Legalization of Marijuana Nationwide

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I am writing to discuss the possibility of legalizing marijuana nationwide.

I believe that marijuana should be legalized. Statistics show that marijuana is four times LESS addictive as tobacco, and about half as addicting as alcohol. A recent study proves that after the first use of marijuana, only 9% of users become addicted, opposed to the 32% of first time tobacco users and 15% of users who drink alcohol for the first time.

Also, if you legalize marijuana, the tax revenue it would create would be huge. Oakland, California conducted a study and came to the conclusion that if they legalized marijuana and allowed only FOUR farmers to grow and distribute it, the city would receive close to 75 MILLION DOLLARS in taxes a year. With the right laws and regulations, marijuana can rival and possibly supersede tobacco and alcohol in revenue for the country each year. It would not only help us get out of debt, but also stimulate the economy, as well as cut back on a lot of unnecessary spending in law enforcement agencies to work on catching marijuana users so they can focus on removing more harmful drugs from our streets.

If marijuana is legalized, though, there should be laws restricting the use and abuse of it. Two important laws should be applied to the operation of a motor vehicle while influenced and the purchase of marijuana. Anyone caught driving under the influence of marijuana should be arrested and charged with a DUI, regardless of age, race, sex, and how much they claim to have smoked. Also, to legally purchase marijuana, I suggest that the person must be 18 years or older, and should be limited to no more than 7 grams a month. If caught either under the age of 18 or with more than the alotted 7 grams a month, that person should be ticketed or arrested, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Along with those two laws, only authorized shops, owned and operated by the government, should be licensed to distribute marijuana, and anyone caught selling marijuana outside those shops should be prosecuted accordingly. The same laws and regulations should be applied to the growing and harvesting of marijuana as well.

Once again, I believe marijuana should be legalized. Not only would it create billions, possibly trillions, of tax revenue a year, it also isn't as harmful as tobacco or alcohol.

Thank you for your time.

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It will help with chronic pain and will cure cancer
It will help with chronic pain amd cancer
Legalize weed already it will help get us out of debt too much money going to forieng countries for drug trade
I agree what this letter has to say but I highly disagree with the 2 laws that you informed me in the letter. First of all if you're under the influence of marijuana you shouldn't have to get arrested or get a DUI. Most marijuana users prefer to be ticketed, because the main reasons why people are locked away in prison or jail is because of possession of marijuana. (I know from experience). And my second opinion about your letter is about how much marijuana you can buy a month. If you support and consume/inhale marijuana you know very well 7 grams or less is not enough for once a month. I would recommend at least an ounce should be able to purchase every month, depending how strong the marijuana is. My third opinion is when marijuana is legal in state they should be able to grow and purchase marijuana any where as long they are respecting the law of being 18 and older to able to purchase and consume/inhale marijuana. And also you should include more things how legalizing marijuana could help the economy and health! :)
Driving or charging a person for DUI sounds ridiculous!
Cigarettes kill you with each hit so where's the restrictions on them,how many take there last puff before crashing?
Proscribed medication messes up coordination,yet you think a person is not going to drive to work after taking there prescribed medication for pain or depression?
One more thing,1 gram fits into one rolling paper so you really going to make seven grams last 31 days?
Very True
Legalizing marijuana, nationwide, will cure many of the injustices done by the dysfunctional government entities that rescheduled hydrocodone containing products.

Many chronic pain patients would now save money on recurring (and required by the DEA and FDA)monthly doctor visits and the associated co-pays, time, car wear and tear, gasoline, inflated prescription prices and also retain their dignity.

Chronic pain would be alleviated to the level that HCPs afforded. NO MORE monthly co-pays just to get a 30 day supply of pain medications.

As it stands now, 12-14-2014, my doctor does NOT prescribe the medication, after two years of having me on it, that took the edge off my pain and allowed me to function somewhat normal; hydrocodone. He cut me off cold-turkey! He didn't even order triplicate prescription pads!!!

I wouldn't have to go to the doctor's with shame because I took hydrocodone for my pain under the doctors supervision, I wouldn't have to wait in line at the pharmacy where the staff behind the counter would sometimes whisper to each other every time I said my name and name the prescription I was there to pick up. Embarrassing to say the least.

2015 is the year to LEGALIZE MARIJUANA US-wide.

The DEA's epic failure known as, "the war on drugs" is monumental; laughable at most. Because marijuana is legal in selected US states and the DEA can't touch them. LOL; That's why I can, unequivocally, say it's a failure.

Whether this petition expedites the process or not, it's only a matter of time anyway. So be it if our LAW MAKERS/POLITICIANS ignore our pleas for now. IT"S COMING!!

And I will vote AGAINST anyone running for office that disagrees that marijuana should be legalized immediately.