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We are currently in a battle, like many people I have been contacted by, and numerous people who have spoken with me regarding corruption in Washington State by Caseworkers and their supervisors. In our case we were courted by the state to adopt my great niece, because her mother could not care for her. They said, we really want to keep her in the family. Numerous homestudys visits from AZ to Spokane later we brought her home. A new caseworker took over and as the adoption neared she was removed from us and is now in foster care. We have never received a official reason for removal. The caseworker has told family members, agencies lawyer all different stories but will not put it in writing. Now we have learned this is not a uncommon practice. Caseworkers have their "favorites" in the state they seek to help find the "perfect" child. Sadly we learned money does change hands and children are removed needlessly from Biological parents and family members eager, able and willing to care for these children. Families are being destroyed and effected for the rest of their lives. It is our understanding this has been going on for a long time, we are just the latest victim. We need to stand up and have the whole department investigated. The time has come to protect these children and families.

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Cps is a JOKE! I was so blind to their harassment, I was under the impression that everything they were doing, was because they had the right to do so. This however obviously isn't true, and after finding a certain article about faulty state payed workers and knowing my rights, I started asking questions, at one point I asked the cps lady to leave my home after she came into my home with an attitude, badgering me and being super rude. She new nothing about my case file, and was the THIRD cps worker I'd had I'm two months. Needless to say when I began to in force my god given rights, they stopped showing up at my door, the calls quit and they closed my file without so much as a sorry for being faulty, Un knowledgeable pig's who on every given chance violated the very laws we swore under OATH to up hold. .I hate seeing ppl losing their kids to these fools when it could be avoided by simply standing up for yourself, enforcing what you know to be true and right of your personal rights as an American citizen. I'll post the link below. It'll help some of you get these bastards out of your life!!
This mothers cps caseworker r truly monters and in experience their up to no good their doing illegal things
DCFS brigham City Utah people who are involved I'm only giving first names Christy DCFS investigator Brigham City detective Kaylee caseworker Alessandra caseworker Chelsea supervisor me David my wife Candace and our children,, me and my wife we have all records all doctor records we are trying to Grandma the DCFS records but they are being stubborn about that..
We are still in the process of fighting this case at this point in time me and my wife are broke or destroyed or hurt they wouldn't be so bad to do things for DCFS if we actually knew what we did wrong in fact we don't know anything we have done wrong at this point in time me and my wife has ceased to jump to their hopes and do anything for them because at this point in time we feel that the longer that we stay jumping through the Hoops them or they're going to use and manipulate words against us and to take our kids away from us there are a lot more of manipulations and lies that they have done that I have not put on here way more than you can possibly imagine we are physically and mentally drained we have no more fight in US at this point in time me and my wife do not have jobs I have had a good job but because of the situation and everything that has gone down I am no longer able to perform my job correctly and efficiently because all the stress which in turn drags us down physically wise we cry every day we've lost hope we do not know what else to do we have no money for a lawyer we are probably just going to have to give the kids up they have made our life hell to a point of no return it feels like...... this is our last resort it felt really good to vent about what has happened very emotional it's nice to see that you know we're not the only ones but at the same time too it's very very sad that I wish we could say that we were the only ones. I'm very sorry for everyone who has gone through this that I've read some of your posts and may God be with you and may our government and our Eternal affairs investigates every one of them kidnappers I'm not saying all of DCFS workers are bad a lot of times a lot of them were left in the dark I understand but I do pray to God that you know that they choose the right size and they do what's right and find a new line of work or open them mines broaden their shoulders and stand up for whats ultimately the right thing to do .. sorry but my worries and paragraph have jumped around just a little bit one's way at the bottom one is way at the top ones right in the middle but if you read it you'll understand which one goes where I love all of you brothers and sisters be strong stay strong well that's funny I'm a hypocrite because I'm not even able to stay strong ...aboys were taken under false pretenses the warrant was manipulated to seem worse than what it was to achieve the warrant from the judge the boys were not neglected nor abused they were taken care of very well we lived in a one-bedroom Hotel with no air conditioning the air conditioner is
This is VITAL in protecting our rights as parents and the rights and well being of our children.
This is Vital in protecting our rights as citizens and the rights and wellbeing of our children
If you where a victim of foster care abuse during your childhood in STATE OF Washington and have children of your own, it seems we are revictimized by dshs, division of children services, Children Administration.With threats of harrasment of these agencies taking our children. Once they get our children in order to keep there federal funds rolling they will delibertly lie at the any cost to keep there paychecks and call on more federal funding because of soo many children in need of "PROTECTION" these children need to be reunified with there parents not be pushed to be with strangers.
They have had my children sence June 23 2015 I have yet to have a 75day fact finding hearing here in county of KITSAP Washington State.
My 6yo stepson was sexually abused by his bio father. With basically no investigation for about a month they finally brought my stepson in to a counselor to try to get a statement. When he didnt tell what happened (they could not directly question him so basically they wanted a 6yo to openly tell a stranger what had happened without any idea of why he was there) they dropped the case. We were told after that, that children have no rights and that the father, even though he has multiple allegations of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, still has rights to see and carry on with his children as before. C.P.S. and the family court doesn't care about the kids anymore. Its all about the profit and not making waves in family court. Sad our kids have to pay for this.