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We are currently in a battle, like many people I have been contacted by, and numerous people who have spoken with me regarding corruption in Washington State by Caseworkers and their supervisors. In our case we were courted by the state to adopt my great niece, because her mother could not care for her. They said, we really want to keep her in the family. Numerous homestudys visits from AZ to Spokane later we brought her home. A new caseworker took over and as the adoption neared she was removed from us and is now in foster care. We have never received a official reason for removal. The caseworker has told family members, agencies lawyer all different stories but will not put it in writing. Now we have learned this is not a uncommon practice. Caseworkers have their "favorites" in the state they seek to help find the "perfect" child. Sadly we learned money does change hands and children are removed needlessly from Biological parents and family members eager, able and willing to care for these children. Families are being destroyed and effected for the rest of their lives. It is our understanding this has been going on for a long time, we are just the latest victim. We need to stand up and have the whole department investigated. The time has come to protect these children and families.

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DCFS is crooked and illegal violating the civil rights of all who it accuses. Call the Ombuds???? what a joke, they do nothing at all.......our childrens blood and souls for their profit.......
They took my grandson from the hospital after his birth over a year ago in Tacoma, WA. Parents have no prior children, no drugs or alcohol and no violent history. Mom is still fighting to get her son back and although he has requested it over and over the father gets a run around from cps when he requests a DNA to prove he is the father. They placed my grandson with a half uncle who was a corrections officer but since then my grandson has been removed from that place and taken to Spokane, WA and place with people there after the half uncle he was with was arrested after a shootout while making a drug deal. Parents live and work in the Walla Walla area. They are making it impossible for the father to prove he is the father and so he has never yet even gotten to see his son, the mother cannot just drop her job and go twice a week to Spokane to visit her son. So to be honest I can see how this will play out. If she keeps her home and job that she needs to be stable she isn't interested enough in her son because she doesn't get there to see him enough, and if drops her home and job to be nearer to him then she isn't stable. It is a Catch 22. First does not a person have a right to be able to show they can be a parent? Taking a first child directly from the hospital is not giving a person a chance even. And a father should have the right to prove he is the father not be given a run around.
i had very simiar situation as most the posts except mine had too do with someone who works with them called it intact case only got took too court and she told alotta lies on me my kids dad got my 4 boys took from me and him we miss them so much have no idea what can do they call it temp replacement but i know how they work they just lie im worried every night if there ok fed well not abused hopeing that i get them back
On December 2nd my kids were illegally taken from their home because they said my step son was being abused and allegedly had severe bruising of his ears well we saw the so called pictures they took because we we're not aware of any bruises and the pictures showed little to none bruising we went and visited our kids the next week and he had no bruising. We got a so called cps investigator social worker by the name of Linda Vaughn -Green who not only stated when being asked questions by the parents who had never been through this before that the questions being asked we're above her ****ing pay grade.Also later found out the timeline when supposed abuse occurred not only didn't make sense but showed they had intentions of snatching our children prior to actually coming on the 2nd of December. This woman reported that she was the devil and is above the law. CPS has destroyed more families than put them back together my daughter who is one years old was harmed in their care and yet takes no responsibility for it. This home wrecking, child abusing and kid napping agency who thinks they are above the law needs to be shut down.
CPS is the longest running, government approved, organized terrorist group in the U.S. and it is by far time to put this to an end. There has been 3, 250 deaths from terrorism from 9/11 to current and there has been 15,000 plus deaths from 2001 to current in state/cps custody. How as a nation can we continue to ignore the truth? The nation's leaders need to stop the massacre!
I had my first born baby Today at 1:11am. My god already has two kids who are in cps care so of course Someone from social services stopped by. She looked at us and the baby, took notes then said "everything I find I'm going to recommend the child guess home" . Later that day another person Stops by and says they filed a dependency instead of taking the recommendation. Now they will take my baby girl away after being in the world less than 2 days. Why? They even said they don't have a reason to take her yet are still taking her. This is Wasting tax money doing this. Someone needs to investigate the Corruption of these people especially in bremerton WA.
A cps caseworker came to my house to talked to my wife and told her the case should be closed after her supervisor came back from vacation. A little over a month the supervisor showed up on our porch a day after thankgiving on a Saturday Asked to see the kids and walked off with a smile saying the case will be closed depending what the doctors say. A little under three weeks later the tensions killing us waiting on that letter. We call the caseworker and she says the case is a distance from being closed now. My wife's in tears talking about tryna give part time child custody to her mother on the east coast. CPS THANKS FOR MESSING UP MY FAMILY!!
nov 13, 2012 my 3 children were removed from our care for allegations of neglect later found that there was not any of either. That was 3 years ago, but my youngest was given back to us because we are a safe, healthy, happy, loving, therapudic home. My oldest 2 are still suffering in the hands of these demons. My daughter (14) was mis- diagnosed and mis-medicated for 2 years and with an "oops" of the AAG's pen had her permanent placement plan mis-labeled to long term foster care, in which was denied by the court. She wants to come home but is stranded in Spokane in a group home with no end in sight, although the perm placement plan is "return home" as it has been for 3 years. Frankly, it is no wonder our State is in debt with these fools running the ship.
Cps took My kids iv done everything they hace
Asked of me and they still wont vive My children back they put My kids un foster Care and i madre a complaint becuz My oldes son HeS 11 told me they
Are abusing him and they havent done anything about it i hve five kids and they got seperated un seprate foster Gomes the system is curupt please help me get justice