Kentucky Medical Marijuana/Cannabis Act

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3:52 PM 2/1/2010

BE IT KNOWN that it is the intent of this "petition" to collect signatures to be submitted to the Kentucky Legislative body to enact a "bill" to authorize the use of MEDICAL MARIJUANA in the state of KENTUCKY.

This "BILL" will include but is not limited to the following constraints:

1. The "BILL" will enact a statutory mechanism to regulate and authorize the
medical use of Marijuana by "qualifying patients" who have a valid "registry
identification card" (i.e., a "registered qualifying patient") and permits any
qualifying patient to apply to the Department of Health or other entity as set
forth in the provisions of the "bill", for a registry card to be used under the mechanism,
with the application including a health care practitioner's written certification stating
that the qualifying patient is likely to receive therapeutic or
palliative benefit from the medical use of Marijuana/Cannabis.

2. Defines a "qualifying patient" as a person who has been diagnosed by
a health care practitioner as having a debilitating medical condition.

3. Specifies certain Cannabis-related activities,

4. Permits a "primary caregiver" who is at least 21 years of age
to be registered as above.

5. Sets a time limit for approval or denial of an application.

6. Provides for the revocation of a registry card in specified circumstances.

7. Requires the "patient" or "caregiver" to maintain Cannabis/Marijuana plants
in an enclosed area out of public view.

8. Provides certain protections to a registered, qualifying patients and caregivers
related to their cardholder status, i.e., parental rights, employer's, etc.,

9. Specifies that the mechanism DOES NOT REQUIRE:
a. a government medical assistance program or private health insurer
to bear the cost for this "medication".
b. an employer to accomodate the use of Cannabis/Marijuana in the
workplace, nor any employee working while impaired.

10. Imposes functions and duties upon the Department of Health (or other entity),
that relate to the medical use of Cannabis/Marijuana.

11. Establishes an "advisory council" to accept and consider petitions from the
public or physicians to consider the addition of debilitating illnesses.

12. Prohibits any person or government entity from disclosing any information
contained in an application for a registry identification card.

13. "Visiting patients" who have been documented in another state who come to
Kentucky on a limited basis shall be recognized as having complied with the law of Kentucky.



