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We are currently in a battle, like many people I have been contacted by, and numerous people who have spoken with me regarding corruption in Washington State by Caseworkers and their supervisors. In our case we were courted by the state to adopt my great niece, because her mother could not care for her. They said, we really want to keep her in the family. Numerous homestudys visits from AZ to Spokane later we brought her home. A new caseworker took over and as the adoption neared she was removed from us and is now in foster care. We have never received a official reason for removal. The caseworker has told family members, agencies lawyer all different stories but will not put it in writing. Now we have learned this is not a uncommon practice. Caseworkers have their "favorites" in the state they seek to help find the "perfect" child. Sadly we learned money does change hands and children are removed needlessly from Biological parents and family members eager, able and willing to care for these children. Families are being destroyed and effected for the rest of their lives. It is our understanding this has been going on for a long time, we are just the latest victim. We need to stand up and have the whole department investigated. The time has come to protect these children and families.

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I was not notified in writing regarding the investigation and the outcomes. I was not informed of scheduled meetings by social workers but my ex husband and guardian ad litem were. My parental rights were denied without my knowledge.
My 2 children madillyn and nickolus ward were ripped from my arms 3 years ago and because they took them I lost my place cause I was on state welfare at the time . now they want to take my rights away ! I can't afford a lawyer and if I could my babies would be with me I have a foot or two high of just proof of their lies to take my children and them changing reason from court date to court date having falsified information. My family has been put through hell and ripped to shred by Washington state CPS ! I may not have a bunch of money but I am an excellent mother and I can take care of and love my children like no one else could ever.... They are my everything and its sad to know that to be the mother I know I am and to have the right to raise my two kids I conceived I have to be rich!! Trying to deal with this has been a horrible nightmare . how is this ok? How is this justice? How is it that my children are getting more and more issues and emotional problems then they would have ever had before!!! They are hurting my children and there seems to be no end... And no way to save my heart and soul my babies... Contemplating... As my heart becomes colder without them everyday... Why is there no justice they are hurting my children!!! Please trying to get this investigation. Into dcsf seems as though its my only slight chance ... There has for to be someone who can shed some light on how to fight this!!! Help!! My children are wanting to come home and I need my babies back... I'm out of options I know I don't mean much to everyone who may be reading this... God knows I have tryed ... Please... I just want to raise my kids.... There has to be someone left with some way... This isn't suppose to happen... They are horrible people... To break up a family who has done nothing wrong!... I cry every night and pray to god my babies are ok...
All I do is investigate and support families .
Back in Oct my husband physically assaulted my 14 yr old daughter he was arrested then cps came and took my children all 5 of them stating I failed to protect mind you I told my son to call the police. I am now in a dependency and my children have been in cps custody for months they are lying to my children confusing my children bouncing them from home to home my husband is not living with me and my children are is serious mental and psychological distress. I am doing all services provided to me and in the referrals the cps worker is not including all information and or putting it in her own words. I thought Washington law states 50 try and offer services to prevent out of home care that was not offered to me. And Washington law also states for the child to be in stable most home like environment. Cps is stripping us of our support etc something has got to be done. I pray that I will be contacted so hopefully me and my children can get justice. Mine and my children's civil rights have been severely violated.
I am also a victim/ survivor from the abuse and hate from the people of Washington state, But as I learned to not of been the only one , And I wish to stand against the fight for our rights,
Last month, my daughter, who has several mental deficiencies, claimed child abuse. One of her disorders is what is known as reactive attachment disorder. This is just an awful mental disorder that can break an adoptive mother clear down to her soul.
