Don't fund the bloody wild horse roundups!

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As your constituent, I urge you to reject increasing the budget for the Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wild horse and burro program. In addition, I urge you to join the House in cutting the budget by $2 million to "send a very strong message" about the need for reform this costly and cruel federal program.

The BLM has stated that it will use the increased funding to roundup and remove nearly 5,000 additional mustangs and burros from our public lands by the end the year, after already removing nearly 6,000 wild horses since the fiscal year began in October 2010.

We already have over 42,000 wild horses held captive in holding facilities that will cost taxpayers $46 million this year alone.

Although the BLM is talking about making changes to this program, without pressure from Congress, it will continue to do business as usual. That has been the history of this program. While we have a moral obligation to care for the wild horses already in captivity, we cannot allow this agency to deepen its fiscal black hole by bringing more and more mustangs into taxpayer-funded holding facilities.

As Congress considers drastic spending cuts, we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this broken federal program that is wasting tax dollars and harming our federally-protected wild horses and burros.

Thank you for your consideration.

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What a waste of money and so totally abusive to animals. I think this is a corrupt organized ilegal event based on greed. I'm now a total vegetarian.
Stop this assault on our horses. Stop wasting our money, what will it take for the government to admit its wrong.
stop this horrible thing! how would you like it if you where the one being chased and killed or separated form you kids
This is horrifyingly cruel and inhumane! These beautiful horses need to be left to run free, what has America come to!? Why not just do this with people too, do you think that would help anything? NO! Stop the roundups!! There are alternatives.. ones that are LEGAL. This is breaking the law!!!
Please stop the roundups. Wild horses are a native species and should be saved. The real reason this is happening is because of the ranchers and their cattle....think about it!!!
The act of 1971 clearly states "It is the policy of congress that they shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death.." seems to me that the BLM is capturing these horses, harassing them by chasing them with a helicopter, and causing many of them to die during the process of the round up. Don't let them continue to break the law. Stop the round ups. As a concerned citizen I plead of you.
The wild horses are meant to be protected. Read the Free Roaming Wild Horses and Burros Act.
Please stop the inhumane treatment of the wild mustang. These horses belong to the American people and the BLM should be ashamed of its brutal practices. I implore you to stop current practices, and utilize proven sustainable methods to preserve these beautiful animals.
This story breaks my daughters' hearts. There has to be a better solution and more cost effective solution.