is no trouble and he is trying to stay out of trouble but there isn't anything for him to do to there to help himself get out quickly.
I believe that lifers should get a chance of parole. Especially when the judge had no choice as to the mandatory sentencing for 2nd degree murder. Lifetime in prison is too harsh a punishment for someone who never intended anyone to die but it happened while commiting a felony.