genocide in Tigray Ethiopian

A state of 8 million is in total black out from Electricity, Internet for about 40 days The state is cut off from supply lines, there is a severe shortage of food,water,  medicine,  About 100, 000 displaced to Sudan, and about 2 Million internal displacement. All the factories, Universities, Schools have been looted by the Eritrean and Amhara Militia The hospitals are no longer functioning, they don’t have supply, no medicine, no equipment, no electricity, no gas …. People are dying of simple diseases. About 1 Million children are on the brink of death due to lack of food, medicine. Communicable diseases like Cholera are in the near site as people had no means of keeping their hygiene, the whole State in a total humanitarian crisis. The UN, WFP and other concerned International Organizations are banned from reaching this region. The amara militias are killing youngsters, raping women as part of their cleaning strategy. No Banks, no market, a city of 700,000 is heading towards a total humanitarian chaos.