SOCIAL SECURITY Was a program designed to keep seniors out of poverty in their retirement years after they lost so much in the 1929 crash, and the ensuing great depression of the early 1930s. In 1937 SS began by taking 2% of the first $3,000 of wages for a maximum of $60 annually. It began as a $1 in by taxpayers, and - $1 out to retirees with very little imbalance at the end of each year. THAT ALL CHANGED In the early 1980s when the American people were told SS was on the verge of bankruptcy. This scare resulted in the people demanding a solution, and in response SS reform legislation was passed, and signed into lawa in April of 1983. SS saved for the next 75 years was the headline. SS WAS NOW A $4 in - $5 out program with the excess dollar being used to address the short term SS on the verge of bank-ruptcy issue, and to build a cash reserve for the soon to be retiring 78 million plus baby boomers; now retiring at the rate of 10,000 a day. MILLIONS OF AMERICANS Have kept their bargain, and overpaid their SS taxes by as much as $181 billion dollars in one year alone. Unfortunately the people's partner chose a different option. They were using billions of retirement dollars annually to pay for general revenue fund debt obligations normally paid for with income, and corporate tax receipts from the more fortunate. AS A THANK YOU Working Americans saw their billions of dollars of retirement dollar over payments turned into new debt. Every retirement dollar used to pay a general revenue fund debt obligation was replaced with a new dollar of debt in the form of a Special Obligation Bond, now over $2.8 trillion dollars. THEN AS A FINAL Insult to our intelligence, the $2.85 trillion dollars of Special Obligation Bond debt the general revenue fund owes the SS trust fund magically disappears when they're listed on the SS trust fund balance sheet as a $2.85 trillion dollar asset. 2 + 2 = 5?? THERE IS A BETTER WAY And I encourage you, and your fellow members of congress to give it serious consideration adding your support. The better way forward is called the American Family & Community Rebuilding Act - AFCRA is comprehensive, community based, and constitutionally grounded. It's fully endorsed by Judge Ray Holbrook, the Tx. Judge who was instrumental in getting the Tx. counties out of the SS system, and into a retirement plan (Galveston plan) that the worker owns. These workers now retire with 3-5 times more than SS would pay, plus they have a retirement estate they own, and can pass along to their heirs. I'll finish by saying, you, your fellow members of congress, and millions of your fellow Americans have arrived, not at the end of the road, but at a fork in the road - We can no longer take it. IT'S TIME TO CHOOSE, and your choice will greatly influence my choice at voting time P.S. You may view the AFCRA plan at: www dot realjoearmy dot com or by emailing - put AFCRA in subject line

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