I am reading more info. on this topic...

As I read information on this topic I come across disbelievers stating that we all just need to see a psychiatrist. Well my psychiatrist is the one who snuck a certain diagnosis that he told me he would NEVER label me as. I found it hidden deep in my medical file. He probably was told to by his Masonic Master in case they needed to target me. Also if I "just need a psych Dr." then why would I NOT be harassed in one city far from my home for weeks & go to a mechanic (who I figured out was a mason) who in order to fix a car that I bought used & had never taken to a mechanic had to input my VIN & license plate info. into the system, I get to the parking lot to get into my car after repairs are done and am obviously being stalked before I even get a chance to get into my car & leave. That mechanic did something and put something on my car to track it.
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