Don't fund the bloody wild horse roundups!

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As your constituent, I urge you to reject increasing the budget for the Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wild horse and burro program. In addition, I urge you to join the House in cutting the budget by $2 million to "send a very strong message" about the need for reform this costly and cruel federal program.

The BLM has stated that it will use the increased funding to roundup and remove nearly 5,000 additional mustangs and burros from our public lands by the end the year, after already removing nearly 6,000 wild horses since the fiscal year began in October 2010.

We already have over 42,000 wild horses held captive in holding facilities that will cost taxpayers $46 million this year alone.

Although the BLM is talking about making changes to this program, without pressure from Congress, it will continue to do business as usual. That has been the history of this program. While we have a moral obligation to care for the wild horses already in captivity, we cannot allow this agency to deepen its fiscal black hole by bringing more and more mustangs into taxpayer-funded holding facilities.

As Congress considers drastic spending cuts, we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this broken federal program that is wasting tax dollars and harming our federally-protected wild horses and burros.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Stop the harassment of our wild horses and burros on our public lands, not the cattlemen's public lands.
There is no reason to remove #WildHorses. Listen to the your own BLM figures of ratios cow/calf units to horses and the acres involved. Round ups are not "gently" performed. All the BLM district off a operate on their own. Many worse than others. Contractors paid to round up the horses are doing it for body numbers, dead or alive like bounty hunters. This Country was founded on horse back. Not raised like cattle or sheep for the food. Reexamine your reasons for this cruel action.
I not only ask, I DEMAND that all such torturous round-up's end and end NOW. These practices are cruel and inhumane and we have video evidence of these barbaric and cruel practices where many thousands of horses and burros are abused. These wild horses are our Nations heritage and they deserve to be protected and properly cared for and the BLM has proven beyond a doubt that they cannot do this. The American people will not tolerate this abuse of our precious horses any longer and demand that this barbaric practice of the round-up's and holding the horses in inhumane areas where many thousands have suffered horribly at the mismanagement and blatant cruelty of the BLM. This mindless torture and cruelty must stop and the American people will be informed of the name of every single member of congress who facilitates the continuing of this abuse of our wild horses and burros. This is not hidden in darkness any longer and has gone viral on social media and all those who have been complicit in facilitating these barbaric and inhumane activities will be held accountable.
Enough is enough!
Save our wild mustangs.
I am completely against the roundup of any wild horses or burros on public lands, and do not approve of my tax dollars being used for this purpose. The BLM was given the responsibility and tax dollars to care for and protect wild horses, not warehouse them and sell them to slaughter to placate welfare ranchers and other corporate interests.