Stop the corrupt CPS system in Welch West Virginia

Please help WV families by launching a criminal investigation into CPS agencies. There are so many children and families being destroyed by the lies and corruption of these caseworkers as well as the circuit court judges and guardians ad litem that are only mouthpieces for the caseworkers. There has got to be accountability for what these people are doing to our families. Me and my Girlfriend just had a baby on June 28th 2018 and Welch West Virginia DHHR case worker Regina O Neal was at the hospital the very next day she had never talked to us she had never met us she had never been through our home and already had her supervisor James Long at the courthouse filing a bogus petition to remove our daughter from our custody without any investigation she lied on the court petition she said that she could not supply a doctor's name my girlfriend was in treatment for opiate addiction and they dosed her in the hospital but she has been clean for two years she was in the clinic when she found out she was pregnant and it has been two and a half months and they keep prolonging the court dates I have had DNA done to prove that she belongs to me and they just keep coming up with one thing after another to keep our daughter out of our home please someone help I want to know where I can have done I want to know on what grounds that they took her from my custody because they have no allegations against me I have had no power CPS cases or anything and I still took her out of my custody also please someone help they lied on the court petition took are child before even conducting an investigation whatsoever and my girlfriend has all the paperwork from the very first day she found out she was pregnant up until now all we want is our daughter to come home I have already lost two and a half months of her life that I can never get back and I think Welch West Virginia CPS needs to pay for perjury they lied just to take our baby from us please help someone stop Welch West Virginia CPS from doing this to another family me or her either one is on any drugs we have a nice home we have a nice vehicle and CPS is just lying on us like I said I have already missed two and a half months of my newborn baby's life that I can never get back and I think they need to pay we commit perjury in the court and we get in trouble why shouldn't CPS get in trouble for their lies and correction Welch West Virginia is so corrupt so many families has lost their children over there lies

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