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First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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There are many Doctors who label their patients unfairly, demean these patients and degrade them because they are victims of chronic life long pain.
This is archaic medicine and does more harm than one can imagine. Physicans are afraid to treat patients who are victims of pain. The DEA targets them and instills fear in how they choose to treat their patients and what they prescribe. More and more, Doctors are refusing to treat their patients who have chronic pain. Patients are far too often considered "Malingering" or "Doctor Shopping".

Doctors far too often refuse to even communicate with these sufferers and label them as a LTDU ( Long Term Drug User) This is unfair, harmful medicine, and and causes llife long damage, both physically and mentally. It has effects on family, friends, co-workers and often causes the sufferer to withdraw from society. Through no fault of the patient, they withdraw from daily activities with their spouses, family and friends.

Much like the Abortion issue, you force these victims of pain into back door alleyways, store front pain clinics and worse. They receive no counseling on how to take their medication and often don't know what they are taking. Like in the past, by treating victims of pain this way, you force them into seeking help and relief outside of the Law. It is one issue to target illegal clinics but another issue entirely to target Physicians who should be allowed and should be treating their patients who have pain. Instead, Physicians are forced, out of fear of prescribing pain medication, to send their patients off to some "Unknown" pain clinic where they suffer yet more humiliating labels and discrimination. Pharmacists often feel the need to "interfere" and embarass the patient when they pick up their medications. They are treated like second or third class human beings.

Why is it that Doctors are no longer treating the 'Whole Patient?" Not addressing the underlying causes of chronic pain? There are many instances when there is NO clear cause for pain but that is not to say it doesn't exist. Pain receptors malfunction. Injuries can cause pain years later.
Elderly patients who suffer every remaining day of their lives are told by their Doctors' that "They are concerned about a possible addiction". What happened to the quality of their life? Their right to live their life to live without debilitating pain? Their only option may be to consider suicide?
The damage caused is a horror. Elderly commit suicide rather than live with this pain.
Physicians are taught (since the very beginning of medical school) that any patient requesting pain medication is to be Scrutinized" and to be "Wary" of them especially if they tell you they can't take anti-inflammatory drugs, that is a sure "SIGN" of addiction.
I was told this by my own Doctor. "What to watch out for when a patient requests help with their pain." They actually have a class for new Doctors on how NOT to treat patients.

