Tejano Land Grant Movement

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The Tejano Land Grant Movement seeks immediate justice for its heirs and descendants of Spanish Land Grants in Texas.

By signing this petition we assert our belief that the United States government violates the Civil Rights of heirs and descendants of Spanish Land Grants in Texas. Furthermore, the United States government allowed Texas lawmakers to impose laws which are unconstitutional under Federal and International law.

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1776 Don't tread on me!
Descendant of Pellum Humphreys
Texas has to make up for all the injustices that were done and are still continuing, whether it was at fault to some degree or not. Where there is money, there will always be 'greed', with crooked people in control. We have come this far where we can finally now unite and fight, and I truly believe God has opened these doors....this is where the buck stops! If Texas doesn't come forth with this one, they really will have to contend with our outcry, cause we WILL be heard, and the world will finally know what really has been going on behind closed doors! We are strong now and we have a voice! Our ancestors didn't have to go through so much suffering and injustice; now we have to consider our future generations! I love Texas, and now our eyes are on you; don't let us down!
tejano is not with royalties it is the Spanish that came lst. el Nuevo sntander with escando. the independence of meixoco brought a new breed far away from royalties. mestizos. these had no royalties. I feel that these are those that deputed the real property owners under spain. You will not find their names in the list of titles left at the senate level of usa. nor at the republic of texas before the king leaves the Spanish state to fight napoleon in Europe.