Iranian Houthies militia war crimes atrocities

Honorable‘s Member of Congress Washington, DC June 21, 2020 Dear Sir or Madame On behalf of majority of the Yemeni American community we call upon you to support the draft resolution recommended by the Security Committee of the Republican Party for Congress" to designate the Houthi group as a terrorist movement in relation to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, where the Congress should classify the Houthis in Yemen as a terrorist and foreign organization and impose sanctions on them and those who support the Houthis and the destabilization of Yemen. The Iranian Houthies militias who takeover the democratic government in Yemen illegally pursue atrocities against the People of Yemen, killing, destruction, demolition and starving our people to death with diseases and hunger besides the Bullets, bombs and mines and torturing and all kind of other atrocities including kidnapping and raping woman who opposes them and that’s never happened before in Yemen where there is hundreds of women kidnapped and tortured by Houthies in Sana’a. The Iranian Houthies militias kidnap kids and recruit them to fight Their battle in the front and many of them die every day. Lately the Iranian Houthies militias impose new racist laws allocating 20% ​​of all property of the country which is underground, oil, gas, minerals, and above ground as agricultural and livestock, etc. for the Hashemite families While the people of human suffering from hunger, famine, disease and death. Sincerely Member of the Yemeni American community