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First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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There are many Doctors who label their patients unfairly, demean these patients and degrade them because they are victims of chronic life long pain.
This is archaic medicine and does more harm than one can imagine. Physicans are afraid to treat patients who are victims of pain. The DEA targets them and instills fear in how they choose to treat their patients and what they prescribe. More and more, Doctors are refusing to treat their patients who have chronic pain. Patients are far too often considered "Malingering" or "Doctor Shopping".

Doctors far too often refuse to even communicate with these sufferers and label them as a LTDU ( Long Term Drug User) This is unfair, harmful medicine, and and causes llife long damage, both physically and mentally. It has effects on family, friends, co-workers and often causes the sufferer to withdraw from society. Through no fault of the patient, they withdraw from daily activities with their spouses, family and friends.

Much like the Abortion issue, you force these victims of pain into back door alleyways, store front pain clinics and worse. They receive no counseling on how to take their medication and often don't know what they are taking. Like in the past, by treating victims of pain this way, you force them into seeking help and relief outside of the Law. It is one issue to target illegal clinics but another issue entirely to target Physicians who should be allowed and should be treating their patients who have pain. Instead, Physicians are forced, out of fear of prescribing pain medication, to send their patients off to some "Unknown" pain clinic where they suffer yet more humiliating labels and discrimination. Pharmacists often feel the need to "interfere" and embarass the patient when they pick up their medications. They are treated like second or third class human beings.

Why is it that Doctors are no longer treating the 'Whole Patient?" Not addressing the underlying causes of chronic pain? There are many instances when there is NO clear cause for pain but that is not to say it doesn't exist. Pain receptors malfunction. Injuries can cause pain years later.
Elderly patients who suffer every remaining day of their lives are told by their Doctors' that "They are concerned about a possible addiction". What happened to the quality of their life? Their right to live their life to live without debilitating pain? Their only option may be to consider suicide?
The damage caused is a horror. Elderly commit suicide rather than live with this pain.
Physicians are taught (since the very beginning of medical school) that any patient requesting pain medication is to be Scrutinized" and to be "Wary" of them especially if they tell you they can't take anti-inflammatory drugs, that is a sure "SIGN" of addiction.
I was told this by my own Doctor. "What to watch out for when a patient requests help with their pain." They actually have a class for new Doctors on how NOT to treat patients.

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6 hours ago
air jordan 11 a. writes:
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8 hours ago
Lauri N. from Tempe, AZ writes:
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A pill, a drink, a plant does not "cause" addiction. Sex does not "cause" sex addiction. Gambling does not "cause" gambling addiction. Shopping does not "cause" shopping addiction. The abused substance (or activity) is merely the symptom of something much bigger and more complex. Any substance that can be used (and consumed in any way) can also be misused and abused. This includes alcohol, which is still the most abused substance in America. 88,000 people die each year in this country due to alcohol or alcohol-related accidents and injuries. It is legal, cheap, and widely available. It has no medicinal value but is a wonderful form of revenue for federal, state and local governments (as it is taxed at a higher rate). Who is the DEA, CDC, etc. to determine who gets pain relief and who doesn't? They are building a false crisis with manufactured, flawed, made-up statistics, taking the focus of a patient’s right to treatment by their physicians (which will do NOTHING to alleviate the addiction problem – addicts will always find what they want). Very, very few chronic pain patients become addicted to opioid medication – fewer than 2%, fewer than 1% if there are no addictive behaviors in the family. With 88,000 people dying from alcohol, and 38,000 dying from drug addiction (overdose with prescribed medication and death by heroin and other illicit drugs are lumped together) other than alcohol, why the witch hunt bent on destroying the lives of 100,000+ chronic pain patients??? Alcohol prohibition worked so very well, after all, right? No more alcoholics because of it? You’ll be seeing a big rise in alcoholism and deaths as well as increases to suicides because of the horrors of unrelieved, intractable, chronic pain. Why isn’t the ADA helping the disabled? Why is it not protecting our rights to medical care? Why is it not stopping the interference of the DEA and CDC with our physicians and appropriate care? The discrimination against us, because of the medications our bodies require, reduces us to second-class citizens who are seen as lazy addicts. Why is cancer pain set aside as “special”? People have sympathy for cancer victims, but not for chronic pain patients. Once a cancer patient is declared cancer-free, but left with painful conditions from treatment, are they no longer worthy of proper pain treatment? Without proper treatment, there will be increased strain on medical system, more people will be on disability or waiting in ERs for help that will not come. We don’t expect to be pain-free; we are not that naive. We just want to be able to leave our beds and FUNCTION. We want to be useful and pull our own weight. Our disabilities were not our choice.
