Refused to view MRI proof of condition.

I was in the emergency room of Acirus hospital in Wausau WI requesting adaquit pain medication for a degenerative spine condition, which is exactly painful, & was told that because of the CDC's new mandate they couldn't prescribe any adaquit medication, & they refused to look a MRI proving the condition. It doesn't matter what the condition is the answer to help me is denied because of the CDC's new agenda to take Total control of the doctors ability to describe as needed. they refusing to to prescribe 93% of the population with my condition any adaquit pain medication, because 7% of might develop a problem with the medication. And out of the 7% they're aren't interested in just how many of the people that are leaguely prescribed the medication do develop a problem, & how many are drug abusers that overdose. Since pain is seldomly fatal, let them all suffer. The needs of the many don't out weigh the needs of the few. And as Bengerman Franklin said, those that are willing to give up some of there freedom to gain some temporary protection deserve neather.

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