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We, the undersigned, are writing in hopes of bringing to your attention a dire misjustice that is occuring in our state as well as many others across the US. Laws inacted to protect the victims of the vile crime of domestic violence are being misused by both citizens as well as law enforcement, and in this process innocent men's lives are being destroyed. In most states, the burden of proof is being thrown out and the simple word of the acuser is being taken without question, many times without the accused even being allowed to speak. True victims of domestic violence, some of whose names you will find below, find this to be deplorable. Not only can a woman falsely accuse a man of domestic violence without fear of consequence, but the accused man has no voice against her. The accuser can be a mentally disturbed individual using such laws to exact her revenge against a man who simply does not want to be in a relationship anymore, and her word is automatically taken, even when no evidence is in place. The man in such cases is automatically arrested, injunctions are automatically set in place, and even if he is able to prove his innocence in court he has lost months of his life due to the fact that she cried wolf. Worse yet are the cases of these innocent men who are poor and have no means to hire private attorneys. Their public defenders assume they are guilty and therefore do only the bare necessities to be their legal voice.We are not in any way asking for a revocation of the laws that protect true victims of domestic violence. Our wish is that these laws be revisited and indications made to to allow for criminal and civil prosecution when someone, whether male or female, has misused these laws in a vindictive and cunning way. We also would ask that law enforcement officers, public attorneys, and judges be forced to recognize the precept that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, in the cases of domestic violence accusations, the opposite is true. An example of this is that of a 20 year old Florida resident who made the bond that was set for him, only to be picked up the very next day without provocation. The acuser in this case simply told the court she was afraid. He had done nothing in terms of trying to contact her or see her, and was not without several witnesses the few short hours he was free. Something must be done to prevent those who would lie about being a victim of domestic violence from continuing to do so. If it is not, our prisons will be overrun with innocent men and our streets will be controlled by the women who sent them there.

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hi, am Anderson, i had my friend help me hack my ex's email, facebook, whatsapp,and his phone cause i suspected he was cheating. all he asked for was a his phone number. he's email is ( u need help tell him Anderson referred you to him and he'll help. Am sure his going to help you do it, good luck
I'm trying to see what I can do about this situation with my kids. It seems like people don't care but my kids mom done did everything to try to hurt me just because I don't want to be with her,she even came up with this thing that I mess with my kids and they drop it but to remind you that I have never been a long with my kids or change their pampers. Do anyone care. Now I see why dad's not in their kids life. How much does a person have to put up with.
I'm trying to see what I can do about this situation with my kids. It seems like people don't care but my kids mom done did everything to try to hurt me just because I don't want to be with her,she even came up with this thing that I mess with my kids and they drop it but to remind you that I have never been a long with my kids or change their pampers. Do anyone care. Now I see why dad's not in their kids life. How much does a person have to put up with.
I have not seen my daughter's in years they won't speak to be because two years ago they tried to reach out to me. When They did their mother came up with this story that I was waiting for her outside her door and started yelling at her about the kids then she got in the car and met me in a empty parking lot where I assaulted her. I had not seen her in ten years at least. I have no clue where she lives and she would never meet me in a parking lot she would never even open the door. All this because she doesn't want my daughter's around me because then they will know the truth about.
I myself I'm also being falsely accused of domestic violence. In fact I was the victim of domestic violence.
joe landry sits in jail false allegations due domestic they listen to the nuts
.judges dont care
My husband and his cousin have set me up for falsifying a 911 call and taped me while I was yelling at him while being assaulted by both! I called 911 that day due to the assault and the police spent most of the time interviewing my husband and female cousin. I have been falsely accused by the State Of Michigan. The State of Michigan vs "ME" What is wrong with this system, someone please help! I go to court again on the 6th of September for a prescreening before a trial begins "is anyone going to let me show my proof?
My wife cheated with my own brother. She was drinking and I told her to sleep in other room. She gets car keys and I take them. Later she sneaks in the room, gets keys, takes off, gets DUI in another county, cries domestic violence, gets off DUI, I get fasley accused, wrongfully convicted of DV in front of a judge that allows her cousin on the jury. Now she continues to mentally and emotionally abuse me via protective order and home arrest. There is no justice at all against this unconstitutional law by Joe Biden and William Clinton!
