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Stop the Killing in Syria

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To: Congress and President Obama

Please do not stand by and let Bashar Al-Assad Kill the people of Syria for merely trying to voice their request for Democracy, as many countries have done successfully.

By signing this petition you are urging the Congress and President Obama to intervene, and to do the best they can to stop Bashar Al-Assad from killing civilians in Syria. Medical Aid is requested, as is media coverage in Syria. Al-Assad will massacre the masses if we remain silent.

Please act quickly, time is of the Essence.

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1 day ago
Paula S. from Oakland, CA writes:
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To be complicit with open genocide is to be on the wrong side of history. What message do we send to the world if we stand back and let it happen?
2 days ago
Natalie K. from Harker Heights, TX writes:
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Please take action to stop the massacre taking place in Aleppo and throughout Syria. I am calling on the leaders in our country and throughout the world to take a stand against the violence and bloodshed and decide what is right. The right thing to do is the end the slaughter of innocents or we shall forever be responsible for sitting by as they die at the hands of Assad and Russia. It is long past due to take concrete action and not be onlookers in this horrific loss of humanity.
5 days ago
Dunia P. signed.
November 22, 2016
Eric J. from Syracuse, NY writes:
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Please help and do what you can to stop the killing of children in wars they do not deserve to pay the price of foolishness I wish I could get five minutes alone with anyone who hurts or kills a child sorry but if your a parent then you can relate to the innocent children and families that are being slaughtered and torn apart please I hope that you can understand what needs to be done and why children can't pick their environments or families and it's hard enough being a child these days but could you imagine being a child and having to think and keep in mind that you could die that day and that your family members are dead and you don't know what's going to happen instead of worring about playing with your sibblings and going to school and love going to school and learning and wanting to hopefully be someone who could make a difference in the world some day instead of worring to see if your going to live long enough to have a future I dare all of you to walk half a mile in their shoes ... What's the matter those children have more guts and courage than you don't they face it you couldn't survive in their world could you ! They have no choice and need a voice to speak for them do you have the guts and courage to at least do that for them look I know that sure we have problems in this country and of our own but we don't have to worry about living to see the next day that is a nightmare for these children. So please tell me and let me know how we can make this a team effort to help these children and get them out of a very real living hell.
November 21, 2016
Rida Q. from Saint Louis, MO signed.
November 21, 2016
Raphaƫl P. signed.
November 20, 2016
Julisa C. from Altadena, CA signed.
November 11, 2016
Melanie V. from Glendale, CA signed.
1 month ago
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