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There is no more heinous crime, short of murder, than child sex offenses. Actually, molestation/rape of a minor child is nothing short of "murder of the soul of a child", a crime against nature that robs young, innocent children of any "normalcy" that they may have had in their lives, robbery of their God-given right for a fair chance at a good life. It robs them of something deep inside of their character, of who they are, that cannot ever be replaced. South Carolina has, in an unprecedented case, granted sole custody of an innocent minor child to a REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDER. The public here is outraged at this bizarre ruling, and we view it as nothing short of blatant child endangerment. The registered child sex offender in question also lives across the street from a middle school and a major park. Why does the SEX OFFENDERS REGISTRY exist if it is not to be enforced? The mother of this unprecedented case took this case all the way to Supreme Court only to be told that the Supreme Court refused to hear the case without reason why. Our concern is not only for the helpless child that was placed in the care of such a "thief of innocence", but that this unprecedented case opens the door to other cases of minor, innocent, helpless children being placed in harm's way! We respectfully ask for a law against REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDERS being granted custody of minor children! The "best interest of the children", as the Family Court System claims, should override any "rights" that an individual who has shown him/herself such a threat to children may claim. We speak out for the children who have no voice! It is the duty of each parent and state to protect our children!
Sherry Ramsey Branch
1827 Matthews Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29732

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Children need our protection. They are vulnerable and need to be protected from these monsters.
We need to protect our children! All the children deserve our protection and pure love! Every child deserves every opportunity to thrive. It takes a village. Let's show these children what love is!
No sex offender should have any rights to any child, period! Not even their own! Enforce the Sex Offender Registry and protect these kids!!!
For what my ex did I hope he doesn't get custody. I'm not on to expose my toddler to sex, no thanks!
I have a very good friend that had a child in high school at the age of 17, she got pregnant at 16. The father of her child is a registered sex offender. The child is now 4 years old and the father wants to go to a mediator to try and have something legally done to have custody. When the child was only 2 days old, the father became physically violent and controlling with my friend (the mother). She obviously isn't with him anymore, but her daughter sees him 3 days out of the week. The parents both arranged the visitation, but now my friend is scared that he wants legal custody. I feel that my friend shouldn't have to be scared to have her daughter with him. She should be able to have sole custody with supervised visitation for the father. She has been a wonderful mother and has provided solely for this child since birth.
As a child I was molested and raped. I wish someone was there for me. I dont things a child molesters should NOT have any custody of any child.
My nephew has been convicted as a child sex offender against two different little girls in two separate states. He and his wife are expecting their second child, a girl. My mother and I are very concerned for the children's safety.