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Dear Members of Congress:

While you debate, people all over the country are fighting to keep their lights on, to keep their children fed and clothed, and to keep their dignity.

We ask you to take 10 minutes of your day to experience for yourself the challenges that over 14 million Americans are facing.

Play SPENT at and see if you could survive living on the edge of poverty.

It may be just a game, but for millions of your constituents, it is all too real.

Thank you.

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So many people people in my neighborhood face challenges like this daily. While not everyone may be on the brink of homelessness, everyone is scrimping by just to make ends meet. The minimum wage is not enough to live on, the hours I have to work to keep my small apartment fall massively in the way of my schooling. I'm hoping to relinquish poverty's grip on me through obtaining a degree but most people do not have options to make that happen. If hard work is supposed to help you achieve the American dream, how come so many people here have worked so hard for so many years and are still in the ghetto. Please remember those of us who only have our voices and our will, in a democracy that seems like only money talks.
I think that the government should live the way they have made us live, lets see them go to thrift stores and count their pennies; and not be able to buy things that they need. Living week to week, paying the bills they have to and making payments on healthcare items or going without what they need for their healthcare because they can't afford them. Living each day sick and in pain