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Legalization of Marijuana Nationwide

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I am writing to discuss the possibility of legalizing marijuana nationwide.

I believe that marijuana should be legalized. Statistics show that marijuana is four times LESS addictive as tobacco, and about half as addicting as alcohol. A recent study proves that after the first use of marijuana, only 9% of users become addicted, opposed to the 32% of first time tobacco users and 15% of users who drink alcohol for the first time.

Also, if you legalize marijuana, the tax revenue it would create would be huge. Oakland, California conducted a study and came to the conclusion that if they legalized marijuana and allowed only FOUR farmers to grow and distribute it, the city would receive close to 75 MILLION DOLLARS in taxes a year. With the right laws and regulations, marijuana can rival and possibly supersede tobacco and alcohol in revenue for the country each year. It would not only help us get out of debt, but also stimulate the economy, as well as cut back on a lot of unnecessary spending in law enforcement agencies to work on catching marijuana users so they can focus on removing more harmful drugs from our streets.

If marijuana is legalized, though, there should be laws restricting the use and abuse of it. Two important laws should be applied to the operation of a motor vehicle while influenced and the purchase of marijuana. Anyone caught driving under the influence of marijuana should be arrested and charged with a DUI, regardless of age, race, sex, and how much they claim to have smoked. Also, to legally purchase marijuana, I suggest that the person must be 18 years or older, and should be limited to no more than 7 grams a month. If caught either under the age of 18 or with more than the alotted 7 grams a month, that person should be ticketed or arrested, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Along with those two laws, only authorized shops, owned and operated by the government, should be licensed to distribute marijuana, and anyone caught selling marijuana outside those shops should be prosecuted accordingly. The same laws and regulations should be applied to the growing and harvesting of marijuana as well.

Once again, I believe marijuana should be legalized. Not only would it create billions, possibly trillions, of tax revenue a year, it also isn't as harmful as tobacco or alcohol.

Thank you for your time.

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2 hours ago
Cheryl S. from Mableton, GA writes:
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It's time to make marijuana legal again.
3 hours ago
Ann J. from Kennesaw, GA writes:
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Let'support mother nature, and in small doses , seems a better than the Pharms, yes keep it out of harm's way.
just now
Betty D. from Candler, NC writes:
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All that is growing on Earth is a gift from God. The Marijuana plant is a gift of healing. (Cannabis is mentioned in Exodus 30:23 but King James mistranslated it as 'sweet calamus') : Moreover, the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 23 Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even 250 shekels, and of qaneh-bosm [cannabis] 250 shekels, 24 And of cassia 500 shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive an hin: 25 And thou shalt make it an oil of holy anointment, an ointment compound after the art of the apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil. 26 And thous shalt anoint the tabernacle of the congregation therewith, and the ark of the testimony, 27 And the table and all his vessels, and the candlestick ahd his vessels, and the altar of incense, 28 And the altar of burnt offerings with all his vessels, and the laver and his foot. 29 And thou shalt sanctify them, that they may be most holy: whatsoever toucheth them shall be holy. (Exodus 30:22-29) * As one shekel equals approximately 16.37 grams, this means that the THC from over 9 pounds of flowering cannabis tops were extracted into a hind, about 6.5 litres of oil. The entheogenic effects of such a solution -- even when applied topically -would undoubtedly have been intense.
8 hours ago
Someone from Lorton, VA signed.
1 day ago
Someone from Lake Worth, FL writes:
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1 day ago
Someone from Salisbury, MD writes:
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I smoke weed literally every day and still maintain a 3.0 gpa as an undergrad and work 20 hours a week. The fact that this "drug" is illegal is blasphemous. The government has lost the war on drugs and must admit defeat by giving what the people want. Legalized marijuana.
1 day ago
Someone from Indianapolis, IN signed.
2 days ago
Someone from Washington, DC signed.
3 days ago
Paul N. from Ellijay, GA writes:
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Alcohol is a very serious and Dangerous Drug. I have seen it ruin many lives. They should make alcohol completely illegal. To keep from bankrupting the alcohol industry they should become a hemp industry. Budweiser Bud. Sounds good to me :-)
4 days ago
Someone from Garland, TX writes:
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There's no intelligent argument against legalization of marijuana. Not while alcohol is legal there isn't. Not to mention denying me the right to medical treatment. Everyone should be afforded equal medical treatment options.