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9 hours ago
Someone from Beverly Hills, CA writes:
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The DEA should be concerned with illegal drugs from the black market and narcotics that are illegally obtained! Whats the point of going to the doctor to get pain relief from very real pain patients suffer if they're going to be treated like junkies? I'm 23 and have 4 herniated discs in the lumbar. I got them by being over worked working at DTW airport for 4 years as a ground handler, basically being the last line of defense between airplanes and terrorist. I was told by two doctors they didn't want to help me long term, basically, because I would get addicted to pain meds (opiates) and become a junkie. Well if the stupid NSAIDs and OTC meds worked, I wouldn't have a problem. There went my dream of joining the Navy as well. I was given false hope by the pain mngt doc and physical therapist that the discs could heal. The head of neurology of Oakwood said "You're SOL", basically. Because the DEA has such a damn strong grip over doctors and prescriptions, I can't get the pain relief I need to work and be confident socially that I wont be in pain. If those guys knew what it was to suffer in pain every waking moment of their life, they wouldn't blink twice about taking narcotics from the evidence stash, which undoubtedly they do. It's no secret. Or else there would be changes. All of the higher ups get whatever they want, meanwhile the backbone of America, the real reason this nation functions, has to bear it and grin because there is no other choice other than suicide. Here's to my 4 herniated discs, spinal stenosis, spinal column fissure, and whatever else wants to keep me down!
15 hours ago
Someone from Aurora, CO writes:
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I am a permanently disabled with a host of back I juries and diseases. From multiple herniated discs, degenenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, and on and on. Not only do I suffer chronic pain, my pain is uncontrolled, I should be on extended release orphine, muscle relaxants. genuine tears of ago y do or move doctors to prescribe me opiates and muscle relaxants. I have NO history of opiate addiction or abuse. NOONE should suffer this much pain. My quality of life is GREATLY diminished, as well as my social life.
just now
Someone from Grantham, NH writes:
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Unfortunately I am both a pain patient and a Physician Assistant. I say that unfortunately I am both a patient and a provider because I am not proud how my colleagues treat those in pain....I no longer have my pain adequately treated despite having 10+ years of adequate control before the CDC recommendations were released. Those recommendations were released for "Primary Care Providers", but even pain management providers are using them now. I live in northern NH where doctors do not believe in treating pain adequately. I was actually told to suffer, use marijuana, and that I was going to be "miserable" the rest of my life by an "expert" doctor in the area because I suffer from arachnoiditis likely from too many procedures to avoid taking pain medication in the first place. I have nightmares about my pain not being treated and I live from month to month wondering if my pain will be controlled next month. I struggle daily, go to therapy to help with the emotional roller coaster only to be judged by the whole world about how bad my pain is or isn't. I do believe that many will start committing suicide. The options for patients are too few, if available at all anymore. Prior to today I was actively engaged full time in working for 10+ years and enjoying it while being a productive member of society. Now, I fear that I will be forced to stay home and collect disability. Is that what the government wants? Is that what our community wants? Thank you DEA for screwing up my life and my career by not allowing appropriate pain control.
1 day ago
Sam S. from Canton, GA writes:
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Unfortunately, the addicts and doctor shoppers, Big Pharma's agenda ( For example, Purdue Pharmaceutical and it's billion dollars plus in annual revenue generated from the sale of OxyContin alone) and the fear of doctors instilled by the watchdog DEA (misguided by the recent statement from the CDC advising that chronic pain sufferers should not be prescribed opiod meds on a continual basis) is creating a power vacuum for opportunistic doctors looking to make money in a more legitimate way via a specific surgical procedure. The spinal cord stimulator is big money. A doctor can no longer pull in revenue from repeat business on a very addictive, consumable product, so the next best money maker is going to be surgical installation of a device that will be costly and may or may not work. Sounds like a solid plan to me..... And,It is NOT a good time to be physically dependent or addicted to narcotic pain meds. Fortunately, I am neither, but that is by the grace of God and not by the hand of the law and unscrupulous doctors. First do no harm? Really? It's a crock. Wake up America and plant an herb garden or start a secret grow room but don't depend on ANY doctor trained in western medicine to have your best interests at heart. There is no "whole patient" anymore when the sum of it's parts is exponentially more profitable.
just now
Someone from munirh, MI writes:
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For the last 10 years I have been a horrible pain. The pain is in my face and in my right foot. I feel like most days it's an effort to even think about getting up and going and doing anything. I set at home 24 hours a day hardly do anything. It is life dependent on what I will do for the day based on the intensity of the pain. I'm tired of living a life in pain and if it wasn't for my pain doctor I'd be dead. One person in my life that has kept me from committing suicide and it is my pain doctor. He has worked his butt off to make sure I'm not in so much pain mostly using blocks and some medication. But now the DEA office is after him. the man is honorable by the books dedicated physician. You have to go through hoops and Bounds to get medicine from him he doesn't give it to everybody. the town where he practices pain medication management has basically ran out two other pain doctors for the same trumped-up charges. SO my question to you is, if they are not going to let doctors practice medicine anymore without persecuting them for providing pain control. Then please assisted suicide legal we shouldn't have to live in this kind of pain is not as life is not worth living for any person or creature.
2 days ago
Darlene M. from West Mifflin, PA writes:
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I dont believe that the dea should vhave control over Drs or patienter that certain pain pills. if the patients ARE caught seliing scripts then DRs Should be in formED of THESE activities. Not decide to persecute the patients with conic pain. I have OSTEOARTHRITIS,degenerative joint disease, nerve damage, SPINALstenousis. i Work a job FOR seven day taht includes lifting, stocking and repetitious movements.
2 days ago
David P. from Portland, OR writes:
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It's really sad to have to live in pain everyday of my life.
2 days ago
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2 days ago
Jennifer T. from Encino, CA writes:
Quotation mark icon I hope this is okay that I put this here. If you read the petition it's a lot more for all of us than it is for me at all! Just kept hearing things that concerned me and it's time I stood up and did something about it. After this I'm going to start a blog and see where all of this takes me. Maybe together we can stop this! Thank yo
2 days ago
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