Stop the Killing in Syria

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To: Congress and President Obama

Please do not stand by and let Bashar Al-Assad Kill the people of Syria for merely trying to voice their request for Democracy, as many countries have done successfully.

By signing this petition you are urging the Congress and President Obama to intervene, and to do the best they can to stop Bashar Al-Assad from killing civilians in Syria. Medical Aid is requested, as is media coverage in Syria. Al-Assad will massacre the masses if we remain silent.

Please act quickly, time is of the Essence.

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After seeing 60 minutes footage from 2013 of Basha Al-assad's attack on the Syrian people this evil monster needs to be brought to justice and punished for his crimes against humanity!
Please do something to help them!
We must intervene to stop these massacres and genocide on the civilian populations and provide gas masks to the Syrians whom many children suffer from chemical weapons. Provide protective gear and treatable drugs for the affected after an attack instantly. They are in detrimental need of medical supplies, food, and shelters.
I am ashamed of the country I love for our inability to stop the senseless slaughter of innocents in Syria. Shame on us.
Watching the news tonight I saw small children not responding to efforts to ressisutat them in a chemical attack in Syria. WHY??? I have a small child my heart aches that life is no longer in there small bodies. How many more have to die before those monsters are stopped???
Stop killing , saving the lives of these children, they have the right life as we !