Iranian Houthies militias challenge UN and The international community

Honorable Donald Trump 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 June 25, 2020 Dear Mr. President The Safer tanker was used before the war as a Storage for exporting crude oil, and its tanks are currently carrying more than 1.2 million barrels of crude oil, and there is a fear of leakage due to stoppage of maintenance. The tanker Safer was a storage for the crude oil flow from Marib to the Red sea for export. For that reason it needs maintenance every year and a half. The Houthie militias did not allow the international specialists to maintain Safer tanker challenging the international serenity. Therefore, it will be a disaster if the oil spills from it and will be an environmental disaster for Yemen, the region and the whole world. In results of Houthie militias challenging the international community and the refusal of allowing maintenance, all Seafood will die from pollution and will never be back for more than 30 years. Because Iranian Houthi militias are continuing to harm the people of Yemen, the region and the world, showing no concern for any disaster that my occurs to harm Yemen and the world. the International community must take strong measures against The Houthie militias to stop its atrocities to make sure they respect the Yemeni human rights, and the water safety sources of food that life depends. Houthie militias must bind by the international law and respect human rights, international, humanitarian laws, and stopping from war crimes committed and held accountable. Sincerely Yahia Mawari Americans actions for peace in Yemen Cc / ‏Mike Pompeo US Secretary of State / Timothy A. Lendering Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Bureau of nearest affairs / US ambassador to the united nation / Ambassador Christopher Henzel US Ambassador to Yemen