Support Concurrent Resolution Condemning Military Coup in Sudan

'm writing to express my support for the DAV21N85 Concurrent Resolution introduced by Senators Menendez and Rich and Representatives Meeks and McCaul titled “Condemning the Oct 25th, 2021 Military Coup in Sudan and standing with the people of Sudan” and request your co-sponsorship and vote for it. What's happening in Sudan is of grave concern to Sudanese Americans in the diaspora and to all Americans who believe in democracy, justice and peace. The people of Sudan have suffered for three decades under the military dictatorship rule of Omar Al-Bashir and led one of the most inspiring peaceful protests to bring down that regime in 2018. The transitional government was put in place in partnership between the civilian and Military leaders to enable the government to move to a full democratic elected process. On October 25th the military leader General Al-Burhan decided to lead a military coup in Sudan the same day he met with the US Special Envoy to Africa Jeffery Feltman where he lied and deceived him. General Burhan is holding the respected civilian Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok hostage on house arrest. Many cabinet members were also arrested along with other pro-democracy activists. Internet, phone and radio communication channels have been cut off from Sudan since Oct 25th! I urge you on behalf of the Americans supporting democracy to vote YES and co-sponor this important resolution.