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There is no more heinous crime, short of murder, than child sex offenses. Actually, molestation/rape of a minor child is nothing short of "murder of the soul of a child", a crime against nature that robs young, innocent children of any "normalcy" that they may have had in their lives, robbery of their God-given right for a fair chance at a good life. It robs them of something deep inside of their character, of who they are, that cannot ever be replaced. South Carolina has, in an unprecedented case, granted sole custody of an innocent minor child to a REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDER. The public here is outraged at this bizarre ruling, and we view it as nothing short of blatant child endangerment. The registered child sex offender in question also lives across the street from a middle school and a major park. Why does the SEX OFFENDERS REGISTRY exist if it is not to be enforced? The mother of this unprecedented case took this case all the way to Supreme Court only to be told that the Supreme Court refused to hear the case without reason why. Our concern is not only for the helpless child that was placed in the care of such a "thief of innocence", but that this unprecedented case opens the door to other cases of minor, innocent, helpless children being placed in harm's way! We respectfully ask for a law against REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDERS being granted custody of minor children! The "best interest of the children", as the Family Court System claims, should override any "rights" that an individual who has shown him/herself such a threat to children may claim. We speak out for the children who have no voice! It is the duty of each parent and state to protect our children!
Sherry Ramsey Branch
1827 Matthews Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29732

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Unless you know facts about a sex offender stop being prejudice. Just because you think you know because the paper said it, then you know everything, right. Wrong. I personally know someone on the registry even though the alleged victim told the courts who did it, and that it wasn't him. He has been trying for 2 years to have the charges reversed. But no luck. He can't see his kids, and he hasn't even done anything wrong. So i don't know what makes you so think you are better than anyone by judging people, but you have no right to judge. People like you are the reason there are sex offenders. You know mad ex. Who is a control freak
Registered Sex offenders, especially child sex offenders, should not be allowed around any children even their own.. Who is to say they won't violate their own child if they violated someone else's ? I feel that sex offenders should not be given the privilege of parental rights and that the children should be protected at all costs. Rewarding a sex offender with parental rights only puts a child and his or her other siblings in harms way. It also has the potential to create problems for the non-offender parent with Child Protective Services when "concerned citizens" make reports without knowing facts.. No parent should have to live looking over their shoulder because an offender parent was rewarded a privilege they should have automatically lost the second they were required to register. Our kids need better protection.. Like it's been said before if they aren't allowed near schools or playgrounds why should they be allowed with their own kids? Why is this country failing to protect children of RSO parents? It's nothing but child endangerment and the courts are the ones committing it!
I have a ex who is a violent sex offender and made me give him partial custody because he would threaten me please help me
My step daughter was molested by her mother and the court is actually allowing her supervised visits with her two sisters and her. Now the mother is going back to court again to see if she can have alone time with them
Thank you all for your responses to my petition. I think we only had one responder who favored sex offenders having custody of children and that responder was, himself, a sex offender. We must continue to protect our children from such thieves of innocence! We must speak for the little ones who have no voice in this society. Thank you all for your support!
Any person whom is a convicted sex offender should not have any rights to have custody or partial custody of their child. For one they are sick and twisted in the head and have major issues and secondly they are not safe. I don't care how long you have been out, if you committed sex with a child once you will do it again. Look at the statistics of sex offenders they multiple time offenders. They shouldn't have any rights. They are not allowed around schools and etc so why give them a child when they can't even take their child to school. It is not safe nor is it healthy for a child to be placed with a parent who is a sex offender. Any person who would grant sole custody to a sex offender should be ashamed of them selves as they have just ruined that child for life and they have given that person another opportunity to commit the sex crime over and over. This is wrong on so many levels and needs to be stopped and made right. Lets all stop thinking about the parent and start thinking about the child and their well being and what is best for them.
My daughter's father is a RSO for molesting a 13 year old neighbor over the course of 2 years. Court will not even grant me supervised visits with my 5 year old daughter... meanwhile he is trolling craigslist looking for more sex. Sick. These people shouldn't have the opportunity to be around more children and courts are only concerned with making nice with bio dads and not children's rights! They will only do something WHEN he does something to her.
It is the same as domestic violence... if they did it once they will do it again. My children have a sex offender father who not only was convicted of molesting the baby sitter he also beat their mother (me) and continues to threaten me without fail... they should have thought about all the custody issues when they were molesting...
I am sure this post will not be liked...but this is the United States of America, and we all have the right to free speech. Let me say that I understand the concerns people have on this topic. However, all cases are not the same. I am a sex offender in the state of Ohio and am fighting for my child. I have been out for 7 1/2 yes without incident and her mother knew all along and even left her two young sons in my care while she worked, left our daughter with me 70% of the time before I had any legal rights to her, and her mother has moved several times (at one point 400 miles away) without bothering to let me know where she was taking her or who she was leaving my child with while she worked. I have also had Children's Protective Services and the lawyer appointed to lookout for my daughter's best interests to my home and both felt my daughter is safe here. As I said earlier...all cases are not the same and this blind hatred of sex offenders is truly sad. I have been to prison and know that there are cases where the offender should not have their child, however each case is different and should be looked at on a case by case basis rather than blindly lumped together due to the publics fear and lack of knowledge. All I ask is that people do the research and find out the truth about sex offenders and the number of those released who have reoffended and the number of those who have not reoffended. Let's quit blindly living in fear and take the time to educate ourselves about the situation there are plenty of studies out there, just take the time to investigate the truth and maybe...just maybe the world can stop living with fear and hatred toward individuals like myself. Don't get me wrong I broke the law and deserved to go to prison, but I learned my lesson and have spent the last 7 plus years working hard to put my life back together, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. So, no I do not in any way support a law that would deny any parent (male or female) over something they did in the past, especially if the offense occurred more than 7 years prior to a custody situation...just for the record, mine occurred over 14 years ago.
My rso ex husband just got granted custody of my two sons... this country needs help!!!!
My daughter is undergoing this same problem in Alaska.