Remove all Persons' Names from all Buildings, Streets, and other Public Places

Since the beginning of the recent BLM movement, most of the government officials are moving to grant any requests to change the face of our country for a few. BLM calls for equality and unity, yet what is being accomplished is as one sided as any legislation could ever be. In order to have unity and equality, the decisions made in all forms of government must be for all people, not just a few. I propose that the Congress, Senate, and our President look into these decisions made by you and the states and municipalities for equality and unity. If we are going to take down all Confederate monuments and remove every Confederate name from schools and other buildings, streets, and other places, then all Black monuments, every Black name from and other buildings, streets, and other places must be removed also. Then, and only then will there be equality and unity. In addition, there should not be a federal or state holiday for Juneteenth, when the BLM says they want to remove the reminders of their past.