No New Monuments-Remove One Monument Remove All

Because of the recent police brutality and loss of a life in Minnesota along with the protests and rioting, Governors from various states have pronounced once again to remove confederate monuments in their cities. Discussions are already in process of what person should be on that monument location to replace the confederate monument. Installing another monument with a person's name or a portrayal of a person will never satisfy. Monuments and statues are old school and are not the answer. If we are to ever have peace in this country one thing is sure. There can never be another monument installed in this country with a persons name or portrayal of a person, for someone will be offended; someone will protest. Let's get real smart, use some wisdom and replace these monuments with peaceful things like flowers or fountains; things that make us all joyful. We want peace in our country these places should promote peace, promote joy, promote kindness, promote love, promote brotherhood. We are a diverse nation of people from all over the world with hundreds of cultures. If these places are designated to promote our country to come together and love each other and care for each other, then and only then we may begin to grow to a peaceful nation. Due to recent racial issues inclusive of marches, riots, defacing confederate monuments it is time to update this petition. I now call on Congress, the Senate, and President to remove ALL monuments across the country. If you are going to patronize one races that is not racial equality. Racial equality is all people, therefore it is evident that in order to begin to heal from this anarchy and move forward as united people, no monuments can be left inclusive of any that honor African American race. What is right for one is right for the other.