Legal kidnapping in Lauren's county, Dublin GA.

The Lauren's county dfacs, Dublin,GA. Is a corrupt, lying, broken system. On November 7,2020 This illegal system came into my life! I had someone call them from 4500 miles away from me with only assumptions. The caseworker (investigater) Tina Barr's came to my house with her absolute ridiculous accusations! This demon stated she had a call that I was using methamphetamines. I told her NUMEROUS times that I would be more than happy to give her a drug test. Ultimately she refused to test me! She said that I was too eager to test. You dang right! Because as soon as I test & prove that I have no drugs in my system then she had absolutely no case! She told me That she knew that there were ways out there to pass a urine & hair follicle test. She kept calling me a meth head & that I was on meth. She stated that that I had lost weight from the last time she saw me (3 years prior) I had just had a baby when I met her, years prior. For me 190lbs was very heavy, the biggest I had been in my entire life. I'm 5.8 and normally range anywhere from 138-148. I can't help that, it's my genetic make up. I have always tried to gain weight my entire life. I am 42 now & have managed to pack on 10 more pounds using weight gainers & eating nothing but protein & tons of chocolate. Anyway while she was at my home (keep in mind, I own, paid for) she kept saying I shot up due to bruising. I am a very tough woman, I'm pretty much a tomboy, I have pasty white skin & clumsy as heck. I had a bruise on my knee cap that day. I have no clue from what. I bruise easily & didn't even realize it was there. Tina Barr's accused me of using a needle & shooting drugs into my knee. Now, I'm no brain surgeon but I'm not stupid either but with all the veins in my body would I shoot anything in my knee?? I have NEVER used a needle on myself in my entire life! She looked at the bruise & said that, that was not a shoot up mark. Then she said that doesn't mean you don't shoot up under your clothes. I had on a tee shirt & shorts that day. I, in my own home with this complete moron of a human being were in MY living room, I took my shorts & tee shirt off to let her inspect every inch of my body. She said she didn't see anything. Rewind, the day before I agreed to let my children go to their grandparents house for ONLY the weekend bc they were forcing me to let them go or go into foster care. That following Monday, Tina Barr's came back to my home that morning & agreed to do a drug test. I was washing dishes & she said it's ok just finish up & I'll be here at 2:30 to pick you up & take you to diversity. (A drug testing place) I absolutely agreed to the testing. She came back at 2:30 & again refused me a drug test. She said she was just going to do a random. I told her that I was going to go pick my 2 children up from their grandparents, she told me I couldn't & that I couldn't speak to them until I saw a judge I was like WHAT??? Ultimately she had just legally kidnapped my 2 children then 10 & 5. I had no clue to what was going on, she tried to get me to sign a paper saying I would go to a 6 month treatment facility. I refused to! I did sign ONLY a hippa law contract. I asked her for copies of both, she stated that she would be back that day to bring me copies. She never showed back up. The next day, Tuesday, I rode with a friend to obtain legal advice.Tina Barr's came to my home & my car was there but I was not. She called my emergency contact which was sitting right beside me & told him that I was asleep & she could not wake me. This one of her MANY LIES! I took the phone & told her I was not home & to stop assuming things. I kept in touch with her numerous times by phone & texts. Tina Barr's called an emergency hearing behind my back, I knew absolutely NOTHING about. She took the stand and told bold face lies. She told the judge that I was an I.V. drug user, that I was trying to leave the state with my children & I was packing our clothes & putting my children in the car to leave! This demon lied so much!! I knew absolutely nothing about the hearing, she lied & said that she tried calling me, that again was a lie! The judge stripped me of my rights of my children, 10 days later I hear only by word of mouth that they were having court again on my children..keep in mind, I had been through immortal hell, not eating right & definitely not sleeping right. I woke w up that morning, running a few minutes late, I ran into the court house, I walked into the court room at 9:07...the judge said court adjourned, I said your honor I was never officially notified that there was going to be a hearing. Not the first or the second. He didnt care, he put a protective order on my children against me. Therefore not only could I not go pick up my children but I couldn't even be around them without being supervised. I went 4 weeks without seeing my children due to negligence on their part. I texted & called about my children. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't afford an expensive lawyer and dfacs knew this. I climbed the chain of command with absolutely no results whatsoever!! I even reached out to both of our state representatives with no call backs, numerous times! Not only did they kidnap my children but they are seeking charges against me. 2 counts of negligence,hefty fined but most of all trying to place my 2 beautiful, angels into someone else's home & put me on the abuse/ negligence registrar. My children were in no way neglected!! Both children have their own rooms. The girls room is done in all princess things & the boys room is done in camo, deer antlers, all boy things. These 2 children have absolutely EVERYTHING they need & most of everything they want. They both are dressed in the latest designer clothes. They are also have a very structured life where breakfast is this time, lunch is this time, Dinner is this time and bath is this time & etc etc....The thing Bill Clinton signed where these evil dfacs workers being paid a bonus to steal children needs to be burned & then another bonus to place children is NUTS!!! THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN NOT AN OLD CAR OR TRUCK THAT CAN BE SOLD!!! HOW WOULD THE MORE WEALTHIER LIKE IT IF THEY CAME TO YOUR HOUSES & JUST KIDNAPPED YOUR CHILDREN? YOU WOULD Be LIVID, HURT, PISSED, HATE THE GOVERNMENT!!! JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE MONEY DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER PARENT!!! I PROMISE YOU THIS. I ONCE TOO HAD MONEY AT MY DISPOSAL & HUNG OUT WITH THE WEALTHY & MOST OF THOSE DIDN'T HAVE TIME FOR THEIR CHILDREN, THEY PAWNED THEM OFF, THAT WAS DEFINITELY NOT MY LIFESTYLE SO I HUMBLED MYSELF & DID WHAT WAS RIGHT FOR MY CHILDREN. I AM A MOTHER FIRST, I DONT HAVE TIME TO RUB ELBOWS WITH THE ELITE & PUT ON A FAKE PERSONA. I love my children very much! If one of them needed my heart today I wouldn't hesitate, I would glue the pieces back together, give them all kisses & love & tell them goodbye & see them when they get there. There's nothing short of what I would do for my children... If anyone knows anyone or if anyone knows what to do at this point please reach out to me. I go back to court on the 10th with no lawyer & I'm going to fight my best fight...Please say a prayer for my children & I Thanks in advance, Hillary Howard Stop the Legal kidnapping Justice for our children Throw the corrupt in jail!!