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I am writing today about the conditions at the women's satellite camp at FMC Lexington. The temperatures in Lexington, KY are in the 90's already and the inside temperature inside this facility is becoming hazardous to the women who are housed there. They measured the temperature on the 3rd floor yesterday and it was 130 degrees. This is unacceptable. This facility has no airconditioning and they have locked the ice machines so they can only have 1 cup of ice a day. This facility is equipped to hold less than 200 women and as of today it's population is 332. So 332 women have to stand in a line to receive 1 cup of ice per day. Women are passing out from the heat. This violates their basic human rights and has to be addressed. Other issues in this facility include selling expired items through commissary and getting outdated, green meat that they actually serve to the inmates. After a little reserach, I have found that many prisons do not have air conditioning. Lawmakers will not back down on thier 'tough on crime" mentality therefore increasing the overcrowding. Why has no one suggested sending some of these non violent criminals home, place them on house arrest and put them to work. The family then pays for them and this would save the BOP millions. If lawmakers cannot come up with a prison reform that actually works, then they are responsible for seeing that basic human rights are not violated. These are people who made mistakes and regardless of thier crime they deserve to live in an environment that does not put them in danger. They deserve to live in conditions where thier health is not compromised. Something has to be done about the living conditions in this facility before it is too late. This is the first time I have had an dealings with the federal prison system and I can assure you that if and when you have a family member who has to live under these conditions, it will change the way you view the prison system.

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I am not surprised the Republicans do nothing but I am shocked that the Democratic and Independent members of Congress are not publicly calling for immediate, emergency change!!! This is inhuman.
I want to validate the complaint that ice is being restricted and the heat conditions here are deplorable. The current administrator appears to be a sadist and should be replaced immediately.
The conditions at this camp are deplorable.If an inmate has been done wrong,the guards and some case managers retaliate against the inmate.There are disrespect-able inmates that are running the camp.Nothing is done but to take the victim to county,shouldn't they be treated as the faculty is treated.Stop taking the word of the princesses there.
When I was there in 1993 the warden was wearing a monitor. I worked in facilities...and those lead pipes are deadly...the water was unsafe back then...I was on renaissance unit..we called t little Vietnam...the place was infested with Brown recluse spiders...we used to soak down in the shower to cool literally was like a third world place...we filed a law suit over the commissary funds...Washington vs justice dept...we won...Lexington is notorious for disregard...we even had a sit down riot congressman and family had me moved...God help these women...cause they don't know how to fight for the ones bringing this petition...keep it in their faces ladies...cause out of sight is truely out of more thing....if anyone thinks these women aren't treated Like livestock...take a look at bluegrass was painted barn red..and derby horse names above the room doors. ...or should I say stalls....
I was sentenced to 12 months at this facility. 2004-2005. I felt I was truly "in prison" until after 3 months into serving my sentence I was involved in an "altercation" at my job site. (Landscaping) I was sent to the Lexington County Jail and was made to finish out my sentence in the jail instead of the camp! I was forced to serve out the remainder of my sentence of 9 months because my case manager at the Federal camp was black and decided she wanted the female I was in the altercation with who was also black...tocome back to the camp! This female was a commisary whore and thought she'd bully a nice white female into giving her some things! I stood oup for myself and got punished!! The county jail was the true punishment! This camp is a joke for anyone serving a sentence. I reflect on this time as a learning experience. I was grounded and lost my way briefly in the late 90's and my poor choices caught up with me. However, since I was released 10 yrs ago I've been responsible and conducted myself in a respectful manner. I recently looked online for information regarding my "past" and I curiously looked the female up I had an altercation with and what do you know...she's serving another sentence! There are those of us who learn from our mistakes and gain more than a number. And there are others who never learn and use their number as a free admission pass to have an all expense paid package to camp Hollywood! God bless
My wife is there. The facility is NOT ADA compliant. .the elevator is constantly broken and my wife is confined to a wheechair....yeah real dangerous. No heat in the winter unbearable heat in the summer. Frozen meat marked" not fit for human consumption" non violent first time offenders should never be institutionalized. ...states dont do it. The only reason is the more prisoners, the more supervisors, more wardens. And thus higher pay grades....quit wasting tax payer money and release these people
I spent 17 months at Atwood and everything I have read on here is true... Medical sucks.. Not one of the staff members/guards are professional in anything they do... The whole place is nasty.. The food is horrible and out dated ( I worked in food service warehouse so seen first hand) ... No structure or rehabilitation what so ever... The only thing I learned was how to crochet due to another inmate teaching me ... All around bad bad place.. Good luck to anyone having to go there..recommend that request another facility if possible especially if you have 2 or more years to do...
I spent a year at FMC Satellite camp, from 2002-2003, and all you people complaining about things there, WOW, it's prison, and i was shocked at the freedom you have there, the only thing you cannot do is have you hubby/wife stay with you, it's the most lenient facility I e ever seen or heard of!!! The inmates are responsible for cleaning it, so if it's dirty, it's their fault!! Martha Stewart was there before me, and offered to pay for air conditioning, however the reasoning for the BOP refusing her offer was this, the building is in the world book of Guinness records for having the most window panes, each window has like 40 individual smaller pieces of glass with a frame, making one entire window, so they arnt going to change it, I was on the 2nd floor, and yes it is hot of the day, but they gave HUGE fans in every hall, and your allowed to buy fans for your own room, unless your lazy or sick, you have a job , I was a landscaper, so by the time everyone gets back from work, eats , usually workcks out in the gym, then showers, and gets some cool breeze of air outside in the common area, on the pavilion, by the time you go to bed it cooled considerably in the hotter ,upper floors, if, God forbid, I ever had to be incarcerated again, IDE beg to go there!!! You are not there to be catered to, you are being punished for crimes you committed , this facility gives more freedom than any halfway house EVAN, stop acting as if they are victims, they are not, and are only treated as badly as they treat others , God Bless you and yours, I pray they don't have to stay long, but trust me, they WILL NOT find a more home like setting than the FMC Satellite camp in Lexington.....
This should be inspected and no one on earth should be treated like this period.