11 hours ago
pete n. from West Palm Beach, FL signed.
14 hours ago
Damien F. from Axton, VA writes:
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My lover was not given pain medicine even after asking twice and his insurance was informed and doesn't care enough to listen and his primary doctors/administrators shielding my concerns, too. I equate this irregularity to possible manslaughter. My lover told his doctor his major trouble functioning and all doctor did was argue ObamaCare made things difficult for him. This was inappropriateof a doctor who has accepted a patient. Especially who hadno trouble giving his psychiatric meds(he had n electroshock treatment, once). I see no cause for causing further harm to my lover who went on to die. I'm trying to establish link. My lover needed 911 call after they belatedly tried to collect his urine sample he didn't leave. I believe all the pain and run-around is why my lover didn't cooperate any further; and after all the prostate investigations and botched biopsy they did they were late to discover his essential heart trouble the main cause written-up on his death certificate!
17 hours ago
Someone from Clearlake, CA writes:
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My meds are cut so far down I'm having to use my chair. Can't sleep. This is traumatizing. Nie Dr is shutting down altogether. I've no life functionally or otherwise at , to me so little\no-meds.
17 hours ago
Someone from Clearlake, CA writes:
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My meds are cut so far down I'm having to use my chair. Can't sleep. This is traumatizing. Nie Dr is shutting down altogether. I've no life functionally or otherwise at , to me so little\no-meds.
23 hours ago
Ray P. from Pacific, MO writes:
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I am also a chronic pain sufferer. Two lower back surgeries with horrible pain, now combined with horrible neuropathy in my feet and now my knees. I am also in the position where I am forced to concentrate on where my relief is coming from this month and whom is going to interfere with and delay the process of acquiring the pain medication needed to allow me to be mobile and productive rather than live a life where I cannot daily do the simplest things that others that are not chronic pain sufferers take for granted. Things as simple as walking my dog, grocery shopping, live a social life or even get a nights sleep. Being anchored in one room without human contact because of my pain is psychologically just as damaging. I can see no other way out of my chronic physical pain and deep chronic psychological pain and loneliness is just to give up and commit suicide. I do like the idea of my death meaning something, taking the suggestion of another person that posted a good message and that is to write a notarized letter describing what I am dealing with. Whom by name, position and process they used to stand in the way of my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by delaying and denying the medication needed to ease my physical pain so that I may try to accomplish the pursuit of my supposedly constitutionally protected rights. Make multiple notarized copies directed to the news media outlets,(Television, newspapers, internet, etc.), my supposed governmental represenatives, the physician, the pharmacy owners and directors, The D.E.A. and all other entities that stood in my way, making my life a living hell. Send the letters via a process server or at the very least send them certified mail, U.P.S. or in some manner that it would be publically verified that enity recieved the letter and chose whether or not to act on it. I am sure they would just label me another addict and/or junkie and/or direct the blame toward each other. At least it would be public knowledge that those entities actively stood in my way of obtaining pain relief that lead directly to my death. Oblivion would be better than the hell I live daily compounded by these people preventing my ability to recieve pain relieving medication.
