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We, the undersigned, are requesting U.S. Congresspersons, Senators, and other Government employees and appointees to address the issue of ongoing geoengineering and HAARP activity that is taking place without the consent of the population. We are demanding that our government disclose information about such activity. As citizens of the U.S., we expect our government officials to represent us, address our valid concerns, and take action to terminate such environmentally risky programs that are also having a severe impact, both short and long term, on the health of our population.

The results of rainwater tests, soil sample tests, and standing water tests that have been done in various areas of the U.S. are all showing alarmingly high levels of aluminum, barium, strontium, other harmful substances. The heavy metal test results are consistent with ongoing discussions and existing patents for Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering. These heavy metals remain in our atmosphere and are falling upon our soil, our water supply, and our food supply. We are inhaling heavy metal particulate matter on an ongoing basis, and these nanoparticle-sized metals are being absorbed by our bodies, by those of our pets and livestock, and by our produce. Most notably, it is causing long term air pollution, resulting in severe respiratory diseases in our population, especially among those people most vulnerable.

The aerosolized metals being sprayed from jet aircraft are having a devastating effect on our trees, gardens, water and farms. Irreversible damage is being done to our ecosystems, and to our soil and water supply. Aluminum, once it enters the ecosystem, can never be removed.

We acknowledge that the negative effects of geoengineering extend far beyond the environment and the health of all living things. The damage that is occurring will have immeasurable effects on the economy, in the form of lost solar production, damage to crops, lost tourism income, and devalued real estate, among other industries.

We owe it to the next generation and all future generations to disclose the United States role in geoengineering and HAARP and to demand that it be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY!

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Stop please stop this i dont want to die and i have a baby and my baby deserves to live
If you do not take action, we will.
Open and honest please!!
Every day they spray...CONgress looks the other way.....
You can ignore it, yet know it's true, it is killing you too.
Destroying the sky before our eyes
Can't you hear the children cry?
Psychos running us out of time...
Poisoning the soil, water, and air is their Crime.
Representatives who aren't representing are it really worth that extra dime?
What will you tell your children, that you did, to preserve their natural rights?? What difference will you make this time??
This is a disgrace to mankind. You should be ashamed of yourselves.Gid created this world and you are not him. You need to leave mother nature alone. If you don't like it leave this world. The reason you know about statistics on all kinds of diseases is because you create them and create the environment for them to breed. You as congress arensup p sent protect the citizens of this conutry not put money in your pocket while you allow these big corporations and other elitist entities control and destroy our world!!!!
Why is Congress sitting back and doing NOTHING to stop geo-engineering chemical spraying by planes and drones that is occurring EVERYWHERE and harming people, the tree's, the animals, the sea's and waterways, the earth, etc.? This is an outrage and Congress should do something to stop whoever is controlling this even if it's the UN/NATO. Congress is suppose to be protecting the people and the USA,,, not sitting back and looking the other way while other's destroy us. Tree's are dying everywhere in the Northeast. The bee's are dead. The animals are disappearing. The birds, what few are left are small and thin. THEY ARE POISONING ALL OF US! PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!
I have watched the spraying operations conducted nearly everyday in the sky above Sonoma County, California for several years now. If this type of conduct is designed to be for beneficial weather control why are we in such a severe drought or is that the intent of the spraying in our skies? Either way there have been no beneficial effects to justify such mass poisoning of the U.S. population and environment and needs to be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY.
Want to stop global warming? Plant trees and more trees.we learned this in 5th grade. Trees are our filtering system and oxygen. Take care of nature she will take care of you. But we all know the chemtrails isn't for environment savings. We of the people have the right to come forth and say this is enough. We are tired of being sick physically from the chemicals the military and government are spewing forth us without permission. I hope you are aware you are posioning yourself as well.. to add to the fact numerous of cases have been coming forth in drs offices around Florida with upper respiratory infections from these so called chemtrails . Cease the chemicals , stop poisoning the damn country.
enough is enough!
This has to stop.
Because of all of the above, TERMINATE THIS ACTION IMMEDIATELY!
Christians have the responsibility to use the body properly because our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.We must ban all this and remember our duty to care of the body.
Christians are concerned about the physical well-being of ourselves and others.
docs need to test heavy metals on patients!
My family and I have as much right to fresh, breathable air as anyone. Man belongs to the Earth. Earth does not belong to Man, in spite of what many misdirected humans believe.