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We are currently in a battle, like many people I have been contacted by, and numerous people who have spoken with me regarding corruption in Washington State by Caseworkers and their supervisors. In our case we were courted by the state to adopt my great niece, because her mother could not care for her. They said, we really want to keep her in the family. Numerous homestudys visits from AZ to Spokane later we brought her home. A new caseworker took over and as the adoption neared she was removed from us and is now in foster care. We have never received a official reason for removal. The caseworker has told family members, agencies lawyer all different stories but will not put it in writing. Now we have learned this is not a uncommon practice. Caseworkers have their "favorites" in the state they seek to help find the "perfect" child. Sadly we learned money does change hands and children are removed needlessly from Biological parents and family members eager, able and willing to care for these children. Families are being destroyed and effected for the rest of their lives. It is our understanding this has been going on for a long time, we are just the latest victim. We need to stand up and have the whole department investigated. The time has come to protect these children and families.

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I- placed my child due to his own behavioral and safety issues 3yrs ago I have done everything I can to bring him home however he has not recieved the care or counseling he has needed and is in a facility that is just as responsible as dshs for the neglect of my child he now has a drug issue which all parties involved turn a blind eye to! All the state wants to do is return him home without doing what has been needed. Let's not forget that cps not even my own atty returns calls or try to fight for what he needs he is now 17 with a pass to do what he wants when he wants sadly he will suffer for the lack of services we have begged for!
I spent 10 yrs fighting for my 3 children. I was forced to divorce my husband because he suffers from bi-polar disorder. I was forced into signing my rights to my oldest child away. My middle child (after 10yrs) finally locked himself in his room going on a hunger strike forcing the state to remove him from the abusive foster home he had been living in and giving him back to me. That same foster home moved to walla walla with my daughter (youngest child) who was returned almost a year after the move after having been removed from the foster home by police because of sexual abuse from the foster father. Only then was my daughter finally returned to me. 10 yrs and the loss of almost everything and my "Husband" and I never gave up. All of that, because someone started a rumor that we moved into a house that was once a meth house many years before we moved into it. This has to stop.
bring them down
I and my family have been victamiEd and torn apart do to the corruption in Washington State/Whatcom County. I have been to the Appealate Court already and won m case getting 3 reversals then Whatcom County tried case again I'm currently waiting for an answer again from Appellate Court in another reversal which i feel confident about. I've worked all my life and never abused or neglected my children or grandchildren my g'daughtwr has been in a group home my g'son now been with non native couple for 2 yrs my daughter finally placed with her sister.... The mother was court ordered trespassed from CPS office and other places such as her attorney office can't seem to get help and us now developing emotional issues because she hasn't seen her children in 2 yrs . we are Lakota Sioux/Northern Cheyenne we need help
Call for the arrest of kim norton immediately. She is a fraudulent human being who refuses to investigate she has one goal stealing my child thru false complaints and lies. Imprison this woman immediately. Stop her terror on men.
Please stop the corruption of GAL, CPS, and the judges in Spokane County. My worker since the 1st day had something personal against me. She lied about me not starting my court ordered services that i agreed to only because i was innoccent of the accusations, my kids removed. She gave my baby of 2 months to her abusive father and have since then fighting to have her back. The judge Steven Grovdahl is a bias and racist judge who did not let my evidence be admitted into court. Even when I was in danger of my father in law who was following me around threatening to kill me if I took his grand daughter. He did not want to see any of my evidence. Which I still have and have made it a mission to bring the truth to light. Hopefully with the help of a good attorney who is not scared to fight for what is right, these people involved in my case will pay for their malachite and spitfullness lies against me. Just to hurt me and prove that you could take my child. Spokane CPS could not even accuse me of abuse or neglect. The worker Johana L Brown wrote that I lived in poverty. But when the supervisor Cathleen Marquez came for a child welfare check as they do, could not stop making comments on how nice my place was and smelled! I want to fight CPS because what they did to me and my 5 children will forever haunt us and justice needs to be served on their behalf. Please help bring my baby daughter back and all the other kidnapped baby's out there, than you...
I feel your pain and injustice, yes cups needs to be espoused. They are trained in specials classes to break up family's.Plus it is a raketering business to take the children from their moms and dads to pawn the children off to wealthier families...I am filing with the state supreme court to expose cups....
My wife and are were railroaded by cps. My wifes own attorney told her at one point to stop worring about her rights and to stop concentrating on the facts of the case if she ever wanted her children home