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To Whom It May Concern:

We the undersigned do formally oppose the forthcoming "Dog Meat Eating Festival" Yulin Guanxi China (21-23rd June) and support the opposition from Chinese activist Mrs Du Yufeng who has appealed in person to the Major of Yulin. We formally request you take action diplomatically or otherwise to stop this festival.

We formally ask you to urge the Chinese Government put into place Legislation to protect the welfare of Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade and stop turning a blind eye to this horrible tradition.

We respectfully let you know the 5 Rights of All Sentient beings adopted by the World's Farming Communities and International Animal Welfare Organizations:Freedom from Hunger and Thirst - by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour. Freedom from Discomfort - by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area. Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease - by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour - by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal's own kind. Freedom from Fear and Distress - by ensuring conditions and treatment, which avoid mental suffering.We remind you of trade of agreements in place, which include the provision of the same.

We will also let you know that at the Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness in July 2012, Eminent Scientist Stephen Hawking amongst others confirmed animals, especially those of a companion kind ( dogs and cats) have a high degree of consciousness and feel pain.

We appeal to Chinese clemency and respect the wish they certainly have to present a good image of China on an International touristic level. We inform you that an opposition has been lodged with the OIE. World Organization for Animal Health, Paris (of which China is a member) and the United Nations for Farm Animal Welfare as well as with our respective governments. The British Government has already written in opposition and we expect the American Government to follow suit, which I believe will.

We give you due notice that a peaceful yet determined presence will be maintained outside each and every one of the consulates and embassy's and Chinese Trading towns worldwide and that we have secured extensive international press coverage.

In summary. We respectfully remind you that deliberately torturing, beating, skinning and boiling alive dogs and cats at a public festival is not just unacceptable in this Millenium and that it Is time to set cultural difference aside on this issue and end what is universally deemed FOOD TORTURE CULTURE .

Dog and cat meat is an unclassified , unregulated source of food and the risk to health and disease of your fellow citizens is a real possibility.

I believe upon the follow facts above you will find it in the best interest of the United States Fellow Citizens to follow these actions. Thank you so much for your time and attention.

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3 days ago
Pam R. from Littleton, CO writes:
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Please stop this evil torture of innocent lovely animals.
1 week ago
Someone from Anaheim, CA writes:
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I am not a vegetarian or vegan . I would give my life for my dog and he has already saved mine. My dog can detect when my blood sugar is low or if someone is in pain or sick. You want to slaughter when so many are sick ? They work beyond meat production could for a festival. I thought you were advanced in Science knowing dogs can detect cancer and illness.
November 23, 2016
Maria v. from Centralia, KS writes:
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Stop dit gruwelijk martelen van de dieren. Stop, stop!!!!
just now
Maria v. from Centralia, KS writes:
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Stop dit gruwelijk martelen van de dieren. Stop, stop!!!!
November 22, 2016
Cinzia A. from Cave Creek, AZ signed.
November 21, 2016
Patricia F. from Lincoln, NE writes:
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Please stop the slaughter of dogz and cats. You can do something about this evil dog and cat meat trade. This is against humanity and all that we stand for. We do not torture man's best friend for food. These animals do work for us. Seeing eye dogs, support dogs, Military dogs, Canine Rescue dogs, Drug sniffing dogs, even warning their humans they sense cancer., and others. These animals loving and show feelings. How can you eat tbem.
November 18, 2016
Andrea M. from Brentwood, CA writes:
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The Dog&Cat Meat Trade is the most EVIL, ABOMINABLE, and IMORAL form of torture seeing by modern society. It is appalling to know that your country allows this cruelty agains such sentient beings to happen, where you use ludicrous beliefs to profit from it. The world is watching, and perceiving your nation as heartless , where we will not support until you bring this trade to an end.
November 17, 2016
Pam M. from Newport, RI signed.
November 15, 2016
Giuseppe B. from Fort Knox, KY signed.
November 14, 2016
Sharon M. writes:
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Stop this barbaric torture of cats and dogs.