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We the People, under the protection and on the behalf of the U.S. Constitution have elected to recall members of U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate. We find that there have been numerous egregious and reckless actions on the part of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate. It has come to our attention that we, in this country are at a crossroads. Throughout history, despite less than exclusively flattering sentiments towards us as a nation, we held a certain place in the world. We represented something noble that transcended and epitomized law, justice, civility, enlightenment, and righteousness. The ideals, upon which this nation was founded, embodied the truest, purest, and most forthright of all of the core and divine principles of humanity. It is what made The United States the “Greatest Nation on Earth”. Ask yourself, “Am I doing my part to embody and put forth those principles?” It appears that we no longer believe in doing what is right for the sake of truth and light – for the sake of decency and the good of humanity. Having said that, let us be clear. We are deeply proud and honored to be citizens of this nation, not for what we do, but for what and who we are – what we as a nation represent!
Can any “elected” official, in truth, consider him or herself a purveyor of justice, a protector of truth and freedom, when they are working for anything other than what the people want and need? Let’s take a look at recent events, just over the past few years. Constitutional oversights, infringement and violation of the civil liberties of U.S. citizens, numerous scandals, many instances of funds missing from Treasury and several bills passed against the will of The People.
Whatever the case, someone (possibly scores of individuals and/or agencies) needs, no, must be held accountable. This is necessary, not for the sake of spite or punishment, but for the sake of responsibility. It is the just and right thing to do. In addition, over the past several years, there has been an overwhelming number of examples of absolute incompetence and unquestionable, not to mention unfathomable/ inexcusable corruption. In November of 2006, We, the People spoke. We elected the party we thought and hoped would help to lessen the hemorrhaging, if not rectify the situation, altogether. Unfortunately, we have seen nothing but posturing and games. Not much, if anything has changed. At some point, it would be nice if someone in Washington D.C., somewhere on Capitol Hill would actually do their jobs. Just to clarify, when we say do your job, we mean take care of your constituents. That does not include any of the following: The oil industry, the healthcare industry, the banking community, insurance industry, lobbyists or any corporate entities. Since we know don’t believe that institutions or corporations (be they domestic or multi-national) have voting rights as a distinct entities, this means that We, the People have been unrepresented. The in

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When someone runs for office and says I know how to budget, yet when it comes time to vote on a budget is absent or abstains from voting, it makes the citizens who voted for him/or her wonder just who he/or she is truly representing.
The present Congress and a few before seem to be more interested in lining their own pockets, their supporters, their friends and their family than representing the voters who elected them.
Why should I support such people who actually appear to be weakening our nation in the eyes of the world, who go to war for a horrible act but has been attacking several fronts but did their war retaliate against the perpetrators as they, the perpetrators were killed in the plane crashes, who have supported businesses being sent overseas for cheaper labor (what kind of taxes do those businesses pay compared to staying in the United States), whose trickle down economics is that (those are the top of the economic ladder have seen their salaries increase exponentially whir those at the bottom of the economic ladder have seen their salaries be lowered or their jobs eliminated), etc.
I am tired of the greedy bums in Congress who do NOT represent the voters or the majority of the people, just their special interest groups and themselves.
It seems this congress has forgotton just who they're supposed to work for!
The Constitution says "of, by and for the people!
Not corporations!
George Washington said the right of the people to recall is included in the Constitution. And, there is already a federal recall. So, there is no need for a petition. Since a recall is already in effect, we stand a better chance working together. Stand behind
23 Republicans. That's it. 23 Republicans led by Senator Ted Cruz stood up for the American people. Ted Cruz force the vote of whether President Obama illegal Amnesty was Constitutional or not. We now know who the other 74 cowards are, who deceive the American people. Re-call them. Get rid of them. This is a bad turning point for America. The rest of them cowards all they did was reward their big donors and lobbyist. Those who voted for the President amnesty, start calling them and asked them why? Why did you all do this to us. We trusted you. We voted for you to change the course this country is going. Yet money talks. Not the American voter.
The People must stand together to remind the Politicians that WE hold the power.
We the people need to take back our country.
we need to stop the reckless behavior of our elected officials before they take down our society
A fresh start with less corrupted yes men in office would be famtastic! While protecting the Constitution of the United States and all that this Nation was formed to represent.
I feel the entire Democratic Party should be Recalled because of the deception of all U.S. Citizens in the passing of the Affordable Care Act. The people were never able to vote on the law. No Republican's voted on the law. The law was written in a convoluted manner as to confuse the exact meaning of this law. To put it bluntly we were tricked, forced, lied too, and according to a video that was just aired of one of the developers of the law too stupid to understand it.