Trump and the Watergate papers relate to my direct living trust.... In camanche Iowa with the estate of James Richardson and now with the living will here in Dewitt Iowa. Myron Brockmeyer also known as Jim Owen has created a living trust In my name and Springbrook is working with the first assembly Church of God to take that from me. I am the princess of Armenia and they are trying to take over my property with civil forfeiture and the Dewitt police department. They are fighting to gain the land of the Lassen farm in low moor to determine which school gets the other trust and charitable donation. They turned me into a Pathfinder and put me under speculation. They also have me in virtual reality go check with Springbrook and the police department. They are trying to frame me for drug trafficking by using my likeness in virtual reality. For the drug trafficking of Steve or Carl LeQue driving the semi. Cheryl Jean LeQue in partnership with Springbrook had changed the camanche estate and is now trying to change the Dewitt living trust. She is my sister and is working with the police in Dewitt Iowa. The Watergate papers that Donald Trump is holding state it is all mine the princess of Armenia. Donald Trump and the Brent Kavanaugh witchery is happening right here in Dewitt. Cheryl Jean LeQue aka Cheryl Pray Is a witch and should be burned at the stake. She used work for Lloyd Brockmeyer at first assembly Church of God in 1993 when they began with a blue bus in the middle of the country. They molest and sodemnize children it's happening now in Dewitt with the corner Stone Church who brainwash and hypnotise the public. Please be careful if u send your kids to Bible School they along with dhs are trying to hold it children from you. Look into dhs and the 28000 people on child abuse registry in Iowa n Carolina Michigan Quebec and Maryland. Iowa is already being investigated. Judge Watson and public fefenders Martha Cox and John kies in clinton county Ashley McDaniels, Grace oldsen as social workers in clinton county are all involved in trying to get some free money. The non profit org or dhs was opened by Myron Brockmeyer twin brother of Lloyd Brockmeyer who is now trying to make this a Muslim country or a pagan but both are evil. Springbrook is a cult a d they have taken my children and sodemnize them and held them thru families first also a Myron Brockmeyer owned company. Steve strive Lexus Gregory Landon Gregory Cody Lassen are all going through the same thing with the common denominators all having excessive bail and double Jeopardy and all in clinton county