Stop the Killing in Syria

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To: Congress and President Obama

Please do not stand by and let Bashar Al-Assad Kill the people of Syria for merely trying to voice their request for Democracy, as many countries have done successfully.

By signing this petition you are urging the Congress and President Obama to intervene, and to do the best they can to stop Bashar Al-Assad from killing civilians in Syria. Medical Aid is requested, as is media coverage in Syria. Al-Assad will massacre the masses if we remain silent.

Please act quickly, time is of the Essence.

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Are we going to make the same mistakes that we made in the 30s and 40s, when we denied helping Jewish refugees escape Nazi-occupied Europe? That's sad, we didn't learn from our previous errors. Because today, no other nation is being more welcome or helpful to Syrian refugees than GERMANY. Shame on us here in America for forgetting and ignoring the people of Syria, children and women, over the past 5 years. We must do better. Either that, or let's stop the B.S. lie that this is the land of opportunity.
It is unconsciencable that the entire world stands back and allows the bombing and killing to continue in Syria. The US must take the lead to stop this. My emotions swing from intense grief over the atrocities being committed to great anger at our leaders for standing by and allowing it to happen. PLEASE TAKE DECISIVE ACTION NOW! We can't keep waiting for the UN; we must do the right thing NOW to protect these innocent people. It is incomprehensible that our president and congress stand by and allow this slaughter to continue - yet they do. Our decision to do nothing is such a disgrace to us as human beings.
Please help the innocent people that can't help themselves. Too many lives have been lost already.