Legalization of Marijuana Nationwide

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I am writing to discuss the possibility of legalizing marijuana nationwide.

I believe that marijuana should be legalized. Statistics show that marijuana is four times LESS addictive as tobacco, and about half as addicting as alcohol. A recent study proves that after the first use of marijuana, only 9% of users become addicted, opposed to the 32% of first time tobacco users and 15% of users who drink alcohol for the first time.

Also, if you legalize marijuana, the tax revenue it would create would be huge. Oakland, California conducted a study and came to the conclusion that if they legalized marijuana and allowed only FOUR farmers to grow and distribute it, the city would receive close to 75 MILLION DOLLARS in taxes a year. With the right laws and regulations, marijuana can rival and possibly supersede tobacco and alcohol in revenue for the country each year. It would not only help us get out of debt, but also stimulate the economy, as well as cut back on a lot of unnecessary spending in law enforcement agencies to work on catching marijuana users so they can focus on removing more harmful drugs from our streets.

If marijuana is legalized, though, there should be laws restricting the use and abuse of it. Two important laws should be applied to the operation of a motor vehicle while influenced and the purchase of marijuana. Anyone caught driving under the influence of marijuana should be arrested and charged with a DUI, regardless of age, race, sex, and how much they claim to have smoked. Also, to legally purchase marijuana, I suggest that the person must be 18 years or older, and should be limited to no more than 7 grams a month. If caught either under the age of 18 or with more than the alotted 7 grams a month, that person should be ticketed or arrested, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Along with those two laws, only authorized shops, owned and operated by the government, should be licensed to distribute marijuana, and anyone caught selling marijuana outside those shops should be prosecuted accordingly. The same laws and regulations should be applied to the growing and harvesting of marijuana as well.

Once again, I believe marijuana should be legalized. Not only would it create billions, possibly trillions, of tax revenue a year, it also isn't as harmful as tobacco or alcohol.

Thank you for your time.

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The war on drugs is a failure. It is also big business for the government. This drug I read is harmless compared to alcohol yet Americans' lives are ruined if they are arrested for possession.
I want it legalize. I think people need to open there eyes a little more and they will see it is a good thing for some people. It might not be for everyone, but we are not saying you have to smoke if it is legalized. Let people live there lives as they want. I don't tell people how to run there's and don't like people telling me how to live mine.
let's do some real justice in this country
Prohibition has failed miserably... So lets keep spending millions on enforcement of these ignorant laws that make nature criminalized. Lets keep marijuana illegal and support the cartel's drug trade even with the potential to provide millions of tax income nationwide via legalization and also ruin lives by incarcerating personal caught with just a few grams of marijuana. According to the government-with no actual prove nor studys conducted-Marijuana is a highly addictive drug with no medicinal uses. So lets rely on prescription pills for those patients, tax those, and hope to hell they don't fatally overdose. Though it has been proven prescription pill overdoses has been down since the legalization of medical marijuana in the states that permit it. I fell the governments care of their citizens. Their telling me what I can and can't consume in the privacy of my own house. I'm able to aquire alcohol and tobacco anywhere and risk addiction, cancer, and death of my ownself or inadvertently another person by getting behind the wheel. However if I smoke marijuana just to unwind and relaxe for a couple hours prior to bed without the fear of overdosing or becoming poisoned I'm an absolute criminal. I guess the government has theirr reasoning for keeping natrual safe medication out of the hands of personal who truly could benefit from marijuana. Though the excuses are extremely ignorant and hypocritical in my opinoin. An example marijuana oil is perfectly legal for those patients with epilepsy in iowa however there is no potential way of obtaining it legally through the state. It is possible going out of state in order to obtain it from a state that permits medicinal marijuana if you're willing to face the consequences of possession it in another state while transfering it back to iowa.
Its time to make recreational marijuana legal. And eliminate drug testing for it. What one does in their own home is their business and no one elses. Its just plain silly to punish the ones that use it, while alcohol remains legal, and actual kills people, not to mention the violence, rape, ect. Marijuana is natural, safe. Alcohol/pills are synthetic and do more harm than good, the also come prepacked with 1000 side effects. Marijuana has never induced violence, rape, ect., not from my experiance or anyone i have ever known. It is legal now in colorado and washington. What is good for few is good for all in a nation united. And if you choose not to support it, thats fine. Dont do it, but dont put restrictions on another persons life, especially when they are hurting absolutely no one else. Think for yourself.
Hemp used to be the number one cash crop of the United States back when George Washington was president, it has many uses and is does more than cotton could dream of doing. Cbd also has many medical benefits and etc, look at the states that have leaglized it and seen how much they are getting out of taxing it, it's funding schools and much more this nation needs. I'm on probation as we speak because of a possession charge and it's cause a lot of problems in my life just cause the government can't see it's true potential. I want to see some action taken soon president Obama and on behave of texas rick perry stand up and support.