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Our Nations Animals Have No Protection Against Abuse By Humans! They Are Neglected, Abandoned, Mistreated BY Their Owners & Some Shelter Workers. Victims Of Hoarders, Back Yard Breeders. Animals Are Dumped @ Shelters By The Hundreds & Thousands Daily By Their Owners, That Decide They Don't Want Their Pets Anymore! & Use Lame Excuses. Over Bred Moms & Dads Are Dumped When They Can't Breed Anymore! We Need Serious Reform For The welfare Of Our Animals***Striving For A No Kill Nation** I Work With A Huge Army Of Animal Lovers *We Work Posting Shelter Animals 24/7*365 Days & Nights A Year*The Treatment Of Animals Is Barbaric & Cruel* By Pet Owners & Some Shelter Workers: There Are Empty Cages World Wide! Only10% Of Animals Are Saved! They Believe in The Concept: ( Better Dead Than Fed) Animals Are Euthanized Un-Necessarily! I Want To See Animal Rights Laws Changed To Protect Animals & No Kill Sanctuaries Implemented in Place Of Shelters! Which Will Be Monitored & Inspected! I Have a Proposal In Place* Enclosed:...2014.....
1. Spay/Neuter Laws Passed
2. Puppy Mills, Breeders Stopped
3. Stop Breed Specification
4. Ban Gas Chambers & Heart Stick Killing
5. Empty shelters
6. No Animal Killed
7. Live Their Lives Out In Sanctuaries
8. No Animal Left Behind
9. Strong Abuse Punishments
10. End To Dog Fighting
11. Pet "Owner " Changed To Pet "Guardian"
12. Laws Changed So That Pets Are Not Viewed As Property
13. Animal Abuse Registry
14. Ban The Sales Of Pets Sold IN Stores
15. The Next Generation *TAUGHT * To & Respect Animals
16. Everyone & Respect (ANIMAL RIGHTS)
17. People Stop Ignoring The Problem And Do Something About It!!
When you see suffering, or evil in this world, there is no neutral ground* Do what you can to stop it *We Need New Laws To Stop This Craziness! We Are a Huge Network Of Animal Lovers Working 24/7 To Post Shelter Animals On fb & 90% Never Make It Out *They Are Killed* We Can't Spend Our Lives Saving 10 % Of Our Beautiful Shelter Animals Constantly Cleaning Up The Messes Made By Irresponsible & greedy People On A Daily Basis, Just because They Can Get Away With It *They Dump Their Unwanted Pets & Use Lame Excuses * Back Yard Breeders DUMP Over Bred Moms & Pops & Puppies @ Shelters By The Thousands Daily *People Need Laws To Follow & Education About Animals * We Need To "TEACH" The Next Generation Love & Respect For Animals & ANIMALS RIGHTS* PERPETRATORS WILL RECEIVE SEVERE PUNISHMENT * HEAVY JAIL TIME & Out OF POCKET *No Animal Will Be Left Behind* People Will Be Screened Thoroughly Before They Can Adopt Pets* ONLY NO KILL SANCTUARIES WILL EXIST *There Will Be NO PETS KILLED *Seniors & Pets That Can't Be Placed Will Live Out Their Lives In These Clean Environments In ALL STATES, With Love & NO FEAR * All Employees Will Be Screened *Drug Tested* Background Checks* Anger Management* Mandatory To Take Some Animal Training Classes To Better Work With > Depressed* Heart Broken* Frightened D

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2 days ago
Someone from Grantsville, UT writes:
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STOP Animal Abuse and Cruelty!!! Laws need to be stronger. There needs to be an official list (like rapists and sexual offenders have), that is for Animal Abusers to ban them from ever owning an animal again. There needs to be HUGE fines and there needs to be jail time 10-15 years. These precious animals do not have a voice of their own. So I am their voice and I'm telling you this needs to stop. In addition you need to empower people to be able to step in and stop abuse if they witness it, report it and immediately take the animal to a vet for care. I won't stand by and watch people abuse animals. Those that perform these hideous acts, think it's funny and hilarious. It is not. I would prefer the punishment fitting the crime, an eye for an eye. However, Human Rights groups would scream, "IN-HUMAINE", that's right. It is in-humaine, even to animals. Animals can feel everything we can feel; Fear, Pain, Terror, Protect the ones they love, defend their family, Hunger, Thirst, Happiness, Joy, Sadness, just because they walk on all 4's and speak a language we do not understand does not make them any less human than we are. Change the laws!!!
5 days ago
David D. from Winthrop, MA signed.
5 days ago
wanda g. from Demorest, GA writes:
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Living, loving and breathing animals....not property...
October 13, 2016
Paula R. from Brighton, CO writes:
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Animals (pets) are like children. They rely on us for their care to keep them alive, much like a baby. If you see neglect/abuse to a child you should/would report. It is no different in the case of an animal. Laws need to be changed regarding cruelty to animals. They are vague and need to be updated. Animals don't have a voice. We are their voice. The difference between a pet and a human is that our pets truely love us unconditionally.
October 11, 2016
Sally P. from Seattle, WA writes:
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It is past time for humans to step up and pass laws to protect animals and also punish the abusers with incarceration and online registry. Education for awareness about this issue must be implanted into the grade school curriculums which is the time abusers start manifesting their violent perversions. We need to encourage people to not be afraid to report animal abuse. Animals need and deserver our help!
October 9, 2016
Lorraine M. from Centereach, NY signed.
October 9, 2016
Lorraine M. from Centereach, NY signed.
October 9, 2016
Lorraine M. from Centereach, NY signed.
October 9, 2016
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September 26, 2016
Someone from Caldwell, ID writes:
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Humans are selfish animals. They only care about themselves, its time to change that.