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Make Cheerleading a Sport

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Cheerleading is just as strenuous an activity, if not more so, than any other organized sport. It has competitions just like any other sport. Unfortunately it is not getting the proper funding or proper medical support that other sports enjoy at the junior high/high school levels. Furthermore the institution of competitive cheerleading is basically a monopoly run by Varsity Spirit. I urge Congress to act now to include cheerleading under Title IX as a sport to benefit the future generations of children who wish to pursue it.

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5 days ago
Someone from Hobart, IN signed.
November 27, 2016
Someone from Foothill Ranch, CA signed.
November 7, 2016
Carlos C. from Downey, CA writes:
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I don't understand how golf is a sport and not this?
3 months ago
Someone from Warminster, PA writes:
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Competitive cheer is a difficult, intense sport that requires proper training and official regulations. The American Pediatric Association has recommended that this be made an official sport in order to keep our kids safe. My daughter cheers and it amazes me that in most states it is not considered a sport. Hasn't anyone in Congress ever been to a cheer competition? They must have daughters, nieces or granddaughters that compete!
4 months ago
Someone from Superior, WI writes:
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It baffles me that cheer is not recognized as a sport by simple definition. This is such sexist ignorance.
September 11, 2016
Someone from Berwyn, PA signed.
September 2, 2016
Someone from Taylors, SC signed.
August 28, 2016
Someone from Miami, FL writes:
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I'm a competitive cheerleader. I am also picked on and told everyday that my sport isn't real. That it is not anything but pretty girls in short clothes and a bow. I'm tired of it being told what I do isn't real. It is. Everyone needs to know what cheerleading really is. It's time.
August 27, 2016
Someone from Summerville, SC signed.
5 months ago
Someone from Matteson, IL signed.