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I had a major near death experience bout 6 yrs ago and doctors have said depression , bipolar moods , and anxiety attacks will occur for the rest of my life. The reason all this happens now is due to a major skateboard wreck the doctors said I had 2 hours too live if they didn't stop the bleeding it was internal bleeding to the brain and the whole left side of my face was shattered but I disagree with illegal laws of marijuana so if it's medical it can help me sleep , focus ,eat etc. thanks for taking your time to read this .
I am in my 50's and have been suffering from several forms of chronic, severe pain for over 30 years. I've been given pills by doctors with warnings on them that would scare anyone, but I've taken these pills anyway because I was seeking relief. In many cases, I never found complete relief, even with the pills, but the pills usually gave me at least some relief. Now, recently, I've moved to Kentucky and imagine my surprise when I learned that almost no one here prescribes pain relief and I was treated like a drug addict when I sought pain relief and that, even then, I still was not given pain relief. The constitution states that we all have the right to life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Holding back legal pain relief from me seems unconstitutional. How can I pursue happiness when the relief of pain is so close but the law says I can't have it? The state laws are damaging my health, my well being, my ability to work, my ability to sleep, my ability to deal with pain, and my ability to pursue happiness. Medical marijuana would be a great way to solve the problem for me. If just one of my physicians would see how it could help me, I would be able to use it.
After 5 failed back surgeries and a boat load of pills. I traveled to a state where it was legal and tried it. I found it to give me a great deal of relief. I was able to sleep. That was one pill I didn't have to take. I wasn't snapping at people for the smallest things because I have been in so much pain for so long. That was two more pills I didn't have to take. My pain wasn't as bad after I smoked it. That was on average 2 more pills I didn't have to take. My nightly leg cramps weren't as severe. That was one sometimes two pills I didn't have to take. Now I am home here in Kentucky where I am looked down on and treated like a low life drug addict because of the pills I take. It's my wish that Ky law makers could walk in my shoes for a week. Then ask them if do they think Kentucky should have medical marijuana. I pray every day for Lawmakers to see that god put cannabis on this planet for his people just like many others to help them not hurt them. Cannabis has no withdrawal or side effects for most people. If I just stopped talking the meds I take now more than likely I would die.
marijuana hasn't kill anyone yet ,but the lack of it will cause much needless suffering and possible death. Hurry up before I die, GOD PLEASE HELP.
god made marijuanna for the people.
In my opinion marijuana is a very special medicine, it could also bring a alot of tax dollars to to our state, also proved by many other states that have legalization on this crop, have had a big down 👇 fall in crime, also prevention of hurt people tryin to feel better 😊 from going to jail longer than even rapists, yes that is a factor that has happened many times so why is that, I don't understand why some individuals look at marijuana like its this evil thing I believe it does extremely more good than bad. So Kentucky state senator think about all the good marijuana does for many individuals. And my question is are willing to make a step forward in the right 👉 direction for a beautiful cause. By James Carrier.
think of the tax dollar marijuana could bring in plus what down fall will come from it look at our surrounding states the crime rate has went down people are more laid back calm is there need to say more
Legalize it!!!
I think medical merijuana is a wiser choice of treatment than the highly addictive and liver damaging alternative of man made prescription pain killers and benzo anxiety medications. I know from experience that medical merijuana offers real help for many problems that pateints have, and works for many different illnesses to give the patient real relief. It doesnt cause dependency to where the patient must have it in order to function and there is no physical withdrawal when its no longer necessary. Its time we recognize its many benifits, and stop denying that the pills given to patients cause as muvh harm as they do good. I say legalize!!!! Its the right thing to do! Stop producing pill head drug addicts that suffer terribly when the doctors think their mefication is no longer needed. Do it now!+!
We need an alternative option to the highly addictive opiates medication that has taken over the US in the past 30 yrs. The government and medical industries have the moral obligation to help responsible citizens live the best life possible with the least amount of side affects. Pass, regulate and control the Medical Marijuana/Cannabis Act that gives patients/physicians optional chooses for the best treatment.
I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa. This is a condition that leads to chronic pain, boils, self issues among many other things.
I have been to doctors, therapists, and tried self remedies nothing works and people like those close to me are very harsh towards me because marijuana is illegal. I quit smoking when I became pregnant and have not started back because of the legal issues. It does not make me a bad person because I used marijuana medicinally when it helped me do more because it moderated my pain. Doctors do not know what to do about my condition they have no idea what causes and frankly at my age they look at me from all outward appearances besides my skin issue and see that I am healthy however, Inside I hurt constantly. If I rub my legs the wrong way I get shooting pains, I have had surgeries, nerve damage, and constant reoccurring lesions to where I am scarred for life. I live on creams, ointments, soaps, and anything otc that may help me. There is a pill epidemic and it is killing a mass majority of people but, marijuana has not directly killed anyone. When I smoked I would smoke a little before bed and in the morning. I would not smoke to get 'high" as some people may say I would smoke to take the edge off of my pain. I cleaned my house, I walked everyday, I could go places, and I was very outgoing and pain free. Today is a different story because I will not lose my son because of legal issues related to marijuana. Please pass this law and have HS as one of the qualifying conditions so, that it is accessible to patients like myself.
The entire world has been permitted to live as they please regardless of virtue or humanity so why not advocate something that may actually be useful or productive to our society not solely to our governments pockets. Medicinal Marijuana is a remedy for many medical issues but is illegal to benefit who? IT IS NOT HARMFUL Alcohol and Cigarettes are PROVEN to be harmful and they are LEGAL. Marijuana has no medical effects, no fatalities due to it's consumption and should be legal.
I have debilitating migraines and standard medications are not able to control this for me. It would be nice to have another option that would alleviate many of the symptoms so I can more fully enjoy my life.