My son going through this right now.
they are no husband and i are apart because of scumb bag nexr door neighbor false allegations suffocation dangerous weapon ab so lawyer done nothing i paid over 1og******done. hewas suupposed to get evrything had time ,went to court aug 17 lawyer threatening me for money and showed up his dad died went to court he asked continuance waste time postponed till oct 6 be 10months till thenshit done. this woman tina lima is horrible with her family all junk bags liars her drunk .never went the hospital judge said oh hes guilty .my poor husband sits there day after day not knowing anything courts suck and cops lied let this******bagtina lima they know her and let her drive drunk ashes a danger why not locker up 51a and family services take the daughter. lies the son did to grandjury .all connected cops lawyers judges and cops da manipulated her son in lying.last week she tried with me no igot note from, my rnp she can go to to hell da manipulator when my husbands lawyer walked away. sneaky wolfe,joe landry sitting in middleton till whenever could get 5 to 10 yrs while this scumbag walks.tina lima a liar son husband drug bag drives fedex, tina lima got horrible criminal record judge wont even look at it.peabody cops are no good.i hate cops all no good they get what they deserve,clandry liars peabody cops
june11 i told my wife we need time away from each other so she left the house. 2days later nock on the door its the cops with a restraining order based on lies and accusations claiming domestic violence . so the order restrained me from the house we own,both cars, the dog she hates here goes the kicker ! i was taking care of my mom in the house shes a 61 y old beautiful women after i left the house my soon to be X wife drops her off at the ER like as if she was a dog. then i find out she moves her new boy friend in are HOUSE ! so yeah life suck im a victim of unfortunate! there should be AVOC that help men and women that are victims of CRY WOLF or some program to help people like us.
To Teresa Y. in Marcus Hook, PA..... Get all the evidence you can, but unfortunately, I seriously doubt that they will consider ANY of your evidence, at ALL! These "hearings" are a "rubber stamping" process, my friend... sad, but true. The Judge doesn't CARE, at all! NONE! These judges KNOW that almost every one of these cases is a he said / she said... Its just one persons' word against the other person's word... and its impossible to tell who's lying... So, they don't even try! So, you would think that, if the "accuser" can't PROVE that they were abused, then the courts can't do anything to the "accused".... you know, that innocent until proven guilty thing?.... WRONG!! When it comes to a Protective Order / Restraining Order, unless the "accuser" purposely DESTROYS their own case, and is a complete and obvious liar (they have to be a REALLY bad liar, AND get CAUGHT in an obvious lie IN COURT), then the Judge will "err on the side of caution"... EVERY TIME!! They've been "erring on the side of caution" for YEARS now, which has resulted in MILLIONS of falsely accused citizens, being thrown out of their OWN homes, labelled "abusers", and even thrown in jail (some of these people commit suicide, because they can't handle having their life destroyed over a COMPLETE lie). They say "erring on the side of caution"... but in reality, its destroying a person's life over NOTHING but an accusation! Literally, guilty unless you can PROVE yourself innocent, and they won't even LISTEN to your evidence!... Cause they don't have time, and they also don't CARE! ...and even if the accuser gets caught in a lie BY the JUDGE, the WORST that can happen to them is, they don't get the Protective Order or Restraining Order... that's it!.... they will NEVER be prosecuted for falsely accusing... NEVER! They are guaranteed to NOT be prosecuted. 2-3 MILLION of these orders issued EVERY year.... ZERO prosecutions for lying to get one... go ahead, try to prove me wrong.... ZERO!! NEVER!!... in ANY State... EVER!!! My wife ADMITTED to the Judge (in the Protective Order hearing), that she had lied, and that I had NEVER laid a hand on her, ever.... HE STILL issued the Protective Order because, (and these are his EXACT words), "I don't see where she's in any danger, but I'm going to extend the Protective Order for 60 days because, you two can't get along"! So, with that, she got possession of EVERYTHING we owned (including the house), and I was homeless, and labelled an "abuser". She later got it extended, and I was NEVER allowed to go back to my own house... NEVER! She took EVERYTHING... even my clothes! See, the Feminists love this! They KNOW they can DESTROY any man they want, and legally STEAL from any man they wan't... the LEO'S and court system are their "muscle".

This problem with false accusations is WRITTEN into the LAWS!! Congress circumvented the US Constitution with Protective Orders and Restraining Orders... Yes, EVERYONE'S MOST BASIC civil