Tejano Land Grant Movement

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The Tejano Land Grant Movement seeks immediate justice for its heirs and descendants of Spanish Land Grants in Texas.

By signing this petition we assert our belief that the United States government violates the Civil Rights of heirs and descendants of Spanish Land Grants in Texas. Furthermore, the United States government allowed Texas lawmakers to impose laws which are unconstitutional under Federal and International law.

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The right thing to do would be to give these people their land back.its their land their entitled to it.
Yes, please.
Please and thank you.
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okay guys gwet it right we are the descendants of our great grand parents who were our ancestors ,if not now texas when i,m eduardo hinojsa grand son of estanislado washington hinojosa son of benito guerra hinojosa and mother delfina nd daughter of eduvigis hinojosa solis washington owners of llano grande and porcion 95 whose father was candido solis cervantes and his ad was abad solis cervantes we are martin hinojosas family and cousinsof the other estanislado washington hinojosas based nationwide we are heirs to thereminerla rights the time has come to cdivy up the royaltoies of our lost land grants thry theft fruad and abuse
Texas , Mexico , and , The United State are open for a Law suit, on the abuse on our Private Land Grants.
This really has been dragged on for many, many years. I believe we as heirs should get what is rightfully ours.