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We the People, under the protection and on the behalf of the U.S. Constitution have elected to recall members of U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate. We find that there have been numerous egregious and reckless actions on the part of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate. It has come to our attention that we, in this country are at a crossroads. Throughout history, despite less than exclusively flattering sentiments towards us as a nation, we held a certain place in the world. We represented something noble that transcended and epitomized law, justice, civility, enlightenment, and righteousness. The ideals, upon which this nation was founded, embodied the truest, purest, and most forthright of all of the core and divine principles of humanity. It is what made The United States the “Greatest Nation on Earth”. Ask yourself, “Am I doing my part to embody and put forth those principles?” It appears that we no longer believe in doing what is right for the sake of truth and light – for the sake of decency and the good of humanity. Having said that, let us be clear. We are deeply proud and honored to be citizens of this nation, not for what we do, but for what and who we are – what we as a nation represent!
Can any “elected” official, in truth, consider him or herself a purveyor of justice, a protector of truth and freedom, when they are working for anything other than what the people want and need? Let’s take a look at recent events, just over the past few years. Constitutional oversights, infringement and violation of the civil liberties of U.S. citizens, numerous scandals, many instances of funds missing from Treasury and several bills passed against the will of The People.
Whatever the case, someone (possibly scores of individuals and/or agencies) needs, no, must be held accountable. This is necessary, not for the sake of spite or punishment, but for the sake of responsibility. It is the just and right thing to do. In addition, over the past several years, there has been an overwhelming number of examples of absolute incompetence and unquestionable, not to mention unfathomable/ inexcusable corruption. In November of 2006, We, the People spoke. We elected the party we thought and hoped would help to lessen the hemorrhaging, if not rectify the situation, altogether. Unfortunately, we have seen nothing but posturing and games. Not much, if anything has changed. At some point, it would be nice if someone in Washington D.C., somewhere on Capitol Hill would actually do their jobs. Just to clarify, when we say do your job, we mean take care of your constituents. That does not include any of the following: The oil industry, the healthcare industry, the banking community, insurance industry, lobbyists or any corporate entities. Since we know don’t believe that institutions or corporations (be they domestic or multi-national) have voting rights as a distinct entities, this means that We, the People have been unrepresented. The in

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Lets replace all of them !!!!
Senate needs replacing too,, Harry Reid , babs boxer, whacko pelosi, bohner head, to name a few. CLOSE THE BORDERS!
I think that we the people should change the way congress is ran. First off they should have a regular job that does not require them to go on recess every two weeks per month. Second that The are required to stay and make decisions just like a jury. They can not leave until there is a decision. Since they are putting the federal highways ahead of the human needs of the unemployed, Their job duties and income needs to be readjusted since they really are only working two weeks a month, therefore it is part-time, they should be getting part-time salaries. Things have to change and since it not happening with the people we have elected into those positions, let us the people change how things are done. Everyone in congress are worried about things that are abroad and not the things that are at home with it's people. There needs to be a change. Lets start with congress.
This Congress needs to be recalled! All of them for dereliction of duty to this Country.
When veterans have become a politician tool instead of getting the care they deserve, it's time this Congress and this government take a hike. Everyone. I don't care what political party they are. I am absolutely disgusted to call myself an American with this level of incompentance and arrogance reeking from our so-called leaders. We have no one else to blame but ourselves, the voters, for allowing this and now it's on us to act. Get these bums out of Washington, get the super PAC controlled lobbyists out, and let's get back to sanity and normality. I'm tired of these heartbreaking news stories on either shootings, veteran mismanagement, poor healthcare, unemployment, and other problems while this government sits on it's*****and points the finger instead of solving the problem! For Christ's sake, the government shutdown because they couldn't agree! Enough is enough.
They tyranny has to end and Congressional support of UN Agenda 21. It is a land grabbing mechanism, communistic and foreign! End the tyranny!
fat and lazy is not getting it done we need new people with new ideas
intentional neglect of The People, relentless NSA spying that obviously goes beyond what the fourth amendment allows, the abuse of power for the sake of personal gain, intentionally not telling the whole truth about everything the government is involved in, condescending actions toward the People, and the passing of laws where only congressional staff are exempt is not only abuse of power, morally wrong, and corrupt on so many levels, but it shows that there is no longer any moral standing anywhere in this government and requires a complete reset with completely new elected staff that are competent, trusting of the American People by means of no NSA spying on American individuals, are elected without an electoral college and only the popular vote counts. The game of politics must end now, not because we just want it to, but because it is necessary. It is necessary for this country to survive.
Nobody in there has shame anymore. There's a revolution coming.
I too am very disturbed by the apparent inability of the current congress to get much of anything done. They finally got the Farm Bill out -- well that's progress.

I just say this: if there is ANY MORE nonsense such as a new kind or extension of the insane "sequester" nonsense, then I will just encourage every voter I know to put every rep who supported such things OUT OF OFFICE.

Likewise if there's any holdup in the raising of the debt ceiling, those who decide to put our entire economy at risk in a futile attempt to "stamp their feet" and "get their way" should be shown the door.

No doubt our priorities as a nation need to be revised. Let's try LESS WAR for a change! There's plenty to do right here in our own country -- say, for example, like rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure... There's plenty of honest work to be done there.

Gridlock in Congress is NOT the way it's supposed to work.

I hope that the next congress will rediscover the value of straight civil discourse and a willingness to negotiate among peers. I want my representatives to serve the needs of the NATION, rather than just those of the special interests with all their money.

P.S. Please repeal the Patriot Act!!! It's way past time tor that madness to end. I want to see our country get back to solving its own problems, rather than imagining that our fears should somehow justify using our vast military power to get our way by invading other countries.

Just my two cents worth...