Satellite Camp at FMC Lexington

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I am writing today about the conditions at the women's satellite camp at FMC Lexington. The temperatures in Lexington, KY are in the 90's already and the inside temperature inside this facility is becoming hazardous to the women who are housed there. They measured the temperature on the 3rd floor yesterday and it was 130 degrees. This is unacceptable. This facility has no airconditioning and they have locked the ice machines so they can only have 1 cup of ice a day. This facility is equipped to hold less than 200 women and as of today it's population is 332. So 332 women have to stand in a line to receive 1 cup of ice per day. Women are passing out from the heat. This violates their basic human rights and has to be addressed. Other issues in this facility include selling expired items through commissary and getting outdated, green meat that they actually serve to the inmates. After a little reserach, I have found that many prisons do not have air conditioning. Lawmakers will not back down on thier 'tough on crime" mentality therefore increasing the overcrowding. Why has no one suggested sending some of these non violent criminals home, place them on house arrest and put them to work. The family then pays for them and this would save the BOP millions. If lawmakers cannot come up with a prison reform that actually works, then they are responsible for seeing that basic human rights are not violated. These are people who made mistakes and regardless of thier crime they deserve to live in an environment that does not put them in danger. They deserve to live in conditions where thier health is not compromised. Something has to be done about the living conditions in this facility before it is too late. This is the first time I have had an dealings with the federal prison system and I can assure you that if and when you have a family member who has to live under these conditions, it will change the way you view the prison system.

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This should be inspected and no one on earth should be treated like this period.