President Obama, Enact Harsher Animal Cruelty Laws in the United States

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Dear President Obama,
I am writing to ask you and your administration to enforce harsher penalties for people who commit animal cruelty against animals. This issue is not only a serious problem here in the U.S. but all around the world. Currently there is only 47 of the 50 states that make it a felony to commit these crimes, whereas it should be made a felony in all "50 states".
Most states require by law to charge an animal owner a "animal licensing fee" every year just because they are a pet owner. Mr. President where is this money going to? The money should be used to build more jails to house these horrid abusers, and take them off the streets and out of society. And also the money should be used in assisting animal shelters in finding good homes for these animals, so that they don't end up being gassed to death. Can you give an explanation into why there are so many loopholes in the "Licensing & Registration under the Animal Welfare Act that was passed by Congress in 1966"? This law "is supposed to set stiff penalties for sponsors and promoters of outlawed animal fighting ventures". Animal fighting is still going on in America President Obama! The law of this act passed by congress "has not" been enforced and prevented this activity like it is supposed to, according to the law signed into legislation.
Animals are living beings with feelings just like us humans and are vulnerable to inhumane treatment from humans and are victimized so much more, because of a lack of "severe animal cruelty laws" that the government treats as just a "petty crime" just because they are animals! Ask yourself Mr. President, would you appreciate having your family dog that you acquired for your daughters to be beaten and severely injured to the point of them dying? Please consider making all animal abuse cases in the U.S. a felony crime.
Dogs are man's best friend and do so much for us all in helping us in crisis, and providing unconditional love, and also are used by the police in helping solve crimes in criminal cases. Animals also help find missing and deceased people, help detect illegal drugs, bombs, and even diseases, and also have very intellectual keen abilities in helping people out from danger! These animals should have equal treatment just like us human beings with their wonderful attributions to mankind with what they do for us!!
So why not put these animals as a "priority in keeping them safe from harm" and enacting severe penalties for people who abuse them? Animals have the right to live too. Just because they cant tell us how they feel doesnt mean we should mistreat them. Animals also help blind people such as seeing eye dogs, and also assist disabled people such as myself as a "service animal" for a person's disability! How could you hurt an animal that is helping people in need? In the U.S. about 6-8 million dogs & cats are abused, and that number is only an estimate, as some cases go unreported due to the abuser getting away with it, and the animal is severely hurt and or dies. People who abuse animals move on to abusing small vulnerable children and then step up their hideous actions in raping and murdering people.
The federal government needs to immediately enact a mandatory animal abuse registry for animal abusers, just like what is required by law for sex offenders. This must be done in all 50 states to track convicted animal abusers and to alert other people of their whereabouts. I WOULD NOT want to be living next door to someone who has committed an heinous act of violence towards an animal, because these people are very dangerous people and are a threat to the rest of society, with their repulsive violent actions! Also, what needs to be done, is when a person is found guilty of animal abuse, the law should "ban the person from ever owning or being around animals ever again"!!
If these actions were put into place, it would definitely curtail the amount of crimes such as domestic violence, rape and murder that is happening on every street in America! We should be able to feel safe walking the streets in America, but with the lax laws currently in place for animal abusers, it is making our streets a dangerous and opportunistic place for these horrid crimes to persist. And these crimes will persist and worsen if the government "continues to slap the abuser on the hand" for their punishment!! The government is basically saying that it is acceptable behavior to abuse animals, so go out and do it again!! The punishment given should include a substantial fine and very lengthy jail time for their heinous actions, and NOT a few hours in jail, and a small fine!! We have a long way to go for our country to become "ONE GREAT NATION" if our government continues to ignore this serious problem that is growing at an alarming rate!! It's time for our country to become One Great Nation by showing the World that WE CARE about are Animals and all of Mankind in the U.S.A.!!!!
Nothing would make me more happier then to see you sign into legislation "The Animal Cruelty Act" into law providing for "severe penalties for animal abusers". It would be such an honor to be present at the White House, and witness you signing this legislation into law. President Obama, please take a stand, and show the whole world that "Animal Cruelty will not be tolerated in the U.S.A."!! Please be the president who creates this "CHANGE" during your term of your presidency.

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Please take a stand and show the world that animal cruelty in the United States of America will not and can not be tolerated!
Social media has bright to light that animal abuse is a HUGE problem. It's happening at a much greater rate than I ever imagined. Please don't sit idly by and not take action. You have the power to make a real change for the better in animals lives. When animals are tortured or abused, so are the people like me who love them and it hurts emotionally to the core. We all suffer when animals suffer. Please do the right thing and inact much, much harsher laws against animal abusers. Thank you!!!
Please give a voice and justice to the poor fur friends who are subject to cruelty. How can this violence be tolerated???
Animal Cruelty should be a Violent Crime.
I love animals, sometimes more that people. Animals are animals, but humans can be so cruel sometime!...I believe it will take us making animal abuse a felony, and also to come up with a National registry so people cannot have animals ever again if they have abused animals! Lets stand up and make our World a better place for us and our wildlife/animals to live on!
It's about time, society makes it clear that this behavior will not be tolerated anymore. It's time to make real progress and severely punish anyone torturing animals in any way.
I truly believe that those participating in animal abuse, specifically the organization of dog fighting, continue to diminish the humane actions everywhere. The disregard for life on any kind should be harshly punished. If those who were tied to breeding, training, and fighting dogs simply had harsher punishment I think it would greatly effect the sport.