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Remove Nancy Pelosi from office, now!

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She is unacceptable!

Nancy Pelosi MUST be removed as Speaker of the House!

Please sign this petition.

If you still believe that the path our country is on can be righted?

If you still believe that the laws MUST apply to ALL?

If you believe our Constitution is under attack and has been for some time?

And if it is your hope ??that government of the People, by the People and for the People, shall not perish from the earth.??

Then Please sign this petition and circulate it as widely as you can!

To remove the Obstacles of Impeachment and to hold this administration accountable.

Please sign this petition and send a strong message to the Congress.

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4 hours ago
Someone from Metuchen, NJ writes:
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Her and Mc Cain should be removed
17 hours ago
Someone from Temecula, CA writes:
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She has become an emotional and irrational presenter of hyperbole, becoming a divider of parties and not working to bring the country together. Her presentations shown on the news incite mass protest under the belief of false information that much of the public wants to believe.
2 days ago
Rob I. from Chino Hills, CA signed.
3 days ago
Someone from Little Falls, NJ writes:
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Nancy Pelosi is out of control. She does not make sense and cannot even speak intelligently. It'seems very embarrassing to see her on tv. Pelosi looks as though she is under the influence of something. Time for her to go!
4 days ago
Someone from Lincoln, NE writes:
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She's going crazy fuming about Pres. Trump. Look at her eyes. Need to get rid of her now!!!
5 days ago
Sharon W. from Duncannon, PA writes:
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I feel that her actions and the way she handles herself in public doesn't reflect a correct and true manner of the Speaker of the House. She acts as if she is above the law and is unapproachable. The way she is is a disgrace to young females that are looking for a role model. I think her actions and manners are incorrect she needs removed.
5 days ago
Roberto D. from Las Vegas, NV signed.
5 days ago
Someone from Altadena, CA writes:
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As if it wasn't bad enough that Nancy Pelosi believed a fake Flynn Twitter account, she condescendingly schooled the Dem's in what a "scapegoat" is. First, how stupid! Second, how insulting! She is showing signs of senility and, obviously, not fit to continue as Senate Minority leader.
6 days ago
Someone from Clovis, CA writes:
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She is losing it!!
6 days ago
Lisa K. from Tupelo, MS writes:
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Yes she is senile, but she's sneaky. She is just as evil as Obama is. They are both yellow bellied, slimy snakes! We got rid of him but we can't stop fighting now! Our Country, our way of life, our President, and our children's future need all of us to stand strong and steadfast now more than ever! We have got to help our President finish what we all started when we elected him. Drain the swamp, get rid of Nancy pelosi now!!!