Kentucky Medical Marijuana/Cannabis Act

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3:52 PM 2/1/2010

BE IT KNOWN that it is the intent of this "petition" to collect signatures to be submitted to the Kentucky Legislative body to enact a "bill" to authorize the use of MEDICAL MARIJUANA in the state of KENTUCKY.

This "BILL" will include but is not limited to the following constraints:

1. The "BILL" will enact a statutory mechanism to regulate and authorize the
medical use of Marijuana by "qualifying patients" who have a valid "registry
identification card" (i.e., a "registered qualifying patient") and permits any
qualifying patient to apply to the Department of Health or other entity as set
forth in the provisions of the "bill", for a registry card to be used under the mechanism,
with the application including a health care practitioner's written certification stating
that the qualifying patient is likely to receive therapeutic or
palliative benefit from the medical use of Marijuana/Cannabis.

2. Defines a "qualifying patient" as a person who has been diagnosed by
a health care practitioner as having a debilitating medical condition.

3. Specifies certain Cannabis-related activities,

4. Permits a "primary caregiver" who is at least 21 years of age
to be registered as above.

5. Sets a time limit for approval or denial of an application.

6. Provides for the revocation of a registry card in specified circumstances.

7. Requires the "patient" or "caregiver" to maintain Cannabis/Marijuana plants
in an enclosed area out of public view.

8. Provides certain protections to a registered, qualifying patients and caregivers
related to their cardholder status, i.e., parental rights, employer's, etc.,

9. Specifies that the mechanism DOES NOT REQUIRE:
a. a government medical assistance program or private health insurer
to bear the cost for this "medication".
b. an employer to accomodate the use of Cannabis/Marijuana in the
workplace, nor any employee working while impaired.

10. Imposes functions and duties upon the Department of Health (or other entity),
that relate to the medical use of Cannabis/Marijuana.

11. Establishes an "advisory council" to accept and consider petitions from the
public or physicians to consider the addition of debilitating illnesses.

12. Prohibits any person or government entity from disclosing any information
contained in an application for a registry identification card.

13. "Visiting patients" who have been documented in another state who come to
Kentucky on a limited basis shall be recognized as having complied with the law of Kentucky.



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You can't understand chronic pain unless you've experienced it. Imagine losing your ability to function in any normal capacity because it hurts too bad to do the simplest of task. You lose your dignity as you are forced to stop working at a career that you love to do. You may, as I did, find yourself being forced to be pushed in a wheelchair because walking is agony. You feel shame and despair. You are no longer "Normal". You lose the ability to do the simple things that give you pleasure such as gardening, exercising or picking up your child or grandchild for a hug. Chronic pain never goes away. It becomes part of you. In the end as it progresses it becomes the essence of you. On a good day I may not mention my pain at all even though in a 1 to 10 scale it is never less than a 6 unmediated. It's just there. If I mention the pain it has reached a 10. My children can barely remember the outdoorsy, playful, athletic mother that raised them and my grandchildren may never get to meet her. My husband has lost his companion and I have lost the ability to be who I am at heart and who I was before the disease took over. I don't think it fair for people who haven't experienced chronic pain or watched someone live with it make decisions on what could possibly help those suffering unless they have empathy instead of preconceived notions and disdain. I hate taking any pain medicine but as much as I hate it, I hate pain more. I want the chance to not have narcotics flowing through my liver and kidney's. I never thought that I, as a conservative Christian, would have this view. I also didn't think that I would be in total agony for most of my life. I believe in strong regulations on this medication as any other narcotic. I'm speaking out because thousands are suffering needlessly when all they want is a chance at life and a chance to choose with their physician what is best for them. Please give the people that are truly suffering a chance at life. When you are in the grip of chronic neuropathic pain you will try anything with promise to make it stop. Please see it from the eyes of those who are suffering.
50% Of comercials today are about try this pill and ask your doctor if u can take it and then months later comercial saying if you taken this pill u may have a class action law suit against manufacturer.Government is in bed with the pill manufacturer and insurance companies and there only veiw is only financial and not your well being or quality of life. If they were I

n our shoes then we should say no u can't have medical marijuana and see how it feels
Let's have freedom for once.!!!
It is impossible to abuse marijuana as it is not physically addictive and has killed not one single person. I need it for stress, depression, fatique, anxiety, pain and for my conditions. Different strains do different things and laughing sfrains with no side effects or a bint of them which are out there would meet my medical and recreational needs.
I have had 4 spinal surgeries in pain all the time pot helps me to relax better appetite ease my pain and honestly I can make a joint last usually three days or more I don't abuse it but it really helps me
I have chronic pain, neuropathy, (due to back injury in '72. I have gone the traditional "modern medicine" route only to be poisoned by synthetic drugs passed off as cannabis. Kentucky along with so many other states are still in the '70s when it comes to treatments. Due to lack of Federal laws to back up state laws doctors hands are tied. However, (Marijuana legalization) HR 1013 & HR 1014 bills will be on the Nov ballot nationwide. It's not just the people of KY seeing the need for this change it's across the board. If KY doesn't get on board we will be forced to go to the streets or moving to a legal state. I will move! Please vote for medicinal cannabis for KY. You say thete's not enough documentation to make the proof. REALLY!!! Let's approach Markey Cancer Center-being one of the forerunners in KY. What about The Susan B Kolmen Breast Cancer Center. Stop already dealing the pharmas & the politics. Rand Paul, you speak out on both sides of your mouth. You & the others voted "NO" on the HR 1013 & HR 1014 but your campaign says you support cannabis in KY. You guys have got to get off y he fence. For Gods sake people are dying of cancers needlessly. Thete was a cure when I held my daddys hand as I watched him take his last breathe after fighting lung cancer. I was there holding my brothers hand when he took his last breathe after yrs of fighting cancer in the so called "modern medicine". Stop the hypocrisy & let our people live. We too, are a part of the Big Blue Nation our record is a lose lose in the current way. We love the Wildcats but wouldn't it be nice as Kentuckians, we could have such an impress record in winning against cancer. Please...if not for us realize cancer is a minority one that anyone can join at any point in time because it does not descriminate. I would like to issue you a challenge. Ask the University of KY, Markey & Susan B center make available to you & the public their ground breaking studies, research, & treatments for cancer. You need more proof ask me & the people of KY signing this petition for proof. Are you afraid of the answers. Federals & state probition laws tye the hands of our doctors. Do whats right for our minority.
I would like try this anything has got to be better then these pills and shots....