just now
Someone from Northvale, NJ writes:
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MY BOYFRIEND IS AN ELECTRICIAN AND HAS LOWER BACK PROBLEMS (MRI'S SHOWED HERNIATED/BULGING DISCS, Underdeveloped disc, arthritis, has "lump on ball of foot which Dr. said is pulled tendons and are now starting to affect calf and goes all the way to hip (there is surgery but insursance will not cover!!) He wears a back support belt but the hours he works and the up & down ladder, forcing himself into position "contorted basically", (It's a family business and he works under his 64yr old father so cannot take off or go on temp disability - the entire company relies on him) but because of all of the new laws and fear Doctors have...HE CANNOT GET ANY RELIEF!!! (he's tried physical therapy, trigger points, even an epidermal - nothing has helped but yet - still cannot get help just to get through day until he has time to really research Doctors & also check if they are in his plan!!! He's 36 and I am afraid he's going to cause so much damage - he will be permanelty disabled. (I'm Disabled with a neurological condition caused by a brain injury (similiar to Parkinsons but isolated to head, neck, shoulder & arm). I have more options on medicare than he does with a company insurance policy! This is a last resort...I just cant bear to see him like this and dont know what else to do.
1 day ago
Alvin H. from Littleton, CO writes:
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The FDA, DEA, and other regulatory agencies have been taken over by a bunch of ideologues, prohibitionists who believe that opioids are sinful and that people who take opioids are sinners, who deserve to suffer. Many of these regulatory zealots pretend to care about people, but this is just a pretense. They really care only about power. They want to dictate what people can and cannot do, and they couldn't care less about causing pain. In fact, I believe that many of them actually enjoy the idea of causing others to suffer. This ongoing tragedy will end only when the ideologues are identified and driven out of their positions of power. Unfortunately this will take time, during which countless lives will be destroyed, families will be decimated, people will die.
2 days ago
Someone from Yakima, WA writes:
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I was run over by a 1956 Ford convertible when I was pregnant with my now 40+ yr. old daughter. Since that time through the years I have suffered with pain over different parts of my body from my head to my feet. Pain which would flare up a times and last for months and then subside. Each time I would be given pain medicaion and the pain subsided over time and the medication would be discontinued. I did not ever take more than prescribed or abuse meds in any way. Through the years I tried physical therapy, bio feed back antiinflamatory's and exercise to help alleviate pain. Nothing helped as well as medication which gave me the abiliy to carry out my work and daily activities even sleep. I had been told by my physician at the time of injury I would likely be plagued with pain due to scar tissue and arthritis. I nev÷r considered myself disabled and worked most of my life from the age of fifteen until I had to retire before retirement age. I am now 68 yrs and have arthritis as well as meniscus tares in both knees. However these conditions will not stop me from enjoing my retirement years. Pain medication helps to improve my ability to enjoy life. It seems to me the State of Washington has put itself and it's laws between me and my doctor, the State and lobyists for other industries such as physical therapists and the psyce community want their piece of the medical treatment pie. I have already been through a number of these forms of treatment and all they have done for me is to put me through uncomfortable, time consuming inconvenient costly endeavors that leave me still suffering pain and in less control of my own life. I am an individual and these prof=ama want to put me in categories I may not belong. Now some clinics are treating their patients as though their street addicts not being routinely monitored by their doctor for any issues related to the medication. Without having comitted any crime or missuse of meds some are being told they have to be willing to drop whatever they are doing or leave a vacation to submit to a wihin 24 hours pull count and urine test. I have never heard of a person who under a doctors care with routine health checks dropping dead from the meds I am on. It is primarily juveniles who've acquired these drugs through theft, or by illegal drugs making their way into this country. As with all things there will be abuses but it is totally unfair to punish law abiding citizens for the wrongs some do.To make some people suffer without the meds that make our lives better is simply uncaring and indifference to the suffering of many people who've been helped by pain relieving medications.I certainly don't want to die that is why I keep every appointment with my doctor and trust his testing and judgement . THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IS NOT MY DOCTOR!!! They have no right to dictate how my doctor treats me. I feel these rules have a lot more to do with money than my health. I am 68 years old let me live my life in comfort.