Two of things she has mastered in her 14 years is manipulation and triangulation. She uses it well and has convinced several others that she has been abused and how to the point that she has even convinced some that they have seen it! She asked a neighbor, who was watching her because she was suspended from school and her father and I had to work, that she needed to be taken to the DCFS office. They then wait for 24 hours and show up at my sisters house to question her more "extensively" and take "pictures of her injuries". Mind you that she had been out of my care for the most part of 3 days and the "injuries were redness on her cheeks from slapping and a red scratch that they are claiming is a scratch from my nails". Both of which have been proven by her medical history of allergies to basically all plant life and she had been outside the day prior to the photos, pulling weeds. On that evening, our home was invaded by DCFS and the police. They said that if our children weren't taken from our home by family, they would take them and I would be arrested. I called my sister and she came to get the kids. I was not told that I couldn't be around them, just not that night. After my kids left with my sister, the officer and the DCFS worker left my front room with me in tears, my husband walked out front with them. The officer said to my husband that she had "enough evidence" to arrest me at that time. However, they didn't, until 2 days later and the officer came over after we had come home from church and she cuffed me in front of my younger children! All the while the DCFS worker was telling me how misunderstood my R.A.D. daughter is and I needed some help. The witnesses that DCFS has haven't been in my home in 2+ years, people that I had found were verbally and physically abusive to my children and they are claiming I was the abuser as a way to get back at me. DCFS has drug the case out, after a month of my younger two with me, they decided that I was "a danger" to them and removed them from our home. A week later, they gave them back to me, along with having to BCI my family so that they can babysit me so that I don't hit my younger two. That was a month ago! DCFS is telling the judge that I keep saying that I didn't do what I am accused of and "refusing all offers to follow their suggestions to get help." I have been railroaded by DCFS and the police department. The judge takes everything they say as gospel and hasn't even asked for one shred of proof! DCFS in Utah is way above the law at this point. They need to be taken back down a few dozen notches.
every day there are family's all over the united states fighting wrong accusations against them on a daily basis and it is tearing apart our nation, my family, your family, our neighbors family, we are the foundation of this nation and yet people like C.P.S and D.S.H.S and so on are deter mend to walk into the homes of family's with needs, rip away their children, lie about them, discredit them and then tell them they have to jump through poodle hoops to get anywhere, so the people do just to have them turn around and say sorry your still not good enough, and when they run out of answers they drudge up new charges. if we do not act now not only our family's and friends are in danger but our children will be forever scared.

my Husband and I are just one set of parents fighting this right now, I know there are many children out there that are abused, harmed, and treated wrongly, but when you have an all intense purposes great dad and great mom that do all they can to take care of and protect their children run into a disaster and need help but instead of helping them solve a problem they take their kids and refuse to give help, refuse to work out the issues or problems and refuse to even read the facts. we need to fight the system, we need to make them do their part, and I can give a lot of facts to a case right now that is being tossed aside and the facts are being ignored even. so much so that the woman involved in this case even stated...( no I have not read any of the information that has been submitted or provided, I am typing up a recommendation that you will not know anything about till march 5th 2015 and no i haven't read anything yet but ill get around to it. ) another worker stated and I quote...( i am trying to find out more information on an accusation that a foster parent has made against the parents she has never met or seen, and even though i am not supposed to talk to you without your lawyer present I am here to talk to you anyway) and another worker...stated in front of witnesses.and I quote ( I am taking your daughter from you because it is clear from the color of her skin that you are not her biological parent, you are not guilty of anything, you are not in trouble, but since your a step parent clearly you have no rights even if you have raised this child since she was 5 months old for the last 4 years) another social worker allowed a 10 year old little girl who had been abused and traumatized by her birth mother who a restraining order was in effect that the birth mother was to have no contact with said child till the child was 13 years of age or older to have not only a phone call but a Skype video phone call. and stated in their own words....( Idaho state law means nothing to us here, Idaho state law doesn't matter here, we do not care what laws are in effect to protect this child, since we took the child from the parent those laws no longer apply. ) now after reading all of this, and seeing this, I can also tell you that
I have been falsely accused by CPS for a while I have not been able to get a job and that's not right I was never charged for what they accuse me of doing and I'm not going to run away from it and I'm not going to give up can't get a job it's hard to find a decent job with what has been written on my background.I don't know what to do about this false accusation on my background check and I'm looking for an attorney to investigate and take on my case.
My family has also been victimized by the CPS, DCFS, and the AZ Attorney Generals Office, Juvenile Court Judge, and Attorney assigned to Represent. I have also vowed to make this a lifelong goal to make sure accountability and transparency prevail. I do not want innocent children and families emotionally and financially destroyed by the abuse of powers that mine has suffered.
My family has also been victimized by the CPS, DCFS, and the AZ Attorney Generals Office, Juvenile Court Judge, and Attorney assigned to Represent. I have also vowed to make this a lifelong goal to make sure accountability and transparency prevail. I do not want innocent children and families emotionally and financially destroyed by the abuse of powers that mine has suffered.