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Citizens Against Cruel & Unusual Punishment at Patuxent Institution

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This petition is an urgent call from the inmates and affiliates of the Patuxent Institution located in Jessup, Maryland. We intend to inform the outside world of the abuses and injustices occurring within the Patuxent Institution. We, the inmate population, are under great duress due to the improper enforcement and lack of administration headed by Warden Mrs. Patricia Johnson-Goins, and Director Dr. Robert Nero. We would like to make it known to the community the Patuxent Institution does not function under the ideals or premises permeated to those in society.

To the general public the Patuxent Institution is both unique and distinguished amongst other institutions within the State of Maryland. The Patuxent Institution of Jessup (PIJ) was founded under the auspices of being a therapeutically governed facility with programs and an environment created to remediate male and female offenders within the Eligible Person Program and the Patuxent Institution Youth Program. PIJ is the only institution for sentenced criminals in Maryland separate from the Maryland Division of Corrections (DOC). Its foundation lies within the Maryland Public General Law, codified as title 4 of the Correctional Services Article 31B, enacted in 1951. Contrary to popular belief, PIJ has been deemed by the inmates as more volatile then therapeutic. Thus we wish to make these conditions known with hopes to quickly end the misery and unbearable treatment of the inmate population.

As result of recommendation for evaluation by out sentencing judge, the Commissioner of Corrections sent us here to be considered for admittance into the Patuxent Institution. PIJ consists of 380 inmates in the Youth Program, 320 inmates of DOC, and 175 inmates of the Mental Health Program who all have been convicted and tried as adults. These individuals have been given sentences ranging from 7 years to Life sentences. The programs at PIJ are supervised on a level system. First, the offender is evaluated to determine eligibility for the one of the programs. When an offender is accepted into the program they are put on the first level. In order to advance from any level the inmate must remain infraction free at all times. Advancement from the second level results from the inmates interactions during group sessions. To reach the third level inmates must discuss in detail their individual crimes and family history to assigned counselors. The final stage of the program is the fourth level which is the community re-entry facility also known as the ?Halfway House?.

We, the inmates, hereby deem the treatment enforced by the current administration at the Patuxent Institution in Jessup to be cruel and unjust therefore, we request immediate action resulting in the replacement of the institution?s Director, Warden, and Chief of Security. The current Director is indifferent to the remediation and rehabilitation needs of the inmates. PIJ is currently functioning as a pseudo-program?drastically minim

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5 days ago
Someone from Hagerstown, MD signed.
October 12, 2016
Someone from Burtonsville, MD signed.
October 11, 2016
Someone from Kensington, MD signed.
October 11, 2016
Someone from Lothian, MD writes:
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hey..i was released from Patuxent last month and the conditions in there are horrible. the way things are ran, the way the COs treat inmate. for instance 3 diabetics were denied their insulin twice because the unit was on lock down and the CO was too lazy to get out of his chair to call for an escort. I could see him from my cell. he was sitting in a chair with his feet propped up and didn't even acknowledge their pleas. another incident I was denied my anti seizure and phsych meds because we are on lockdown and the COs know we are stuck in a small cell and cant get a supervisor. so the pleas and cries for help of the inmates are being denied. there is soo much more. Lt. Johnson and Lt. Stiff need to be looked at
October 5, 2016
Someone from Hagerstown, MD writes:
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My heart goes out to you all and your families and it pains me to hear that you all are not hearing from your family locked away in prison. You deserve to hear from them and see how they are doing. Nothing will help them but family they are by their side. No more excuses need to be made as to why people are not able to talk with their families ever. My prayers are with the men and women all over the world in prison always each and every day. I plan to volunteer and then one day work with people that go through this but what I would rather do is abolish the prison system. For how sickening it really is. May God be with you all.
just now
Someone writes:
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The fact that we do not treat people the way people should be treated just because they commit the crimes that they do is utterly inhumane and ridiculous. Go take a look at Norway's prisons. They are anything but a prison. Quite frankly ending private prisons is not enough and never will be enough. Remember those that are in prison said by God Himself. Do not come and work with people in prison if you are not wanting to help them they do not deserve this cruelty against them and there is no change that we will ever see happen until they are treated just like everybody else and not like they are just numbers and savage animals. Prisons sicken me completely and I would love to see them entirely abolished. There is a much better way that we can help our people but instead we choose to be lazy Americans and blind and leave our people helpless. I have read endless amounts of books on people's accounts in prison and I cannot believe what I read. I grew up around someone that was in and out of prison who used to be a petty offender and who committed a violent crime not long ago. He was always someone you could talk to and never someone to worry about until he came out of Jessup the first time. It takes more than just a few people to make a change and we need to stop ignoring such a worldwide humongous debilitating problem.
October 1, 2016
Someone from Homestead, FL writes:
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I haven't heard from my brother in over a week. In other facilities he would call me every day. Even if it was just once to let me know how he was doing. So far, I've been calling Patuxent and all I get is "the jail is on lockdown right now, until the warren feels necessary". Someone in the government please check this place out. My brother is not an evil man. He's a human being just like anyone else in the facility, he is not mentally ill and deserves to at least make a phone call home. We are not asking for much; just a surprise inspection will do. Thank you!
September 24, 2016
Someone from Atlanta, GA writes:
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My daughter's father has not been heard from since entering the facility a year ago. When I call the therapist or case worker is not available. It's unlike him to not communicate or accept visits from his family and children. Please help us.
September 24, 2016
Someone from Aberdeen, MD signed.
1 month ago
Someone from Hyattsville, MD signed.