Stop the Killing in Syria

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To: Congress and President Obama

Please do not stand by and let Bashar Al-Assad Kill the people of Syria for merely trying to voice their request for Democracy, as many countries have done successfully.

By signing this petition you are urging the Congress and President Obama to intervene, and to do the best they can to stop Bashar Al-Assad from killing civilians in Syria. Medical Aid is requested, as is media coverage in Syria. Al-Assad will massacre the masses if we remain silent.

Please act quickly, time is of the Essence.

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This article is to make people believe that Assad is killing his own people when it's actually Israel Zionist killing the Syrians. They want their land to make their greater Israel. And they want the oil.
Where was this petition in the last 5 years?
Wake up people. You're being played again.
Please please!!! STOP KILLING THE PEOPLE IN SYRIA!!!!!!!!!
For the Syrian children
The world is big enough for all of us.
Please let the Syrian Children live.
The world is playing a paltry role in any attempt to restabilize Syria. What will historians make of this humanitarian catastrophe decades from now? Ignoring genocide...makes non-intervening countries complicit in ongoing war crimes in Syria.