So abused add infinity

I have been stalked for decades now. The last couple of years have been brutal. They have now resorted to using electronic devices to make me have terrible dreams of which kind I have never had very bizzare. I m loosing the ability to hold intelligent conversations, memory lapse, critical thinking , mental focus . I rent a room ion a air bnb and a indian named Bala lives here to he is a gang stocker. He is the one hurting me poisoning me with electronic devices .My heart is hurting I wake up sweating and my bed is very warm for some unknown reason .Bala has the room below me When I first met him we had a conversation and his eyes wen weid turnig in kind of circles or left right movements something subconsous was happening to him. He is the one I believe is hurting me in the house with a electronic device at night muscle twitches,sweating wakeing up with chest pains have been checked out by doctors and no reason was for my pains or mental confusion lack of abilities lost suddenly. I live at 1436 phlox ave Patterson ca 95363 . I stay because I feel its better to fight than to run that's what they want so im willing to give my life for the cause or focusing the governments eyes on this Gang Stalking in our America . Please help Billy Dickens