Witch hunt

First, let me say that I am in no way minimizing those who suffer from addiction, including those that have died. 3 neck surgeries in 4 years, all have created my issues. What I don't appreciate is the fact that the demonization of opiate pain meds has led to a modern day with hunt. Sadly, the domino effect created by governmental agencies (DEA), has left chronic pain sufferers without proper access to meds. The CDC is also to blame for the lack of access as well. Worst of all, as a vet who uses the VA, pain management will not prescribe opiates. Doctors do not want to risk their medical license, nor do they want to lose their DEA license. Understandably so. The fear medical professionals feel is real. Lastly, people wonder why people have turned to heroin and suicide as their source of pain relief. The blood of all those affected by this travesty is on the hands of the CDC and the DEA.