Pima county sheriff's

Well since this weekend the Sheriff's Department has found the protective order to be undeliverable so they are dismissing the protective order.. I was arrested for violating a court order or I'm sorry it was interfering with a judicial process even though I was at the house on Osage Drive with my daughter when I recorded my restraining order on March 3rd 2018 I included the sale transfer agreement for the house what's the judge signed stamped which should make it legal that document gave me the house so I should have had all rights but on the 21st and they came I was not at the house my daughter and I were walking down the street they arrested me take me to jail for interfering with judicial process I am now facing criminal prosecution they are proceeding to trial they have not sent me any of the paperwork they were sending it to the house on Osage but David is at I wasn't receiving any of the court summons and apparently there was a court on the 23rd or 24th of July 2018 which I missed because I was not notified or given any notice of and if it went to the house David has been keeping my mail throwing it away or hiding it from me there is now a warrant for my arrest for being the victim of domestic violence the protective order that was recorded what the judge included documents that dr. David Rubin had written where he was trying to force me into being his sex slave and if I didn't adhere to his nightly wants and wishes amounts would be deducted from my allowance I have him on video where he admits to forging my signature on some documents the documents are all false and they say that I'm an agreement that I didn't have any authorization to use the 2011 white Mercedes-Benz that he bought me this video Even and shows him admitting to it being my vehicle him and I even signed the contract at the dealership for that vehicle he's trying to get me in trouble for unauthorized use trying to get me for probably stealing the car but yet it's my car and I have many witnesses I even have him admitting to forge my signature he prescribed me between December and March 600 mg of lithium 300 mg Seroquel Trazodone and since then I've had breathing problems chest pain shortness of breath my kidneys and liver hurt I had a fever for like 3 weeks I quit taking the pills obviously but I'm afraid there's some long-term effects the DEA recently indicted dr. David Rubin 26 counts of delivering Controlled Substances one count fraudulent schemess and practices his nurse practitioner Sophia has been coming to the house to pick up checks from him she is also a witness to the prosecution June 13th he raped me I've reported this over the last two weeks I called the police probably 15 times they could have served him or arrested him they didn't he has money I don't he matters I don't judge aragus or Aragon David stated to me that's his friend that judge also signed off all liens and encumbrances on his properties right before this court stuff came up for him where they were going to seize his assets their contracts drawn up with his lawyer that stay that the Builders Square Plaza there's an unlawful marijuana cultivation him and his son own the dispensary his tenants sign these agreements with his lawyer

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