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I am writing today about the conditions at the women's satellite camp at FMC Lexington. The temperatures in Lexington, KY are in the 90's already and the inside temperature inside this facility is becoming hazardous to the women who are housed there. They measured the temperature on the 3rd floor yesterday and it was 130 degrees. This is unacceptable. This facility has no airconditioning and they have locked the ice machines so they can only have 1 cup of ice a day. This facility is equipped to hold less than 200 women and as of today it's population is 332. So 332 women have to stand in a line to receive 1 cup of ice per day. Women are passing out from the heat. This violates their basic human rights and has to be addressed. Other issues in this facility include selling expired items through commissary and getting outdated, green meat that they actually serve to the inmates. After a little reserach, I have found that many prisons do not have air conditioning. Lawmakers will not back down on thier 'tough on crime" mentality therefore increasing the overcrowding. Why has no one suggested sending some of these non violent criminals home, place them on house arrest and put them to work. The family then pays for them and this would save the BOP millions. If lawmakers cannot come up with a prison reform that actually works, then they are responsible for seeing that basic human rights are not violated. These are people who made mistakes and regardless of thier crime they deserve to live in an environment that does not put them in danger. They deserve to live in conditions where thier health is not compromised. Something has to be done about the living conditions in this facility before it is too late. This is the first time I have had an dealings with the federal prison system and I can assure you that if and when you have a family member who has to live under these conditions, it will change the way you view the prison system.

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I was in the satellite camp for 13 months and everything that is being said here is the truth. the medical department is all for the men and not for the women. the rules are not that hard to follow, but like other women have said the c/os are mostly in the office and never are around when you need them they like to lock themselves in the offices. the ice situation is crazy and that this needs to stop due to the fact is that there is to many woman in this place and not enough room for everyone. the laws need to be change on alot of the laws and that people shouldnt be stuck in there for as long as some of them have been in there
Most all of the comments I read I know to be the truth, as I experienced them first hand. Never in my life did I dream I would ever see the inside of a prison.I won't go I to my story on here because that is not what this site is for. The few negative comments I saw I'm pretty positive was from a guard. If you look back at the comments you will see "someone e from Fort Bragg NC" the first talks about conditions of troops (which is horrible and I highly respect all who fight for us) however then 2 days later they make another post saying "me and some of my friends did time there". Any of you who have actually been in this environment can read the comments and k ow this wasn't from anyone but a guard who is upset with truth being told and falsely posting to protect their job. The conditions at Atwood can be miserable. No it isn't a hard place to do time as far as rules or strictness. The guards can even be hard to find sometimes if needed. Several nights we were told not to brother him (only males when I was there were co's). The lady consoler does lock ice chest, refuses to give over 6 pads and 10 tampons per month, ignores request and makes you feel lower than human at times. Once when I was there the water line es were so old something happened and water turned brown and wasn't even safe for showers. It was turned off for a few days and we were only allowed 4 bottles of water per day. This had to be used to brush teeth, ect....Those who had jobs outside weed eating, mowing, garage, ect... still had to go to work but had no water for showers after 8 hours of weedeating. If you've ever weedeated you understand how much grass and dirt gets all over you. This took place in summer months too when it was unbearably hot. Those of us who worked landscaping had an ice machine in landscaping building. When we would get off work and start back to Atwood we would fill garbage bags up with ice to try to help other women when camp ice machine would be pad locked. We thought we were helping. The lady consulor who I spoke of earlier put a stop to that quickly. She said if we brought anymore back and was caught we would get a shot (a shot can take away good time). So much more I could go on and on about but you get the point. I am someone who was 37 years old when this happened and never even had a speeding ticket in my life. I was then and am not a law abiding citizen. With federal laws sometimes a person doesn't even know they are breaking them until its too late. Most of the women I met were like me and the crimes they were in there for I bet most of you have done not even realizing you could get I to serious trouble for. All I'm saying is these aren't hard core criminals by any means. The main doors at Atwood don't even have locks, there is no fence, there is one guard at night who most of time has locked them self in one of the offices so they aren't bothered. Why not let these women go home and work jobs, take care of their kids and contribute to society o
I spent 15 months at Lexington. Since I have been out I have begged the PO System to allow me to talk to women headed there. Not to bash it but to warn them. Warn those that have never been the things they will need to do and learn. You are dropped off at the facility at your room and that is it. There is no one to show you around most of the time. They give you a packet of rules but nothing that tells you what a standing count is, what a lock in is,etc. If you get lucky and get good roommates you will survive but if not you end up learning the hard way and its not pleasant. If you get money on your books they take most of it for restitution if you owe any and your counselor will tell you that if you don't get money you better figure out a way to steal it if that's what got you there in the first place. The counselors are truly sad and uncompassionate people. I am sure they hear the same thing over and over and have just learned to block it out but I have witnessed them be evil for the fun of it. There is NO medical care. If you go in on certain meds it pretty certain they will be withheld cold turkey UNLESS it is a federal approved drug which is NOT usually the case. Dental care is fine. The dentist is a compassionate very nice lady. Tooth ache either gets you a filling or tooth pulled and no replacement. You will hear stories about the food. I worked in FS and I can assure you that most of them are correct. They get food from Wendys, burger king etc that have expired. Once there was a mix up on an order and we received shredded chicken that literally had the beaks and claws shredded up in it and we sat and picked thru it for hours before cooking. There are a FEW guards that are strict enough to keep the peace but when they are off the place is a free for all. I have no problem talking to people before they go in to at least help them with the knowledge they will need but that is unheard of. NOTHING is free. In the summer when it is 110 degrees you have no air and if lucky you can buy a fan. But usually someone steals it and sells it to someone else. If have decided my non violent crime was paid for in full during that 15 months and I will become a hermit before I ever go back. No one knows what it is like, even those family members that write repeating what their inmate says, until YOU have been there yourself
my daughter is in Lexington right now and I am totally outraged by the conditions she is trying to survive in. she is a first time drug offender. never been in any trouble till last year at age 22. and this is where they sent her. omg, there is no justice.
I served 8 long years in Atwood Camp. Living on the 3rd floor was an additional punishment in the summer months. In 130-degree weather the only way I could breath and sleep was to soak myself wet to fall asleep. In the middle of the night my cloths would totally be dried and I'd have to repeat the soaking. I had to sneak to soak my cloths, as the rules didnít permit showers after 11pm, Come on! Locked in and helpless. My health suffered while the staff sat in air-conditioned offices wearing sweaters. Instead of supplying basic needs as cold drinking water and ice to help the women from dehydration, the ice machine was locked permitting one cup of ice per person, that cup melting seconds after being dispensed.

The BOP prison system is a 3rd world country tucked from away from all Americans to see, hiding all the human rights violations that our Country mandates that the world follow.
My punishment was being isolated from my family. To endure overcrowding, cruel and harsh treatment that's preventable only added to my suffering.