Stimulus for All, and not just for the unemployed

We ( the group on SSA and SSI and all the essential workers are the ones that have been labeled by the government into a group that isn't included or important enough to receive the extra $600 weekly stimulus) The government abandoned the group that wasn't collecting unemployment. We are told we are not hurting because we get paid every month. Yet we are hurting, the cost of living has gone way up. For us rather it is our age or disability we just can't go out and easily get a job. Our income is fixed and it is a big slap in the face watching the unemployed group matter more than us. I wonder if the shoe were on the other foot would they have stayed so quiet and let it be allowed as we did for them? I have collected unemployment in some of my working years and no one thought to give me an extra $600 weekly. I will not be made to feel ashamed or keep quiet because I rightfully collect my SSA. We watched while the unemployed received an extra $600 weekly yes weekly, and also received the one-time stimulus. How is that fair as they were collecting their regular unemployment? The unemployed are getting their weekly stimulus yet, people on SSA and SSI and the essential workers are so wrongly overlooked, how is that fair? It blows my mind this overlooked group didn't demand once to the government, that we too deserve a weekly stimulus of $600 as well. Our group contributes just as much to the economy as the unemployed, we are not second class citizens. The essential workers are the workers who have worked through this COVID-19 virus and should be getting that extra $600 weekly stimulus without question. Canada and Australia have given ALL their citizens monthly stimulus since the beginning and Canada has recently extended it. Our government should have given a monthly stimulus to ALL it's citizens and not single out any one group to be left out as All LIVES matter. It is hurtful and humiliating that our government has not done right by all of us. It is my hope that all SSA and SSI and especially the essential worker demand our right to stimulus and not be single out that a certain group is more important. This time I have written letters to our government and have voiced my concerns. We need to demand the extra $600 weekly stimulus be now paid to the group above who did not receive it, and that the stimulus is to be given to our group retroactively. Please write to our government and demand to be treated fairly. Please don't sit by and watch this time, speak up make your voice heard. Kevin is making it clear with today's post that our group is once again to be left out of receiving the extended stimulus. That our government is thinking of only giving the stimulus to only the unemployed group. Please don't let this injustice happen to us this time around. Please voice your concerns, don't let this bill be extended without all groups being rightfully included this time around. The government is sitting on their hands waiting until July 31st to vote on extending the unemployed weekly $600 stimulus that will run out July 31st. They are waiting to see how many of them are going back to work. Again, our group suffers while our government looks at the unemployed being the only group that matters to the economy. Remember to Vote and Vote out all those in our government who thought and still thinks our group doesn't matter.