Kentucky Medical Marijuana/Cannabis Act

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3:52 PM 2/1/2010

BE IT KNOWN that it is the intent of this "petition" to collect signatures to be submitted to the Kentucky Legislative body to enact a "bill" to authorize the use of MEDICAL MARIJUANA in the state of KENTUCKY.

This "BILL" will include but is not limited to the following constraints:

1. The "BILL" will enact a statutory mechanism to regulate and authorize the
medical use of Marijuana by "qualifying patients" who have a valid "registry
identification card" (i.e., a "registered qualifying patient") and permits any
qualifying patient to apply to the Department of Health or other entity as set
forth in the provisions of the "bill", for a registry card to be used under the mechanism,
with the application including a health care practitioner's written certification stating
that the qualifying patient is likely to receive therapeutic or
palliative benefit from the medical use of Marijuana/Cannabis.

2. Defines a "qualifying patient" as a person who has been diagnosed by
a health care practitioner as having a debilitating medical condition.

3. Specifies certain Cannabis-related activities,

4. Permits a "primary caregiver" who is at least 21 years of age
to be registered as above.

5. Sets a time limit for approval or denial of an application.

6. Provides for the revocation of a registry card in specified circumstances.

7. Requires the "patient" or "caregiver" to maintain Cannabis/Marijuana plants
in an enclosed area out of public view.

8. Provides certain protections to a registered, qualifying patients and caregivers
related to their cardholder status, i.e., parental rights, employer's, etc.,

9. Specifies that the mechanism DOES NOT REQUIRE:
a. a government medical assistance program or private health insurer
to bear the cost for this "medication".
b. an employer to accomodate the use of Cannabis/Marijuana in the
workplace, nor any employee working while impaired.

10. Imposes functions and duties upon the Department of Health (or other entity),
that relate to the medical use of Cannabis/Marijuana.

11. Establishes an "advisory council" to accept and consider petitions from the
public or physicians to consider the addition of debilitating illnesses.

12. Prohibits any person or government entity from disclosing any information
contained in an application for a registry identification card.

13. "Visiting patients" who have been documented in another state who come to
Kentucky on a limited basis shall be recognized as having complied with the law of Kentucky.



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My life has become miserable since the gov. decided to take my right of have pain meds, for my horrible Im in everyday. Im not a junkie, How does the Gov. have the right, to tell my dr. that went to school many yrs that if they have to many patients on pain meds. They could lose the practice.. All the gov. did was to make heroin overdoses, to the max. They can't get pain meds, so they turn to heroin! But outta of my painful life, I have had 2 TKR Right & left knee, back disease, neck & back deformities, I have a major break down from to much pain, if I do more than 10 min of housework, I do nothing but sit now. Prisoner of my recliner. I read that MEDICAL MARIJUANA in the state of KENTUCKY, could help with pain, all my siblings have terrible bone pain, even my son, since he was a teenager has horrible Back & neck pain, He already went through cancer. Why can't we get relief from A mother nature type of pain relief, I would think that why mother nature made this, instead of phar.pills. Give my right to get treatment for my pain! Sub MEDICAL MARIJUANA in the state of KENTUCKY & quit selling tobacco
TY SUE Brooker
The People have spoken.
I only wish we'd allowed the use of medical marijuana when my mother was alive. She suffered for so many decades needlessly from horrible pain.

Hopefully, other will not have to suffer.
All my friends are dead from pharmaceuticals. All my nicest best friends I grew up with are locked up for smoking, gettin caught, failing drug test, because they're being a victim, bring treated far worse for committing a victimless crime. U don't like me smoking in my home? I don't come in your house and slap the aspirin out of your hands and take you to jail; lock you up against your will, forcing you to lose your job from your spouse and children because I don't like aspirin.
There are folks that don't know what it is like so I want to tell you how it goes for most of us: You are healthy then one day you can't walk or lower/raise your arm from pain. You see a surgeon, he operates, scar tissue forms or an abnormality is found and suddenly there is no cure and they say live with it. First you lie crying for a few months, then because you cried so much you begin to hide from the world and cry to yourself, then the tears dry up because you eventually run out and you stay in a foul mood for 20 years not visiting friends/family or even going to stores because you know how you look and react in certain situations. Next even the ones that used to love you don't want to go see that mean old man because he hates the world and hides from everyone. This is antisocial, you know it, but there is nothing you or all the doctors in the world can do about it but prescribe narcotics... I've tried them all and all that changed was I went through killer with-drawls that I don't believe my heart could ever take again... the pain never stopped. Then I smoked some illegal marijuana during an especially bad month I was having... it didn't kill the pain, but it did improve the anti-social behavior and even allowed me to be happy for a few hours... and I didn't have to go through killer with-drawls when I ran out! I did however go right back to my old ways of misery because I couldn't afford to be locked up, mentally or physically, for looking to buy it. This isn't the babblings of a pot-head... I know what I'm talking about and would do anything short of breaking the law to try and enjoy the limited time I have left on earth... and I am not alone.
Medical marijuana helps with a number of different things, such as chronic pain, nerve damage, joint pain etc. it is by no means dangerous. Marijuana can not kill you, but yet narcotics and other types of medicine that can cause kidney failure, liver damage and all sorts of other side effects are being sold to any an pretty much everyone. so why not stop the chance of all that happening and end the war on something that causes no harm to the consumer or any around them? And lets not forget about how much money the government is loosing out on. so lets just stop this pointless war on a plant that does nothing but help, an lets make this place a little bit better ta live in.
24 states are now leagle all have subtantial tax income. Just decriminalizeing weed would bring more money. Just from the jails, not wasting money and time on putting people behind bars for a natural plant. I also have anxiety and will not shove a gov. Approved med in my mouth. Im a happy sailor knowing what im taking.
It safer than alcohol or pharmaceuticals
These seem to be reasonable control of the use of marijuana for medical purposes, only. I do not advocate the free use or sale for other purposes.